Welcome to our site woodpander.com to enrich your woodworking knowledge from basic to advanced levels. It publishes blog posts on woodworking tools, loggings, finishing, care, and many other helpful resources to share how to do DIY work with wood. 

Ali Ahsanul Karim is a woodwork enthusiast and has loved to do DIY projects since his teenage. Till then, he has learned the ‘Art of Wood’ to rejuvenate his home interior, plumbing, and fixing. His blog woodpander.com leads information for the woodworking interested guys or just curious to know about woodworks. 

What We Trigger To Provide You With This Blog

  • The beginner-level wood expertness helpful guides, tips, and recommendations to ensure your successful DIY wood job. 
  • How to bring advanced level finishing to your wood to look gorgeous. 
  • How to ensure personal safety while using sharp wood tools. As we really value you over anything. 

Whom for the Woodpander.com

  • People who have a little curious about wood and want to take woodwork as their hobby
  • People who want to build up their skills as wood DIYers 
  • People who want to know different types of woods
  • People who have sawmill or wood workshop and sometimes need to get the best wood tools recommendation
  • People who are involved with carpentry and wood home interior designing