Woodraphic Vs Woodpeckers: Suitable For DIYers & Pros

Woodraphic and Woodpeckers both are renowned brands for woodworking tools. However, both have differences in many aspects, including a hook rule, indexable slide, weight, price, etc.

If you’re looking for some handy woodworking tools for your project, Woodraphic and Woodpeckers are the two popular names you must hear.

As both the brands share many similarities, it’s become hard for you to find the better one. In that case, the specific distinction between the two products can help you solve this problem.

Here, we discussed a detailed comparison between Woodraphic and Woodpeckers so you can easily understand which will work better for you. 

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Woodraphic vs Woodpecker || A Quick Comparison Table

Here is a quick comparison table showing you some major differences between Woodraphic and Woodpeckers. Take a glance at the table, and you’ll have a basic idea within a few seconds about which one will be most suitable for you.

Having a hook ruleNo hook ruleComes with a hook rule
Measurement Precision Offers mark to define measurementWoodpeckers offer precise laser engraved markings, so it provides clearer marking when you try to work with them.
Readability Easy to readVery easy to read due to laser engraved markings 
Indexable SlideNo indexable slideFeatures an indexable slide
WeightMore lightweight Less lightweight 
PriceReasonable than woodpecker Expensive than woodraphic

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Overview of Woodraphic


Woodraphic tools are manufactured in South Korea. It produces handy tools for woodwork. Woodraphic exports woodworking tools to many countries, including the United States, Canada, Italy, France, England, Japan, Germany, and Spain. 


  • Perfect for small to large-scale wood projects
  • Offers high accuracy
  • Available at a relatively low price


  • Marking is not in metric measurements.

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Overview Of Woodpecker

Woodpecker woodworking

Woodpeckers designs and manufactures innovative woodworking tools in the USA. They build top-quality layout tools, squares, T-squares, woodworking rules, and more. 

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  • Offers a great visibility 
  • Easy to read with high accuracy
  • Provides excellent quality and customer service


  • A bit pricey

Woodraphic vs. Woodpeckers || In-depth Differences

Woodraphic Vs Woodpeckers

After learning the basic differences between the Woodraphics and Woodpeckers, you should know about their differences in detail to make a wise decision.

So let’s dive into the details.

1. Having A Hook Rule

The hook rule is used to measure special types of spaces. This tool makes it easy for you to measure from an overhanging edge. Thus it makes the carpenting job much easier. 

  • Woodraphic

Since woodraphic doesn’t feature any hook rule, woodworkers might not enjoy its benefits. 

  • Woodpecker

The Woodpecker woodwork tool has a hook rule at the beginning of the tool. So the tool can stay at rest and allows you to take the right measurement. 

The hook rule stays firm on the surface, which makes the work much easier for woodworkers. As a result, you don’t have to worry about getting displaced tools in the middle of the woodwork. 

Winner: Woodpecker

2. Measurement Precision

Before you try any measurement or marking tools, you need to ensure that the marking is precise. Otherwise, there is a high chance of measuring your wood in the wrong dimensions and making a working catastrophe. 

  • Woodraphic

Woodraphic has a clear marking feature to allow the woodworkers to see the marking. But it doesn’t have precise laser-engraved markings.

  • Woodpecker

Precise measurements are a top-notch feature of the Woodpecker. Most woodworkers love it due to the precise laser-engraved markings. Because laser engraved marking lets the woodworkers see the marking.  

Winner: Woodpecker

3. Indexable Slide

The more your measuring tools slide through the wood, the more smoothly, and fastly you can do the job. As in that case, you don’t need to lift and place the tools in various sections of wood while measuring your carpentry project. 

  • Woodraphic 

Woodraphic won’t come with an indexable slide. It isn’t that much worthwhile for smooth measurements. But, if you are looking for a wood measuring tool for your DIY project, it’s ok to choose. 

  • Woodpecker 
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Woodpecker tools provide an indexable slide to help the woodworkers easily align with the pencil so you can mark the pencil with perfect measurement. 

So, it promotes faster, smoother, and easier wood measuring that boosts your efficiency. And you know, the more efficient you are, the more you earn. 

Winner: Woodpecker

4. Readability

The better clear visibility your tools provide, the more accurate reading and marking you can make. 

Isn’t it? 

In that case, considering the readability of your measuring tool is a must. 

  • Woodraphic 

Woodraphic offers easy-to-read measurements through its tools. Its aluminum blade is precisely milled with state-of-the-art MCT equipment. The smooth black background increases the readability. 

  • Woodpecker

Meanwhile, Woodpecker offers laser engraved markings, which grab perfect attention and make easier measurement readability for the woodworkers. Thus, hardly any error can occur regarding Measurement reading.

Winner: Woodpecker

5. Weight

The weight of the tools is another important factor, as the more lightweight the tool is, the more it will ease the pressure on the elbows and wrists while measuring marking.

  • Woodraphic 

Woodraphic tools are made with anodized aluminum, which is sturdy yet surprisingly lightweight. Much lighter in weight compared to Woodpecker, making it popular among the woodworkers

  • Woodpecker

On the other hand, woodpecker tools are also lightweight to ensure the user’s convenience while working on getting the best result. But, as it is built for professional woodworkers, it becomes a little heavy due to its construction materials. 

Winner: Woodraphic

6. Price

Last but not least. Price is something you must have to consider while purchasing any product. Because there is no need to spend many bucks if your aim is to use it for little use.  Such as doing some home renovation, backyard innovation, or making DIY furniture for you or your kids. 

On the other hand, if you are a serious carpenter, or own a woodworking business. It’s a must to grab each of your working tools that are built for professionals. No matter, if that is a tad pricey. 

  • Woodraphic 
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Woodraphic tools come with a reasonable price but offer the best result to get your DIY job done.

  • Woodpecker 

Conversely, Woodpeckers have significantly more price than woodraphic. But the price is justified due to its advanced and unique features. 

Winner: Woodpecker

7. Manufacturing Country

The two products are made in different countries, so if you prefer a product manufacturing country, this criteria is considerable for you. But, it’s not that important like other features..

  • Woodraphic 

Woodraphic tools are manufactured in South Korea.

  • Woodpecker

Besides, Woodpecker tools are manufactured in the USA.

Winner: Draw

Woodraphic vs. Woodpecker: Which One Is Better For You?

Now it’s time to decide which woodworking tool is the better choice for you. It depends on your requirements.

The Woodraphic and Woodpecker produce high-quality tools to give you high accuracy and perfect marking measurements. 

But when it comes to price, you’ll notice a significant difference. So you need to consider your financial circumstances, requirements, and expectations from the tool.

If you agree to invest some extra bucks for better features and functions, you can go with Woodpeckers. 

Otherwise, if you’re looking for the best woodworking tool at a lower price, then Woodraphic is the one you should pick. 

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What size are carpenters square?

The standard size for a carpenter’s square should be around twenty-four inches by sixteen inches. However,  the square has other sizes, and you might get to know about their names.

Are Woodraphic tools good?

In short, yes. Woodraphic tools are good as they come with an accurate minimum measuring range to make them more acceptable to woodworkers. The top-notch benefit of woodraphic is its price lower than other woodworking tools brands. 

Where are Taylor tools made?

Taylor tools are made in Alberta, Canada. Taylor tools Ltd. Manufactures Taylor tools, one of North America’s technological leaders in the woodwork tools industries.

Final Thought

By now, you must have realized that, Woodraphic vs. Woodpeckers, which one is most suitable for you?

Since we know your time and money are both valuable investments, thus we tried to clear your doubt on several aspects between the two products. Hopefully, you made an informed decision with the help of our guidelines.

Best of luck!