Wood Hardener Vs Epoxy: Which Is Perfect For You?

Both wood hardener and epoxy are two prominent kinds of substances that help to reduce the moisture of your wood and prevent them from rotting or warping. But what would you prefer between wood hardener Vs epoxy as a woodworker?

As these two substances come with different qualities, chemical effects, and so on, there are definitely some differences that will make you choose one between a wood hardener and an epoxy.

Primal Differences

A wood hardener is a professional solvent-based substance that has a great moisture-curing effect. On the other hand, epoxy comes with epoxy resins that have great adherence and chemical effect. Wood might seem to carry fewer chemical effects and therefore it is less harmful. But epoxy resin is highly chemical-based and that’s why one has to wear a protective suit before using it. And also, the wood hardener is less versatile than epoxy. It’s because the former is only useful for wood but the latter has many uses.

Apart from these prominent differences, there are some more qualities of these two substances that make them different from each other. We will be talking about them now. A short comparison table will help you understand in-depth.

FeaturesWood HardenerEpoxy
PurposeHardens woodHardens wood, concrete, plastic, and so on
HarshnessLess than epoxyMore than wood hardener
VersatilityLess than epoxyMore than wood hardener
Price rangeA little bit pricyYou can get them at less price
Curing timeLessMore

About Wood Hardener

Wood Hardener

A wood hardener is very effective on wood and it does all the possible jobs to save a piece of wood. Its job is not only to lower the moisture level of the wood but it also even penetrate deeply and lessens the pores of the wood.

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You can also use a wood hardener as a wood filler and pour it in places where there are gouges and crevices on the surface of the wood. It penetrates deep into the fiber of your wood and strengthens its bonds. Also, the sole job of a wood hardener is to make wood pieces prepare for preservation for many days or years and prevent any damage or rotting.

Things We Liked about Wood Hardener

  • Professional way of making wood cure
  • Strengthening and reinforcing fiber of wood
  • Prevents damage and warping of wood
  • Provides a quick curing process

Things We Didn’t Like about wood Hardener

  • A bit costly
  • Harsh chemical-based

About Epoxy


Epoxy has great use everywhere and the reason for its popularity is its immense workability. The resins of epoxy come with great efficiency in curing wood and make it stable. Besides, people also use it as a topcoat to protect the material from excessive heat or damp weather outside.

This substance is also top-notch because of its adherence ability. You can make it work as glue and it will not betray you. Epoxy works great not only on wood but also on other materials like plastic, stone, glass, and many other things. But you need to be careful while using them because they carry more harsh chemicals within.

Things We Liked About Epoxy

  • Comes with versatility and efficiency
  • Works as a hardener, topcoat, filler, and whatnot
  • Useful for both wood and other materials
  • Chemical and heat resistant

Things We Didn’t Like About Epoxy

  • Contains more harsh chemicals
  • Requires more carefulness

Difference between Wood Hardener and Epoxy

Wood Hardener Vs Epoxy

Even though a wood hardener and epoxy fulfill the same purpose there are other things that make them different from each other. However, these differences will lead you to the right choice of substance. You can have more knowledge about these two by knowing their differences.

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Range of professionalism

A wood hardener comes with more professionalism as you can find them carrying the right proportionate of every polymer and element. There are many commercial wood hardeners in the market. You don’t have to mix water or other ingredients to make them work.

Epoxy, on the other hand, has also professionalism but as it is not entirely built for the benefit of wood, you might think it lacks on professionalism more than wood hardener. But, epoxy actually provides heavy-duty formula and there is no chance to think of it as less professional.


A wood hardener is made entirely for wood purposes. Anything about wood’s benefits, wood hardener has a great contribution to it. So, the efficiency of it is pretty much evident when it is regarding wood pieces or wood logs.

Epoxy has great efficiency too. It even surpasses wood hardener because epoxy does not confine itself to wood only. It amends other materials like plastic, metal, and so on. Thus, it has more versatile uses than a wood hardener.

Curing Time

In the case of curing, wood hardener passes the test as they are solely made for the purpose of helping wood from getting moisture. So, the curing agent in them is a lot more than it has in epoxy. Epoxy resins actually take much time to be cured because they are thicker in texture than ordinary wood hardeners.

Price Range

Wood hardener comes in different price range and you can have one within your budget. They might seem a little bit costly because wood hardener has different mild chemicals but they are of great value and effect. In buying epoxy, you might also have to face a big price range. But good thing that you can have epoxy in less price range too because there are several versions of it.

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Wood hardener has chemical effects but good thing is that these chemicals are not heavy and harsh. Still, you should not neglect and avoid wearing a safety suit. However, epoxy is really a heavy-duty product and comes with many harsh and heavy chemicals. These chemicals might irritate your nose and harm other interior organs of your body. That’s why wearing a safety suit is a must while dealing with it.

So, which one is better?

Both wood hardener and epoxy are great substances. You can use both on your wood in the alternative to the other. You just have to keep some things in your mind, for example, if you want less hard work and fast curing procedure, bring a wood hardener.

Then again, if you want a product that will perform efficiently on several materials, bring epoxy home and never regret it.Epoxy works just fine as a wood hardener and covers more ranges of materials.

N.B: Wearing a safety suit is always appreciable as the sensitivity of people differs person-wise. Therefore, whether you are dealing with wood hardener or epoxy, make sure you have your hand gloves, eye goggles, a mask, and a safety suit on.


Is epoxy resin stronger than wood?

Epoxy resin is strong and it actually helps the wood to become stronger. So, epoxy resin works as an agent to make wood gain strength. Thus, it is clear that epoxy resin wood is more powerful than wood.

Is wood hardener waterproof?

Wood hardener provides a water-resistant effect to your wood and thus, it is waterproof. Basically, the main function of the wood hardeners is to prevent moisture from penetrating into wood. And also, minimizes the moisture level of the wood itself and thus provides a waterproof finish.