Timberking Vs Wood-Mizer: Which Is Perfect For You?

When you need a sawmill, you must want the best brand solution, and it directly means Timberking and Woodmizer considering the present market. These are the top-leading sawmill brands in the vintage nowadays. But which one to choose between these two brands?

Having sawmills from these brands, Timberking and Wood-Mizer will bring you two different outputs. For example, Woodmizer offers the freedom to choose in a wide range based on your preference, like portable or stationary, standard or wide, monorail or twin rail, manual or hydraulic, etc. All the options are available in Wood-Mizer.

However, Timberking claims they have high-end timberking benefits over other ordinary sawmills. They are larger and suitable for a large cut. You can use the sawmills from Timberking for your commercial purpose. It’s a perfect brand to build a mill with its advanced tools. 

Timberking and Wood-Mizer are both highly-reputed brands among professionals and beginners. But some of the in-depth factors make it overwhelming to decide which one to choose between them. No Worries! Today we’ll guide you to choose your best fit.

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Timberking Vs Wood-Mizer: Comparison Table

Here are all the fundamental factors that will help you compare Timberking and Wood-Mizer. Let’s check them out at a glance–

Job SizeLarge Small to Medium
Main MaterialsIron & SteelIron & Steel
LongevityLong-TermComparatively short-term
CapacityHigh High for small and mid purpose
WarrantyDepends on ModelsDepends on Models

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Overview of Timberking


The most innovative and breakthrough idea to work with wood comes up if you work with the sawmill of Timberking. This company was revealed with the name “Belsaw” beginning in 1929. 

Timberking is one of the world’s oldest companies for wood-cutting tool manufacturing. This brand is what the biggest business dealers rely on for their big-size constructions. 

Many sawmills are painted with cheap orange paint, which looks faded and old after a few years. But you won’t find this type of issue in terms of Timberking. 

All the Timbeking models are safe and highly reliable in this issue. The powder-coating finish keeps the tools new year after year. Even the older machines also look new and fresh. 

All the models of sawmills from Timberking are featured with a four-post head to create an excellent high-stable platform for large work. They are also designed with 4 blade types, for instance-

  1. Thicker Blades: This blade comes with a maximum of .055 inches. It delivers a better cutting experience and fast feeding rates in tough swing conditions like frozen, knotty, dry, or other extremely hard materials. It works with a higher hp of 25 or more. 
  1. Thinner Blades: Blades with a maximum of 0.42 inches are called thinner blades. These blades are perfect for production where speed isn’t a factor. It can offer longer flex durability with a lower hp of 24 or less.  
  1. Wider Blades: The maximum measurement for wider blades is 2 inches. But, it has faster speed rates with a maximum hp of 25 or more. 
  1. Narrow Blades: If you need to deal with difficult sawing with a lower hp of 24 or less, the narrow blade with a maximum of 1 to ½ inches will be perfect. 


  • Delivers perfect size of tools focusing on the cutting types
  • Large-cut capacity with measurement accuracy
  • Excellent material finish Well-portability 


  • Limit the log fitting between a specific saw head post
  • Requires high price 

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Overview of Wood-Mizer

Wood Mizer

Wood-Mizer has been introducing its multi-featured sawmill tools since 1982. Wood-Mizer manufactures its products based on the utmost portability and personal requirements. It will offer the freedom to choose your lumber for business or projects. 

The manufacturers build their machines for all sorts of woodworking efficiency. You can acquire your expected shape and dimension on wood materials. The tools from this brand will ensure the perfect finish on your wood surfaces through their work speed, precision, and quality.   

You can rely on the sawmills of Wood-Mizer to increase working productivity. It’s manufactured with a compact dimension and simple construction that fulfills individual needs. 

The sawmills from Wood-Mizer can support you all to stand your business or other purpose woodworking job. Users are very fond of the Wood-Mizer machines due to their straightforward design and lower cost. 

From building materials to household materials, you can shape up any kind of small-purpose finish product with the tools from Wood-Mizer. Following the various profiles and shapes, you can do different things, for example-

  • Boards
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Furniture finish
  • Panels
  • Shelves
  • Handles
  • Frames
  • Beams
  • And even toys of different kinds

In a word, machines from this brand will allow you to make any type of mid-size business products as long as your materials are wood.  It’s amazing to share that the tools from Wood-Mizer are easy to use in maximum cases based on their models. 


  • Easy to control and operate
  • No hassled maintenance is needed
  • Easily understandable instructions
  • Requires less price, lightweight, and portable


  • Not a good choice for heavy wood-cutting projects 

Timberking Vs Wood-Mizer: In-Depth Comparison

Timberking Vs Wood Mizer

These two brands produce their tools considering functionality, cutting depth, affordability, and performance. As a result, they come into some noticeable factors to compare with each other-

  1. Manufacturer’s Considerations

Manufacturers from both brands don’t consider the same factors to produce their high-end machines. They make their tools from two different perspectives. 

  • Timberking

Manufacturers of Timberking focus on multi-functional features and functional innovations, stability, precision, and capacity while producing their sawmills. They ensure the machines’ quality for industrial-oriented giant purposes. This brand doesn’t concentrate on affordability but on the machines’ quality.

  • Wood-Mizer

The manufacturers of the Wood-Mizer focus on the customer’s affordability in the first phase. The next step they focus on is the users’ comfort and ease of the operating system. However, the Wood-Mizer never compromises with product quality.

Winner: Both as per your project work

  1. Materials 

Sawmills from both of these brands don’t come with specific materials. They vary based on the models and purpose. 

  • Timberking

Many wood-cutting tools come with delicate materials which can be damaged after a few years of usage. But Timberking will go through the robust materials of steel, iron, metal, etc., based on their models. You don’t have to worry about the materials’ quality when purchasing them for your significant construction deals. 

  • Wood-Mizer

The materials used to make the sawmills/ planers/moulders are robust enough to meet the challenge of woodworking stability and precision. The machines are made of galvanized steel, cast iron, and other strong materials. 

The Wood-Mizer offers solid outfeed & infeed tables in the sawmills so that you can easily work with large-size materials. 

Winner: Both Timberking and Wood-Mizer 

  1. Features

The most important factor is the features that will help you differentiate them quickly. Neither the Timberking nor Wood-Mizer won’t offer the same features.

  • Timberking

Timberiking focuses on safety and reliability when featuring its tools. Here are the top-notch features that you’ll get available on the sawmills of different models from Timberking-

  1. Heavy-Duty log bed
  2. 4-Post head design 
  3. Compatibility with both hydraulic and electric control sawmills
  4. Super powder-coat finish for longevity
  • Wood-Mizer
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You’ll get all the high-featured models from the Wood-Mizer like Timberking brand. Here are examples of features available in the sawmills from Wood-Mizer-

  1. Easily replaceable profile blades
  2. Highly-Convenient cutter heads
  3. High-quality infeed/outfeed tables with solid steel
  4. Easily accessible control panel
  5. Compact constructional modes
  6. Robust-designed work table

Winner: Depends on your requirements

  1. Production Size

Both these brands will offer high performance in their production capability. But, not these two are fit for all levels of wood-cutting activities.  

  • Timberking

If you want to deal with your industrial purpose with your sawmills, you can choose Timberking, as it is one of the best brands for industrial woodworking. 

  • Wood-Mizer

Some users claim the Wood-Mizer is also perfect for big-size business production. But sawmills from this brand are mostly suitable for small-to-midsize individual wood production. If you want to expand your manufacturing operation, Timberking will be a better option than Wood-Mizer. 

Winner: Depends on what purpose you use the tool for.

  1. Maintenance

The Wood-Mizer and Timberking require good maintenance for a high-quality service. So how should you maintain them? Are they the same in maintenance procedures? Here’s the answer-

  • Timberking

You have to focus on the cutting rate to ensure the tool’s performance.  If the tool performance in cutting rate is extremely high, the sawmill blade is damaged. And you need to replace it. 

However, to understand the cutting rate, you must be experienced. A newbie won’t be able to understand it so easily. This situation will cause material damage and machine damage afterward. 

  • Wood-Mizer

You should check whether the blade offers a sharp cut. If not, sharpen the blade after each cutting for high performance. Remember, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions before sharpening the blade. 

Winner: Wood-Mizer

  1. Using Procedure

Both these brands produce machines with multi-feature availability. But the user interface of the sawmills of these two brands isn’t the same. 

  • Timberking

The tools of Timberking are manufactured for different purposes, small and large. Depending on the tools model, you need to practice operating them. 

In most cases, large industrial-purpose tools require you to use them professionally. Because of your safety and security, you must learn to operate the machine before using it.  

  • Wood-Mizer

Using them requires not much experience or expertise. You can handle the operations easily after reading the manual’s instructions (as per the models).  Besides, many tutorial videos of each model are uploaded on the website, which can help you use the machine trouble-free. 

Winner- Wood-Mizer

  1. Cost

Depending on your job type, you will get high-quality sawmill tools from both the Timberking and the Wood-Mizer. But, not both of them will offer the same price range. 

  • Timberking

It manufactures its tools with high-quality features and advancement. Therefore, Timberking can’t compromise the price of its products. You only have to go for this brand when you decide to pay high.

  • Wood-Mizer

Tools from the Wood-Mizer will also be high-quality but less expensive. No worries if your budget is tight. You can afford the sawmills well if it’s from Wood-Mizer.

Winner: Wood-Mizer

Timberking or Wood-Mizer: Similarities

Both the Timberking and Wood-Mizer come in certain tracks that made their sawmills similar in some points, for example-

  • Both of them produce their tools for wood-based jobs
  • The main body construction materials are iron and steel
  • The Timberking and Wood-Mizer manufacture their products well-affordable
  • Two of these brands never compromise their product quality

Which Brand To Choose

To choose the best brand to get the highly reliable sawmill from, check the manufacturing criteria between Timberking and Wood-Mizer. 

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They don’t focus on the same needs and requirements that you might look for. For instance, Timberking grabs their attention for large-size woodworking jobs. 

So, they focus on the high-quality and advanced features of their sawmills. They don’t care about the cost but the quality if it goes high.

On the other hand, the Wood-Mizer looks very softly at their customer’s affordability. In that case, they prioritize making the product high-quality on a minimum budget. 

No factors can specify your needs because most users use tools from both brands for woodwork, small and big. Although the Wood-Mizer is perfect for mid-size woodworking projects, you still can choose some of its high-end sawmills for large industrial purposes. 

However, we recommend you choose your large purpose sawmills from Timberking as they specifically designed and manufacture their tools for large job purposes.

Like Wood-Mizer, Timberking also produces different models of sawmills that can lead you to deal with small or midsize projects. But, for mid-size trimming work, Wood-Mizer stands in the first row. Choose Tactfully!

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What is Timberking?

Timberking is a brand that manufactures portable sawmills and industrial sawmills for various applications. They offer a range of sawmill models designed for various types of users, including farmers, landowners, and professional sawyers.

What is Wood-Mizer?

Wood-Mizer is also a brand that manufactures portable and industrial sawmills for various applications. They have a wide range of models designed for different types of users, including homeowners, farmers, and professional sawyers.

What are the differences between Timberking and Wood-Mizer?

Both Timberking and Wood-Mizer offer a range of sawmill models designed for various applications. The main difference between the two brands is that Timberking specializes in industrial sawmills, while Wood-Mizer offers a wider range of sawmill models for various types of users, including homeowners and farmers.

Which brand is better for a beginner sawyer?

Both Timberking and Wood-Mizer offer models that are suitable for beginners, so the choice ultimately depends on the user’s specific needs and budget. Wood-Mizer’s LT10 and LT15 models are popular among beginner sawyers, while Timberking’s 1200 and 1400 models are also suitable for entry-level users.

Which brand is more affordable?

Both Timberking and Wood-Mizer offer a range of sawmill models at different price points, so it’s difficult to say which brand is more affordable. Generally, Timberking sawmills tend to be more expensive than Wood-Mizer sawmills, but this depends on the specific model and its features.

Which brand offers better customer service and support?

Both Timberking and Wood-Mizer have a reputation for providing good customer service and support, with knowledgeable staff who are available to answer questions and provide technical assistance. In general, Wood-Mizer has a larger network of dealers and service centers, which can make it easier to find support in certain regions.

Which brand has better reviews?

Both Timberking and Wood-Mizer have positive reviews from customers, with many users praising the quality and durability of their sawmills. It’s difficult to say which brand has better reviews, as this can depend on the specific model and the user’s needs and expectations.

Which brand has better resale value?

Both Timberking and Wood-Mizer sawmills tend to hold their value well, making them a good investment for those who plan to sell their sawmill down the road. The resale value of each brand’s sawmills depends on factors such as the age, condition, and features of the sawmill, as well as the local market conditions.

Final Words

According to our research and customer reviews, both Timberking and Wood-Mizer are the top-leading and world-recognized companies for sawmill productions. You can make your purchase from any brand.

All you need to do is to consider your preference based on the cutting capacity, performance, and woodworking type and purpose. Your purchase will be well-selective and perfect.