Rikon 70-150VSR vs 70-220VSR: A Head to Head Comparison

Rikon 70-150vsr and 70-220vsr both are good at wood trimming projects, but not with the same requirements. Rikon 70-150vsr is great for small to medium jobs, whereas Rikon 70-220 VSR is excellent for professionals. 

Their features, functionalities, and performance will draw the main difference line between them. As they are designed to serve unique and special purposes. 

In this article, you can learn about the key differences between these lathes and their similarities.  So today, you’ll be able to choose the right tool for your wood-spinning projects. Keep Reading!

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Rikon 70-150VSR Vs 70-220VSR : Quick Comparison Table

The lathe is an excellent tool, and spinners from all skill levels rely on it for accuracy. Since these tools are manufactured and designed with many differences, not all the models are suitable for all job types. 

Here’s a quick comparison table to check out the fundamental comparison between them. 

SpecificationsRikon 70-150 VSRRikon 70-220 VSR
Building Materials Cast Iron strong steel and iron
Motor Capacity1 HP DC1 HP 
RPM 32003-Speed (3850 Max)
Bed Extension 13½ Inches 12½ Inches 
Swing Size12½ Inches 12½ Inches 
Dimension39x13x15 inches39x13x15 inches
Weight95 lbs115 lbs
Available Warranty5 Years5 Years
Durability 6 to 7 Years10 Years 
Worth Users Amateur model makers, woodcarvers, Home Innovators Professional carpenters to make utensils, furniture, etc

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Overview of Rikon 70-150VSR

Rikon 70 150VSR

If you’re a novice, you just need your lathe with an easy sliding capability of its tailstock. Operating this tool for the very first time won’t create any trouble. 

It has great strength to stand out and accurate speed controls. When it’s time to move this power control, you can do it full of control in a wonderful way. 

The Rikon 70-150 midi lathe is featured to suit both the beginner and professionals with its powerful 1hp DC motor. It also features high-quality variable speed controls (electric), digital RPM readout, multiple operating speeds, ample diameter, and forward and reverse drives with spindle turning capacity.

Amazingly, it takes only a while to come up to speed. So you don’t have to wait to get the machine ready.  Besides, its control box has a special magnetic back to let it move smoothly and take its position exactly where you want to position it. It takes its position along the iron lathe bed. 

The 70-150 VSR requires no force to turn at a different angle. Its left end offers a milled 13½ inches bed extension, and the right end provides an increased spindle with a turning capacity of up to 33⅕ inches. 

It takes no time for the beginner to cut the thread and turn its shell with the Rikon 70-150. Considering all its wonderful features and specifications, it achieved great popularity among amateur model makers and woodcarvers. Rikon 70-150 should be your top choice to do your job spontaneously. 


  • Easy to install and reach
  • Safe to use for wood projects
  • Trouble-free adjusting the features
  • Easily stoppable in emergency moments 
  • Highly durable to last longer 
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  • It will cause too much muscle tension unless you’re comfortable using it. 
  • A bit more heavy

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Overview of Rikon 70-220VSR

Rikon 70 220VSR

When you want your midi lathe to deliver maximum capacity, high-quality, and exceptional value for your money, the Rikon 70-220 VSR Midi Lathe will be your best fit. It can be a great tool for all your wood working. 

The Rikon midi wood lathe 70-220 presents a new standard with exceptional features. It is manufactured with a 1 hp ample motor at its heart for center work and faceplate. Also, it offers versatile functionalities to handle a wide range of projects. 

It will deliver a variable speed control digital technology when you need different speed levels. So, its RPM readout can provide diverse speed ranges between 250 and 3850 RPM. It also comes with the rotation capacity of forward or reverse.  

Therefore, you can adjust the speed levels through its variable speed control system. Since it comes with 3 variable speed levels, you can adjust the speed levels as the following

  • 250 to 750 rotations each minute
  • 550 to 1650 rotations each minute
  • 1300 to 3850 rotations each minute

So your finishing and sanding operation will be ideal and more precise.

On the other hand, the 12.5 inches swing size of the Rikon 70-220 lathe perfectly goes with the wood pieces that fit the lathe trouble-free. It will allow you to fit the wood piece with a maximum width of 12.5 inches and a length of 20 inches. 

With this swing size, you can do all sorts of decorative heavy-duty and general word work. You can make utensils, furniture, and other necessary commercial items with it.

Using the Rikon Midi lathe won’t seem too hard when you work with hardwood. It will also save time through the total 1000 times rotations system. 

As a result, your woodworking job will be easier and time-saving. It fits whether you’re a professional or a newcomer in woodworking industry. 


  • It Quick and convenient spindle speed adjustment
  • Automatic torque-controlling capacity
  • Available with a four-spur driver center
  • Large diameter blank and suit heavy-duty woodwork 


  • A bit more costly than Rikon 70-150
  • All its extensions are offered separately

Rikon 70-150VSR Vs 70-220VSR : In-Depth Comparison

Rikon 70 150VSR Vs 70 220VSR

The Rikon 70-150VSR and Rikon 70-220 VSR have specific dissimilarities based on their features and functionalities. Here are the key points that make them different.

1. Capacity

Both these tools incorporate a good balance between their capacity and power. When comparing the Rikon 70-150VSR with the 70-220VSR for their wood-cutting capacity, both of them show different results. 

  • Rikon 70-150vsr

Due to its powerful 1 hp DC motor, you can trim small wood pieces hassle-free. It will provide ample power for all your turning requirements.

  • Rikon 70-220vsr

The Rikon 70-220 VSR lathe weighs 115 lb, making it capable of heavy-duty wood-cutting projects. Its 1 hp motor with efficient transmitting power will increase the torque automatically for heavy tasks. 

Winner: Rikon 70-220vsr

2. Performance

There’s a huge difference between these two tools according to their performance. Not these two are manufactured for the same load of the woodwork.

  • Rikon 70-150vsr

This tool is designed to suit the no woodworker with easy-to-handle functionalities and features. It’s a kind of houseware product that you can use for your small household purpose. But it offers great variations on operating it and you need less intense work.

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It offers you a smoother performance due to its ball-bearing construction. However, professionals can also choose this machine for their small purposes.

  • Rikon 70-220vsr

The performance of this machine is very satisfying among professionals. It offers all the award-winning features to meet your maximum work performance. You can adjust it according to your necessity, for example, the reverse option. 

The spindle is featured with lubrication for the lathe’s smooth operation for large wood projects. You can attach a bed extension to the tool while working on large pieces. As a result, it won’t require much effort. 

It offers a precise speed reading mode regarding its digital RPM readout. And the adaptive super speed controls will allow you to turn the tool’s speed over time as per your requirements. 

Winner: Rikon 70-220 VSR

3. Safety

Both machines have high-safety and trouble-free operation when you’re concerned about safety.

  • Rikon 70-150vsr

Based on the swing-over bed, working distance, and speed ranges, you can safely operate the Rikon 70-150 VSR lathe tool. The bed extension of both ends of this lathe offers more extension for high-security wood-cutting jobs. You can do whatever you want with this tool free of fear.

  • Rikon 70-220vsr

Like the Rikon 70-150VSR, the Rikon 70-220 VSR will also deliver high safety for spontaneous woodwork. According to professionals, it is one of the safest tools compared to other lathe machines on the market. 

It controls the spindle with a headstock spindle lock, so you won’t hurt. The emergency stop is another highly recognized safety feature that increases its popularity.

Winner: Both Rikon 70-150 & 70-220vsr

4. Purpose

The purpose of the Rikon 70-150 and 70-220 VSR isn’t the same. You can’t choose anyone for any purpose or type of wood trimming.

  • Rikon 70-150 VSR

This tool is a perfect match for beginners or those who want to accomplish their small everyday wood-cutting jobs.

  • Rikon 70-220vsr

If you want a machine with a robust design and features to handle wood trimming tasks for business purposes, the Rikon 70-220 is right for you. It can be a significant investment in woodturning for your business. 

There are no other well-constructed tools on the market to handle all the large business projects than the Rikon 70-220 VSR.

Winner: Rikon 70-220vsr

5. Aesthetics

As the world evolves, nobody wants to waste their time adjusting or reaching the goal slowly. You can rely on the Rikon 70-220 VSR rather than the Rikon 70-150 VSR to reach your goal when it’s bigger.

  • Rikon 70-150 VSR

If you’re desperate to complete your task so quickly, the Rikon 70-150 VSR isn’t the right choice. Besides, you won’t be able to deal with large tasks. Because it will take time for your large projects, which is quite time-wasting and irritating.

  • Rikon 70-220vsr

This tool is already designed to offer a great opportunity for those who need to deal with a giant trimming project. Although there’s a trend to be scared to start with this type of big-size tool for safety issues, the Rikon Rikon 70-220vsr won’t disappoint you. 

Winner: Rikon 70-220vsr

6. Durability

Both these tools are made of robust materials. Therefore both of them will come with great longevity.

  • Rikon 70-150 VSR
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The Rikon 70-150 lathe is made of strong cast iron. You can use it for more than 6 to 7 years. If you don’t misuse your lathe, it will last even more without repair.

  • Rikon 70-220vsr

On the other hand, the Rikon 70-220 lathe is made of strong steel and iron materials. So, this machine will also offer a service time of up to 10 years, depending on your maintenance and perfect operational usage. Check out the maintenance policy of Rikon 70-220 for how long it will last and offer high performance.

Winner: Rikon 70-220vsr

7. Cost

The pricing also comes into the key consideration, as there is no reason to invest more bucks with no extra benefits. 

  • Rikon 70-150 VSR

This tool won’t cost you much; anyone can afford it with a low budget. However, it never compromises the performance for its affordable cost.

  • Rikon 70-220vsr.

You must spend a large amount of money to purchase this tool. It offers high performance with the combination of its advanced features. And this is the reason why the Rikon 70-220 is high-priced. 

Winner- Rikon 70-150

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Rikon 70-150VSR Vs 70-220VSR : Similarities

Although there are many dissimilarities between the Rikon 70-150 VSR and Rikon 70-220 VSR, there are also some similarities. Here these are-

  • Both these tools are made of long-lasting materials, which leads them to come with a great durable service period
  • You’ll get years of warranty for these tools
  • Based on your projects, you can get high performance that they promised 
  • They come with ball-bearing construction
  • No safety uncertainty arises when using any of them

Rikon 70-150VSR Vs 70-220VSR: Which One is For Whom

The following factors below will help you choose the perfect tool between the Rikon 70-150 VSR and the Rikon 70-220 VSR. Let’s quickly look at them-

  • Your Skill Level

The Rikon 70-220 VSR isn’t for all skill levels. So, if you’re a novice trimmer, you should go for the Rikon 70-150 VSR. Vice Versa!

  • The Trimming Types

You don’t need to purchase this giant-size machine for small-size tasks. However, for regular heavy-duty wood trimming tasks on commercial dealing, you can’t rely on Rikon 70-150. You must go from the Rikon 70-220 VSR Lathe.

  • Your Budget

You shouldn’t spend that high if you’re an irregular trimmer and need a machine for a sudden purpose. In this case, you should choose the Rikon 70-150 VSR Lathe.

Besides, when you have a low budget, there’s nothing but the Rikon 70-150 VSR should be your choice. But if you want a super featured-machine, the Rikon 70-220 VSR lathe is right for you. 

  • Maintenance Policy

The Rikon 70-220 requires comparatively less maintenance than the Rikon 70-150 VSR. We don’t recommend you choose this tool unless you’ve enough patience to have this regular maintenance. In this case, the Rikon 70-150 will be your right fit.

In simple words, if your requirements are frequent and small project handling with intermediate wood trimming skills, and a low budget, go with Rikon 70-150 VSR

On the flip side, for regular and professional wood jobs with highly wood trimming skills, and high budget, go with Rikon 70-220 VSR lathe. 

Final Words

The difference between the Rikon 70-150 and 70-220 VSR is transparent. You shouldn’t have any confusion about which one to go for. If it’s your first or starting time wood cutting, you don’t need this high-end Rikon 70-220 VSR tool. 

However, using any outdated lathe will be risky and time-consuming if you’re a professional. Because your old and obsolete lathe won’t be able to upgrade your needs. 

Make your decision wisely based on your position, affordability, and necessity.