RazorGage Vs.TigerStop Saw Gears: In-depth Comparison

RazorGage is the best bet for working against heavy wood and metallic material like steel. Meanwhile, TigerStop offers advanced settings and features at a reasonable price to improve user experience. 

However, you might be looking for the best saw gear that can efficiently chop down your wooden materials at ease. Thus RazorGage and TigerStop fight head to head against each other, so it isn’t easy to find out which is better for you.

Though both the saw gear is very effective in easily chiseling solid wood and shaping any wood architect, thankfully, some criteria of both the saw gear draw a line to differentiate their ability. 

So here, we’ll discuss the differences between RazorGage and TigerStop to help you determine which one will be the right pick for you. 

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Quick Comparison Table Between RazorGage vs. TigerStop

Key DifferencesRazorGageTigerStop
Surface recommendationBrassMetal
Blade MaterialMagnesium Coated BladeQuick fence-cutting blade
Advanced FeatureAutomated detection deviceAutomatic pull and push
Software Windows 10 ProfessionalWindows 11 
PriceMore expensiveLess expensive 
Accuracy+/- 0.004 inch+/- 0.008 inch
Max length4-60 foot stroke20 ft
Speed55 ips40m/min

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Overview Of RazorGage SawGear

RazorGage SawGear

The RazorGage saw measuring system has better hardware and software to ensure excellent accuracy. Used the same linear bearings found on CNC machine tools. Near zero-backlash planetary gearhead & drive pulley.

Key Features

  • Infinite hotkeys, fraction keys, Intuitive operation. 
  • Available in any stroke up to 60 feet
  • 5-Year Belt Warranty.


  • Eliminates the risk of misreading tape measure or scales
  • Superior components made of high-quality materials
  • Offers minimum backlash and a high level of accuracy 
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  • A bit expensive 

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Overview Of TigerStop SawGear

TigerStop SawGear

TigerStop saw gears come with a simple and intuitive automated design that can easily attach to your existing saw, drill, or punch. It greatly helps you to increase productivity and throughput. 

Adaptability with vertical panel saws, double miter saws, chop saws, ironworkers, drills, and more. Quick setup time allows you to instantly set it up both in the workshop and outside. 

Key Features

  • Adapt 4 different types of saws
  • Easy to operate with 100% accuracy
  • Available in three sizes


  • Easy and user friendly design 
  • Lightweight and portable from one machine to another
  • Minimize the number of waste and rework


  • Doesn’t widely used

Detailed Comparison RazorGage vs TigerStop

RazorGage vs TigerStop

As you have gathered the basic idea and differences between RazorGage and TigerStop, let’s move on to the detailed comparison. 

  1. Blade Quality

If you don’t want your saw gear to get stuck between chopping, you should check the blade materials before purchasing the saw gear. 

  • RazorGage

RazorGage comes with a magnesium-coated footplate which ensures smooth glide and chopping. Its stainless steel materials can cut through heavy wood into pieces like butter. RazorGage leads ahead when it comes to excellent blade materials.

  • TigerStop

TigerStop can chop down heavy wood with a quick-fence cutting blade. However, this saw gear might not be best for heavy metals like steel. So if you intend to chop solid metallic materials with TigerStop,  it would not be a good idea. In that case, RazorGage will give you a better experience. 

  1. Power Source And Capability 

A resilient power source for your saw gear allows you to do its function for a long time. So power source is another important factor while purchasing a saw gear as you don’t want to bother about extra charges.

  • RazorGage 

RazorGage extracts its battery charge from a corded electric source. This appliance exerts 16 amps of power and 120 Volts of voltage. Also, it comes with a range of 1-1.5 HP horsepower. Undoubtedly,  this saw gear has impressive power capability. 

  • TigerStop
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On the other hand, TigerStop has a similar kind of power source as RazorGage, which ensures a long-lasting battery life for the saw gear. 

But its power capability differs from the RazorGage. This tool produces 15 amps of power. Nevertheless, the average speed of TigerStop saw gear is around 4000 RPM. 

  1. Suitable Surface 

Considering a suitable surface for saw gears is an important factor, as a suitable surface helps the glider move freely. However, brass or metal surfaces are the most recommended for saw gears.

Both the RazorGage and TigerStop saw gears have different surface recommendations. So you should be aware of your surface and purchase the saw gear which matches yours.

  • RazorGage 

This saw kits work well on brass surfaces. Because the sharp blade of RazorGage can easily slide on the brass surface. So you can quickly cut heavy wood or metals without any problem. 

  • TigerStop 

Conversely, TigerStop saw gears do well on metal surfaces. The rigid blade material of TigerStop saw gears helps to not slick to the metallic ground and glide away the wood smoothly. 

  1. Software and Technology 

Nowadays, saw gears are added with modern and advanced technology to give you a better user experience. In this case, RazorGage and TigerStop saw gears competing head to head as both kits feature advanced technology. 

  • RazorGage 

RazorGage saw gear installed Windows 10. This software will give you the necessary updates and operate the product’s database management smoothly. 

  • TigerStop

TigerStop’s latest saw gear model has been updated the Windows 11 version, which enhances the product’s performance. On top, you can easily access the Windows database management system via cloud computing through your mobile or computer. 

  1. Advanced Features

Different special features are available in both RazorGage, and TigerStop saw gears. Extra features mean extra benefits to bring you one step ahead in your project.

  • RazorGage
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RazorGage incorporates multiple special features. It has automated defect detection technology that helps find any faulty materials while you work. As a result, you can easily remove the defective wood, which can harm your project.

  • TigerStop 

Meanwhile, TigerStop features an automatic push-and-pull feature that ensures easy movement of the saw blade. 

  1. Price

Despite all the features and added benefits, everyone wants the best in their budget. Thus pricing of the appliances is important to consider as that will affect your decision if you’re on a tight budget. 

  • RazorGage

For RazorGage, you must keep your budget relatively high because its premium features and advanced technology offer exceptional service. Hence, its price is worth the investment. 

  • TigerStop

On the contrary, TigerStop is relatively less expensive than RazorGage. Surprisingly, with a reasonable price, the tool comes with exclusive features and offers, making the saw gear best for people with tight budgets. 

RazorGage vs. TigerStop: Which One Is Better?

RazorGage wins over TigerStop mostly due to its high-quality blade materials and dual-field motors. It can efficiently provide relentless service against heavy materials, including wood which every woodworker expects from a saw gear.

Moreover, users find RazorGage very user-friendly and give positive reviews on the e-commerce platforms, which means the machine is widely used and popular.

So, if you’re planning to design lucrative architects with wood or metallic substances, RazorGage saw gear would be the best companion to shape your designs.

If you can afford its high price, RazorGage will be worth all your money while ensuring a long-lasting service. 

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In Conclusion

That’s all the differences between RazorGage, and TigerStop saw gears. Hopefully, you understand which one is better for you from the above discussion. 

If you want satisfying hardware, software, and support, RazorGage is the right pick. It will deliver you accurate and trouble-free service. 

TigerStop is an affordable solution for DIYers and smaller workshops who gradually want to improve accuracy and production speed. Otherwise, its top-notch customer service, lower price, and support make it the best for the buck.