How To Preserve Wood Slices For Wedding (4 True Steps)

Applying epoxy resin, glue, or wood varnish is the fundamental way to preserve wood slices for weddings. Apart from that, storing the varnished wood slices in a cool, dry, and low-moisture place is the second criterion to protect them from cracking. 

It’s just the tip of the iceberg. But we know that’s not enough to follow the steps to get the maximum results you expect. 

Never mind, this post demonstrates wedding wood slices’ problems, challenges, their preserving steps, consequences, and tips. So that, you can get the full overview of the job. Just read our constructive words.

Table of Contents

Why Should You Preserve Wood Slices For Wedding

A wedding occasion is planned for many days, as it’s one of the special, enjoyable red-letter days of one’s life. So, people want to make everything tip-top, organized, and up to the mark on this day. 

Wooden slices may be just simple wood pieces for others. But, those are very captivating for the wedding bride or broom. 

So, it’s wise to check out the problems you may face with your wooden slices unless you properly preserve them. 

Problems of Sliced Wedding Wood

Most wedding wooden slices are around 3.5 cm thick and 25-30 cm in diameter and are mostly used as centerpieces. So they need perfect preservation to keep them in good condition as they were cut off the tree. 

Otherwise, you may face major problems with these slices due to careless handling and storage. Such as 

Splitting, cracking, checking, shrinking, or wrapping are the most common problems of the wooden slice. 

  • Wooden slice splitting or cracking is mainly known as wood checking in the wood industry. The wood slices start to shrink when they dry due to reducing moisture retention levels on summer days. 
  • The more the wood slices shrink, the more uneven their surface will be, and the more checking problems you face with them.
  • Even the wooden slices will be cracked by drying their grain/fiber for high heat exposure, which looks odd. 

Though wood splitting or cracking is natural, the fortunate thing is it’s preventive.

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To avoid these unexpected hassles and prepare the wood slices to look fresh and smooth, you have to preserve wedding wood slices. 

How To Preserve Wood Slices For Wedding

There is an authentic, true, and tried DIY tactic to preserve wood slices for weddings. It’s simple, easy to follow, and won’t break the bank. Awesome. 

However, before jump-start, you should get ready with some tools to perform the job. These are

  • A power sanding machine (Sandpaper and sandpaper block, alternative of sanding machine)
  • Epoxy resin glue or wood varnish paint like Pentacryl wood preservative
  • A damp, lint-free rug 
  • Rug or painting brush
  • A glass jar

Step 1: Sanding Your Wood Slice 

You have to sand the wood to roughen its surface. So, the wood varnish will easily reach the nitty gritty parts of the slice and prevent fast moisture exposure. 

If you use a power sanding machine

  • Place the wood slice in an even space to avoid wobbling when you sand it. 
  • Plug the machine’s power cord with a socket and turn on its switch. 
  • Slowly sand the slice surface from one corner to another. 
  • It’s better not to sand one specific area for more than 10 seconds at a time as it may over-sand the slice. 
  • Once you complete one side sanding, flip the slice to sand the other side. 

If you use sanding paper

  • Define your sanding paper grit according to the wooden slice surface type. (You can use 40 to 80-grit sandpaper to remove scratches and imperfections from heavy wood slices. 120 to 180-grit is great to use for water-based wood-sliced topcoats. And 220 to 240 grit removes stains or veneers from thin wooden surfaces.)
  • Wisely choose the sandpaper or use multiple grits based on your wood requirements. 
  • Attach your selected grit sandpaper with the sandpaper block. 
  • Now, thoroughly and mindfully sand the slice back and forth. 
  • Cover every inch of the slice sanding to make the texture smooth. 
  • Sand the second side. 

Step 2: Clean The Dust

When you sand the wood slice, it releases lots of dust and becomes dirty. So you should clean the wood to get it ready to apply varnish. 

  • Take a lint-free rag and wet it with clean water. Squeeze the rag to remove excess water from it.
  • Wipe the wood sides with a damp cloth to ensure no extra dust on its surface. 
  • If needed, do it several times. 
  • Clean the second side.
  • Let the slice dry for 20-30 minutes.
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Step 3: Apply Wood Varnish

After cleaning the dust and drying, it’s time to apply epoxy resin glue or wood varnish on the slice to stop splitting it.

  • Pour your required amount of Pentacryl wood preservative into a glass jar. 
  • Pick a paintbrush or clean rug, whatever you prefer. 
  • Damp the rug with the preservative or wet the painting brush bristles. 
  • Apply the preservative on the wood slice, wiping the damp rug or pulling the brush back and forth. 
  • Once you complete one side, drill 3 to 4 small nails on the 3 to 4 corners of the wood. 
  • Flip the wood and stand it on those nails. 
  • Again apply the preservative on the second side. 
  • Leave the slice for 12-24 hours to cure properly.

Note: If you really want to know whether epoxy surely prevents wood splitting, check out this post. (Here you can make an internal link on Will epoxy stop wood from splitting) Here we discuss the topic in detail. 

Step 4: Store The Wood Slice 

As you are done making the wooden wedding slice ready to preserve. Now, store it until used.  

  • Select a cool and dry place where direct sun heat won’t reach. 
  • Clean the space and store the wood slice in an organized way from large to small and barked side. (Here you can make an internal link on How to preserve tree branches with bark for decoration) So, you can store many slices within a tight space, and there is no chance of falling. That’s all. 

Consequences/Risk Of Preserving Wedding Wood Slices

Everything has a consequence, and preserving wood slices isn’t free from this universal truth.

Changing wood color, or discoloration, having a little odor, is the common consequence/risk of preserving wood slices. 

But the appealing thing is that changing the wood color makes the wood slice look shiny, gorgeous, and eye-catching. 

Because the preservative that we recommend in this post will treat your wood slice to feel and look natural without leaving any residue behind. Even it won’t cause a wood burner that makes it look darker than before. 

Tips and Tricks To Get Better Result From Preservation Wedding Wood Slices

Wood slices, wood cookies, or wood chips, whatever you call them, are used on wedding occasions to add a vibrant, rustic, and different outlook and feel. Preservation is the first part of this tremendous job. So, following hacks, tips, or tricks will help you to longer the good-looking wood slice. 

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1. Choose The Best Tree

All trees aren’t ideal for making wooden slices. In that case, special trees like Birch, (Here you can make an internal link on How to keep birch bark from peeling) White Oak, Ironwood, Apple, Black locust, Bitternut hickory, etc., are the best for a wood slice. You should buy any of these for your wooden wedding slice.

2. Authentic Source

There are various options to source your wood slice, but they won’t be reliable. Collecting the slice from an authentic source is the best practice. Reach the manufacturer to collect your preferred wood slice. If that’s not possible, you can check Amazon. There you’ll find many sellers.

3. Check The Diameter

Since various diameter wood slices are available and used on wedding occasions. You should check the slice diameter based on your requirements. 

A thick wood slice will be better for a centerpiece or engraving bride and groom photo or outdoor use. (Here you can make an internal link on How to treat wood stumps for outdoor use). In contrast, a bit thin slice will be better for table decoration, key holder, invitation card, etc. 

4. Fresh-Cut wood slice

All of the wood slices aren’t harvested or cut at the same time. The later harvested and cut wood slice will be the best to last longer. It means the later, the better. 

5. Treated or Untreated

Treated or untreated, both wooden wedding slices are available in the market. Many people love to do their wedding decorations in their hands. If you are a person in this group, untreated wood slices will be a good fit for you. 

On the other hand, if you are too busy, and won’t have any passion for handicrafts, go with a treated wooden slice. 

Make Your Wedding Memorable With Decorative Wood Slice

Preserving your wedding wood slices isn’t just preserving them, yet glorifying your wedding days with lucrative, and outstanding presentations. Hopefully, Our simple step-by-step guide helps you a lot in this perspective. 

Wish you a happy wedding ceremony and marital life.