Olympic Vs Behr Deck Stain: Which Is Perfect For You?

Decks are the most exposed part of your house and deck wood stain is their elixir to live a little longer. But finding a suitable deck stain is actually a confusing task to do. On top of that, some deck stains seem worth comparing with each other. Olympic Vs Behr deck stain is the comparison that many people have asked for, so, here we are.

Generally, both Olympic and Behr have great uses and formulas yet some differences make them completely apart from each other. The latter has a more long-lasting feature than the former. But in the formula, Olympic has upgraded their parts. It has a newer version water-based formula. On the other hand, Behr stain is also water-based but it lacks in upgrading its parts and is thick as hell. That’s why we see issues like peeling, drying unevenly, and chipping while applying Behr deck stain. It covers the authentic wood grain pattern making it look more artificial. Conversely, we don’t see these issues occurring while using Olympic deck stain.

Apart from these differences, there are more to make them distinct from one another. We will talk about them slowly. But for now, look at this comparison table and grasp some basic differences between these two deck stains.

Formulawater-based and oil hybrid100 percent acrylic
durabilityLess                                     More
Preventing powerLessMore
Application MethodConvenientInconvenient
PenetrationDeepNot deep

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When considering a deck stain, it’s important to understand the key characteristics of the product. Olympic and Behr both offer stains with unique properties.

Olympic Deck Stain

Olympic deck stains are known for their advanced formulas that provide excellent protection against the elements. Some key characteristics of Olympic deck stains include:

  • Advanced waterproofing capabilities
  • UV resistance to prevent fading and discoloration
  • Enhanced durability to withstand heavy foot traffic
  • Protection against mildew and mold growth
  • Options for both oil-based and water-based stains

Behr Deck Stain

Behr deck stains are popular for their high-quality finishes and long-lasting performance. Here are some key characteristics of Behr deck stains:

  • Superior adhesion to wood surfaces
  • Fade resistance for long-lasting color retention
  • Weatherproofing properties to protect against the elements
  • Resistant to cracking, peeling, and blistering
  • Available in various opacity levels to suit different preferences
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Olympic Vs Behr Deck Stain – Comparison Guide

Olympic Vs Behr Deck Stain

Even though all deck stains are supposed to provide support to the deck so it resists the cruelty of weather and heavy traffic, they might not provide the same range of performance. Many other facts will come into your consideration while picking a deck stain. Olympic and Behr are also those two kinds of deck stains that let you think of many facts while comparing these two. We will be talking about them.


With a 100 percent acrylic formula, Behr deck stain comes with a thicker texture. Some people have appreciated the thickness but many have found it very problematic. Generally, the water-based formula goes right beneath the wooden texture and becomes protective. But this thickness in the formula works as a great barrier to that.

Conversely, Olympic deck stain has a great formula with a logical thickness. It is also water-based with an oil hybrid but will not create problems as the thickness of Behr does. Apart from that, the formula of both deck stains is proper for sealing the deck nicely.

Penetrating Ability

Olympic deck stain wins because the upgraded water-based formula does the penetrating job pretty impressively. This penetration quality in a deck stain is really an important fact to consider. Behr in this case, does not work expectedly. Its thickness becomes the antagonist and prevents it from penetrating deep.

Conversely, Olympic deck stain hardly shows any symptom like that as it has the technology of superior hybrid resin. Its proper thickness can penetrate deep and resists moisture to let in. This way the condition of wood remains intact for many years. Also, it absolutely works as a waterproofing stain and sealer.


There is a huge difference between Behr and Olympic in the appearance when you apply them on the surface of your wooden deck. The thickness of Behr deck stain and sealer is so frustrating that it won’t let your wood grain pop up even if it is a semi-transparent deck stain type. Rather, it tends to put a thick layer of stain that completely loses the natural beauty of the wood grain pattern.

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But in the case of Olympic deck stain, you will get a great and positive scenario. If you put the Olympic Maximum on the natural tone of your wood you will get a natural-looking grain pattern. Because of its golden caramel tones, it looks even more beautiful.

Enduring Ability of UV Ray

Because Olympic deck stain is not as thick as Behr deck stain, you will not have much impressive protection from it in the case of UV rays. If this stain continuously gets exposed to UV rays for two years straight, you will see 50 percent discoloration of the stain. The shaded place can hold on to color for some more days.

Conversely, Behr performs praiseworthily in the case of providing protection against UV rays. You will see less discoloration than an Olympic stain on the surface of the deck. It gets far more rate than Olympic deck stain.

Wearing and Peeling

The worst thing that Behr compels you to face is their wearing and peeling characteristics. It’s almost as hard to apply them on the deck as applying foundation on one’s face without putting primer beforehand. Almost 80 percent of the stain comes off the surface like the old paint peels off.

On the other hand, Olympic does not give you a hard time like the former one. While 80 percent of the stain comes off the deck in the case of the Behr stain, 80 percent adheres stubbornly to the surface in the Olympic stain’s case. That’s why the application of this stain is a piece of cake.


You will get almost 80 percent coverage using Olympic stain. Because of its less thickness, you will get coverage of over 150 feet from each gallon. But Behr fails to impress us as it does not really covers up even 150 feet of space of the surface.


There isn’t really much difference in their cost. Both come within 39 USD per gallon. Yet, because Behr fails to cover even 150 feet of space, it seems a poor investment.


If you can apply Behr deck stain properly on your wooden deck, then it will stay in place for more years than Olympic stain. Their excessive thickness can be sinister and benevolent at the same time. You can expect it to perform for 4-7 years but the Olympic stain will only stay for 3-4 years.

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Application and Reapplication

Behr behaves really crudely as it never behaves properly during the application process. It’s almost next to impossible to make an even application of the stain. No matter what method you adopt, you will surely going to fail. Reapplication of this stain is another pain you inflict on yourself.

But thank god because the Olympic deck stain saves you in this term of application and reapplication. Its less thickness in viscosity helps it to roll evenly on the surface. Use a pump-up sprayer or a pad, everything will work just fine without clogging the pores.

Prevention of Mold and Mildew

Because Behr has a thick surface, it does not allow mold and mildew to grow easily. But Olympic stain has linseed oil as its ingredient and it works as an agent for molds and mildew to grow in shaded places on a stained deck.

So, which one is better?

After an in-depth comparison, it has been found that Olympic stain outperforms Behr in terms of application ease and aesthetics.

Olympic penetrates the wood effectively, retaining the natural wood grain look and featuring a water-based oil hybrid formula, it provides excellent coverage per gallon.

Though Behr is highly durable, it is difficult to apply uniformly due to its thickness, hence it requires a proper understanding of the application technique to avoid peeling or chipping.

Its forte lies in its superior UV protection, thanks to its 100% acrylic nature. Even though

Behr lasts longer when correctly applied, considering the overall practicality,

Olympic stain might be the more preferred choice for most individuals.


Is Olympic stain oil or water-based?

Olympic deck stain is a water-based acrylic oil hybrid. But there are other many Olympic stains and sealants that are oil-based.

What is the longest-lasting deck stain?

Behr can actually be the longest-lasting deck stain only if it doesn’t carry any issues regarding its thickness. Because of its thickness, the application of it becomes hard on the surface.

Can Olympic or Behr Deck Stain be used on different types of wood?

Both Olympic and Behr deck stains can be used on different types of wood.

Which brand provides a wider range of color options for deck staining?

Behr tends to offer a wider range of color options for deck staining compared to Olympic.

Are Olympic or Behr Deck Stain products more resistant to mold and mildew?

Both Olympic and Behr deck stains are formulated to be resistant to mold and mildew.

What is the average lifespan of Olympic vs. Behr Deck Stain?

The average lifespan of Olympic and Behr deck stains can vary based on usage and maintenance, but they typically last for several years.