Lux Cut iii Vs Shelix: Making the Right Choice

As woodworking machinery helical cutterheads are snatching the place of straight cutterheads and among them, Lux Cut iii and Shelix are two distinguished ones. For their special spiral feature, people want to learn more about them.

But in the case of comparison between Lux Cut iii Vs Shelix, there is a lot to inspect. Even though they look almost similar and their geometrical pattern is almost the same, there are some facts that make them different from each other.

In gist, if we look closely going back to history, most people cherish Shelix over Lux Cut iii because of its immense reputation and beneficial features. Shelix came first and then Lux Cut iii and yet the former did not lose its fame and is almost way more convenient than the latter one. You will face less trouble installing Shelix whereas Lux Cut iii can give you hard times. But what is best about the latter one is its strong alloy steel-based head. This black oxidized head of Lux Cut iii defines its high-quality feature. That’s why you will also notice that it is more expensive than Shelix.

Even though, performance wise, both Shelix and Lux Cut iii offer shear cuts with a tuned edge, they possess some significant differences. To learn more about these discrepancies we need to dive in deeper. But before that, check out this comparison table for quick knowledge.

FeaturesLux Cut iii           Shelix
Rust ResistanceBetterGood
Installation ProcessToughEasy
ShipmentTakes less timeTakes much time
PriceMore expensiveLess Expensive

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Lux Cut iii Vs Shelix: Comparison Guide

Lux Cut iii Vs Shelix

This comparison guide is going to expose some of the basic and serious dissimilarities between these two cutterheads.

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For their similarities in performance, you can hardly distinguish one from another. But there are some professionals who are ready to choose one seeing the differences at first.


From the aspect of popularity, Shelix outshines Lux Cut iii because the USA manufactures it with great care. Its over-gained popularity is not overrated at all as Shelix cutterheads come with other many convenient features too.

Conversely, the trust of people is not really firm in Lux Cut iii as Taiwan manufactures it. It’s not about the manufacturing place entirely but people have genuinely voted for Shelix cutterhead for its everlasting quality. So, the popularity of the former actually explains which one is better.

Easy Installation

Among many beneficial factors of Shelix cutterhead, its easy installation process is at the top. The manufacturer of USA makes Shelix in such a way that you can install it in any available tools set for this process. From ancient to the latest and upgraded tools, people find it really convenient in installing this cutterhead.

On the other hand, Lux Cut iii is not as flexible as the former. You will somewhat face trouble in installing this helical cutterhead. But there is a possibility that it works just fine with old-fashioned tools even though problems will occur when you try to install it in any upgraded machinery.

 Material Quality

In the case of material quality, both Shelix and Lux Cut iii offer great help only the latter is slightly more high-quality machinery. It is because of the alloy the manufacturers put in its head. The alloy steel with which its head is constructed is also treated with heat.

Conversely, Shelix does not have this top-notch quality material in its head but it’s also considerable with its convincing quality.

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Rust Resistance

To get a rust-resistant cutterhead, the material puts a great impact on it. Lux Cut iii is basically a saver because it is actually highly resistant to rust. The rust protection construction wins the race. Besides, the black oxidization of the cutterhead assists a lot in this case too.

On the contrary, Shelix has rust prevention quality but it cannot surpass the quality that Lux Cut iii offers. Besides, the latter offers a long-lasting effect by preventing rust.


There is no doubt that Shelix has its own recognition for offering a great deal of services for a long time. However, Lux Cut iii is also strong enough to serve you for a long time. Still, because the latter has more rust prevention power, this plus point helps to win this cutterhead a hundred times.

Knives/ Blades Quality

Checking the knives or blades is one of the important parts to notice while comparing these two cutter heads. Both Shelix and Lux Cut iii have authentic blades. They don’t even get damaged easily. The former offers replaceable blades as well and it’s the specialty of Shelix cutterhead.

But Lux Cut iii offers knives with carbide in them. This feature offers extra precision and a contour style of excavating. Shelix compensates for this feature by offering radius ground on its knives.

Price Range

Shelix offers different models and each of them maintains its quality. These models vary from each other mostly for the diameter sizes. But what is more important is all these models are less expensive than a model of Lux Cut iii cutterhead.

Shipping Time

Shelix heads are very much available but it takes a lot of time for its deliverance. Whereas it takes almost 3 to 24 weeks to ship in, Lux Cut iii takes only 2 to 3 days.

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So, which one is better?

If you judge going direct to the result of their performance, you will not find any severe difference between Shelix and Lux Cut iii. Even they perform in the same manner more or less. Both have a quiet and sheer cutting formula. Even from the look, they have a spiral pattern to loose chips for the collection of dust.

So, any of it would work for you just fine. Then again, from the comparison, we have already pointed out the major differences. If you think that you need to save money or fit the cutterhead in any machine, then go with the reputed Shelix. But if you think, you need a better material-based, rust-resistant cutterhead, go for Lux Cut iii. Both have their own quality and downsides, therefore, choose one wisely.

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Who makes Shelix Cutterhead?

Shelix cutterhead was initially invented in the USA at Kentucky. They first released the spiral version and then the other ones. It is still a reliable place for the making of the Byrd Shelix spiral cutterheads. This model is the upgraded one and many users have given their heart to it.

How much torque does a Shelix cutter need?

If you adopt the Byrd Shelix cutter inserts, you will have to do the torque in inch-pounds. Don’t overdo the torque going beyond 55 FT-LB. This will ruin and shatter the inserts. A torque wrench of a smaller size will prevent inserts from cracking. Stay in between 50 to 55 to get a better result while doing the torque.  

Which is better spiral or helical cutterhead?

Both spiral and helical cutter heads produce the same result only their cutting actions are different. Whereas the former gives off a vibe of a hand plane while cutting, the latter offers more of a skew-styled cut. Other than that, they have no remarkable difference and therefore, both have better actions to perform.