Lie Nielsen Vs Veritas Chisels: In-depth Comparison

If you are a man who is a DIYer of woods or woodworking, you know how much it is important to bring the tools into your arsenal. Chisels are one of those important tools and you might often get confused if you should bring the Lie Nielsen chisel or the Lie Veritas chisel.

Both chisels have amazing compatibility and you can have them both. But people wonder thinking between Lie Nielsen Vs Veritas Chisels which one gets the winning trophy?Well, to some extent it varies from person to person. Yet we will try to compare them going in-depth so you can have a crystal clear idea about these chisels.

The Primal Differences between Lie Nielsen and Veritas Chisels

Both manufacturers of Lie Nielsen and Veritas chisels are great to use. But in the case of utilization, the former gets more points than the latter. That’s why you will find Lie Nielsen chisels more expensive than Veritas Chisels. But in cases of weight and balance, you should look up to Veritas chisels as they are very promising in these sectors than the Lie Nielsen ones. In term of steels, some like the A2 steel of Lie Nielson chisels but the O1 steel in Veritas chisels offers more capability in edging and holding.

Apart from these prominent differences, there are some other aspects that we will talk about now. So stay tuned and take a glance at the comparison table for a clear point of view.

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Lie Nielsen Vs Veritas Chisels: A Quick Comparison Table

FeaturesLie Nielsen ChiselsVeritas Chisels
HandlesSocketSocket and full tang
WeightLightweightMore lightweight
Steel strengthA2 and O1O1
Utilization ImmenseNot much
Chisel setVersatileLess versatile
PriceExpensiveLess expensive

About Lie Nielsen Chisels

Lie Nielsen Chisels

A Lie Nielsen Chisel is a perfect definition of an actual bench chisel as it comes in pretty handy with its heavy working ability. It has features that you can make the best utilization of. The lapped flat back, A2 or O1 steel, and beveled edge reinforce its efficiency to a great extent.

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Besides, the length of the steel is perfect and it is mid-ranged. You will not have to face trouble in controlling the blade as the whole structure of the chisel is balanced. You will fall in love while edging with this versatile chisel. Besides, they are durable and precisely made.

You can easily compare this amazing Lie Nielsen Chisel with a Japanese chisel. Use them for crude tasks or light tasks, they will not disappoint you at any cost. Also, the handle provides the perfect grip with its bulb-like shape and socket.

But some people might not find comfort with only the shape of the handle as some prefer sockets and full tang designs like the Veritas chisels have. Also, Lie Nielsen chisels are a little bit expensive.


  • Comes with great balance
  • Has got controlling power
  • Comfortable grip on the handle
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Expensive than Veritas Chisels

About Veritas Chisels

Veritas Chisels

Veritas chisels are almost the same as Lie Nielsen chisels yet there are subtle differences. With great reasonability in the price range, you can get a great performance performed by Veritas chisels. Many people like this Veritas chisel because it comes handier than any other chisel.

It is a great deal when you can get an O1 steel-made chisel with great balance. Also, the controlling power of the Veritas chisel is worth a mention. The bevel angle it provides is perfect in a word. Besides, Veritas chisels masterfully edge and leave a reflection of professionalism.

In the case of utilization, Veritas Chisels lack a little bit. But you will be surprised once you hold them. It’s because they look like a heavy tools and have an image of sustaining heavy work but once you hold them they are the lightest tool in your arsenal of woodworking.

That’s why you can balance them positively. Also, the ergonomic design and full tang structure in the handle make it one of a kind.


  • Great ergonomic design
  • Socket and full-tang handle
  • Shockingly reasonable
  • Amazingly lightweight


  • Less utilization capability.

Comparison between Lie Nielsen and Veritas Chisels: Which One is Better?

Lie Nielsen Vs Veritas Chisels

We have already mentioned the fact time and again that Lie Nielsen and Veritas chisels are both useful and anyone can adopt them both. But there are some subtle differences regarding their handles, steel strength, price ranges, and other factors. We will now talk about these differences in depth.

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Steel Strength

The strength of the steel matters a lot when choosing a chisel. The good thing is that Lie Nielsen chisels come in both A2 and O1 options. These options are pretty good and it depends on people’s choice that with which one they are comfortable.

The A2 option in the steel in a Lie Nielsen offers extra resistance and durability. However, because they offer a 30-degree bevel angle and more, O2 comes in handy in their 27-degree bevel angle. And all of the Veritas chisels are with O2 options which is great for more people.


There is a prominent difference in the handle of these two chisels. The Lie Nielsen chisels have a traditional-like handle. They are not full tang and the socket style of the handle offers you to separate the blade from the handle. It also is a downside of Lie Nielsen chisels as the blade might fall off from the handle if it fails to resist a shock.

On the other hand, Veritas chisels don’t come with a customization offering. It’s because the handle of the Veritas chisels is not only socket-style but also full-tang. Because of this full tang handle, there is less or no chance that the blade will fall off from the handle. That’s why many people go for Veritas chisels for better handles.


Both Lie Nielsen and Veritas chisels are lightweight. They both serve heavy-duty yet they are so lightweight that you will be surprised once holding them. But if we go for a comparison between Lie Nielsen and Veritas chisels then we would say that the latter is more lightweight than the former one. It is actually proven by many users.

Set Superiority

If you want to compare between Lie Nielsen chisels set and the Veritas chisels set then you need to keep in mind that the former has five pieces in the set. It also includes a 1/8 inches chisel. But in the set of Veritas chisel, you will not find a 1/8 inches chisel. It offers from ¼ inches to 1 inch while the Lie Chisel set offers from 1/8 inches to ¾ inches chisels.

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Many users have complained that the handle of the Lie Nielsen chisel is smaller than its blade and that’s why they offer less balance. Then again, because they are lightweight balancing a Lie Nielsen chisel isn’t a big deal to other users. So it differs from person to person.

On the other hand, many people admire Veritas chisels because they come with perfect balance in handle and blade as well. Besides, their weight reinforces the perfect balance. You don’t have to wait much to make it your favorite balanced tool.  


In the case of utilization, Lie Nielsen definitely steals the show. It’s because they are more versatile and a set of Lie Nielsen covers all ranges of chisels. You can even have customizing option in this chisel. On the other hand, Veritas chisels are also great in utilization but they lag behind because of their fewer customization option and versatility. 

Price Range

Lie Nielsen chisels are more expensive than the Veritas ones. Because the former offers more versatility, its costliness is justified to some extent.

So, which chisel is better?

As you can see there prominent differences are in handles, steels, and price ranges, you need to choose one considering all these factors. It is very personal because some people would follow the solid handle and price range, and then would go for Veritas chisels and some would follow the utilization and would bring the Lie Nielsen chisel set into their home. So, in the end, it depends on your convenience.


Are Veritas chisels worth it?

Yes, Veritas chisels are very much worth it for they are lightweight and come with a full-tang handle. So, they will not come off while doing heavy woodwork.

Are Lie Nielsen chisels any good?

When comes to utilization, Lie Nielsen chisels are pretty much good. Their set includes varieties and versatility. But they will cost you a lot.

Where are Veritas chisels made?

Veritas chisels are mainly made in Canada. In Ottawa city, you will find their manufacturing office. This chisel manufacturer was first established in 1978 and they are still standing with pride.