LedgerLOK Vs TimberLOK Fasteners: Which One to Pick

Are you juggling between LedgerLOK Vs TimberLOK Fasteners? 

LedgerLOK screws are like its name and are suitable for attaching heavy wood (Oak) for making large wooden structures. On the other hand, TimberLOK screws are qualified to join timber for wood-to-wood projects. Fortunately, both won’t require pre-drilling, saving your working time and energy. 

Is this information enough to choose fastener screws to ensure your project’s long life? Absolutely not, because as a woodworker, you’ll need different sizes and shapes of screws for carpentry crafts, renovating homes, joining heavy wood pieces to create a wood structure, or executing decorative plans. 

So get in touch with us till the end of our comparison to discover which is better for why.

Table of Contents

A Quick Comparison Table Between LedgerLOK Vs. TimberLOK Fasteners

This comparison table will showcase basic information about the screws. So if you don’t have enough time to read all our words, you can precisely get an overall idea through it, and can choose one. But, we suggest to go through entire post to pick dedicated screws for your project. 

Differences LedgerLOK FastenersTimberLOK Fasteners
Using purpose Join double ledger boardJoin wood to wood 
Material SteelStainless Steel
Head StyleHexagonal Multi-Lobe
Drive SystemOne wayExternal Hex
Screw Size3 and 5 inches4 to 10 inches (2 inches interval)
Pre-drilling requirement NoNo
Washer requirements NoNo
Exterior FinishPlainPlain
Corrosion resistantYesYes
Count250 Pieces 250 Pieces 

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Overview of LedgerLOK


The ledgerloks are universal screws made with steel that you can use for many applications. Because of their code ACQ approved, they are free from arsenic and chromium, as well as environmentally friendly. The half-drive shaft makes them easy to drill through tough wood with no washer requirement.

Since the screws are corrosion resistant, your framing job, deck, and timber projects won’t be fragile due to water attachment.  So you can use them for indoor and outdoor wood works. 


  • Offer enough torque for countersinking the wood
  • They can load heavy weight than timberlok
  • Ensure durable ledger board, timber, and deck joint
  • Head style is easy to drive with no extra pressure 


  • It would be better if they came with simple instructions about how to space

Where To Use

These screws are great for building a lot of wooden structures with landscape timbers in the garden, patio, and many other places. Apart from that, professional woodworkers will use them for their versatile wood engineering projects that are heavyweight. 

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Overview of TimberLOK


The TimberLOK screws are the ultimate fastening solution, as these pull tightly, ensure a great look, and are almost impossible to break. Since they come in many sizes, from 4 to 10 inches, you can easily select the size based on your project requirement. However, no pre-drilling or washer requirement is the best feature to use them without any challenge on any wooden structure. 

The 5/6 inch driver bit makes them easy to drive with an 18v or 20v power drill. On top of that, your structure will be corrosion free for a longer time, as the screws are made with galvanized steel. 


  • Meet ACQ standards to ensure quality 
  • No pilot hole needed to drill the nails
  • Easy to use with their unique tapered head design 
  • The per unit price is more affordable than most other screws


  • The screws aren’t that much self-tapping

Where To Use 

The TimberLOK are good to use for farmers to brace post construction. The homeowners also use them for cabinets attached to their garage walls, timber retaining walls, and building garden boxes. 

In-depth Difference Between LedgerLOK vs. TimberLOK

LedgerLOK vs. TimberLOK

How a painter needs different sizes, shapes, and angles brushes to draw a colorful, vivid, and mind-blowing picture. In the same way, you’ll need different sizes, and shape screws for your project’s effective and efficient attachment and showcase your art of woodwork. Let’s learn a profound and in-depth analysis of LedgerLOK vs. TimberLOK.

1. Functionality

Though both are screws, they won’t be equally applicable to use for the same functionality. Their structure, sizes, and shapes make the difference in using them for specific purposes.

  • LedgerLOK

Since ledgerloks are thicker than timberloks, they can hold heavy weight and pressure. So, you can confidently use them to make rim joists for your wooden house structures, larger garden structures, decks, and many more. 

  • TimberLOK

Novice and DIY enthusiasts find these screws highly useful for their versatile woodwork, such as building landscape timbers, top plate, stair stringers, fences, headers, etc. You can use them in wood construction where ⅜” lag screws are required. 

Winner: Draw

2. Length Variation

You have to join different sizes of wood based on your project and purpose. In that case, various lengths of screws will be the best to choose from instead of one specific size. Both of these screws come in different lengths considering your requirements.

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These screws come in 2 different lengths, 3 inches, and 5 inches. So, you can choose the size based on your needs. However, according to most woodworkers’ experience, the 3 inches screws are excellent for attaching single ledgers, whereas 5 inches screws are suitable for double ledger attachment. 


In terms of length variation, Timberlok screws beat the Ledgerlok. They come in 4 different variants, 4,6,8, and 10 inches. Timberlok keeps the door open for flexibility in choosing the screws based on load-carrying ability and how deep you need to penetrate the nails. The deeper you want to drill the screw, the larger size will be better. And the shallower the penetration, the smaller the size. 

Winner: TimberLOK

3. Screw Heads

You may think screws head style aren’t that much of an essential factor to count as differential points. But, you have to choose the drill machine according to the head style of the screws. The washer requirement also depends on the screw’s head size. So it’s also important. 


These screws come with two different variants of head style. One is a flat head, and the other is a hexagonal head. When the flat head style screws allow the screws to sink into the wood. The hexagonal head screws offer tight tolerances. 


They won’t have any head style variation like LedgerLok. They come with a multi-Lobe head style to easily grab and drill on wood. They are also compatible to provide you efficient wood pressure tolerance. 

Winner: LedgerLOK

4. Price

Though screws’ cost isn’t that notable for woodwork like any other material. But you’ll need a significant amount of screws to complete your project. In that sense, you can’t ignore the price because it’s a substantial gross expenditure. 


They are relatively more expensive than Timberlok because of their quality, thickness, and texture. One package of Ledgerlok comes in 250 counts and costs around $180. Each count costs you $0.71, but one package is enough to build a professional wood structure. 


They also come in 250 counts in a bucket within $150, where each count price will be approximately $0.6. So they are more affordable between the two. 

Winner: TimberLOK

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Same Features Of LedgerLOK and TimberLOK

LedgerLOK Vs TimberLOK Fasteners

Though they differ in some features, a few features also match like any other screws. Unless we point them out, our discussion will be incomplete. 

  1. No Pre-drilling 

When lag or many other screws require pre-drilling, the Ledgerlok and Timberlok are free from these requirements. You drill both screws to join your wood without pre-drilling a hole. On top-notch, your wood won’t be cracked by these pressures, when drilling the screws. 

  1. No Washer Requirements 
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The washer works as a counter-sinkable for wood attachment with screws. So, many screws need washers to make the joint intense. Since the Ledgerlok and Timberlok screws are oversized, they won’t need any washer to secure the wood join. Their hexagonal head style will work like a washer. 

  1. Easy To Use 

If you need to pre-drill, place washers before joining wood with screws, that is much more troublesome, time-consuming, and tedious. In that case, fortunately, both the screws keep you free from all those hassles. You can use them without pre-work, which is easy and worthwhile. 

  1. Corrosion Resistance

Both the screws are made with stainless steel, which makes them strong to hold intense weight. So they won’t bend when drilling on your wood. 

Because of their construction materials, they are corrosion and weather-resistant. They can stand on your wood all year round, fighting against weather and environmental factors like rain and sun. 

  1. Durability 

The screws are galvanized and coated with different materials to make them durable. They can be used on any pressure-treated wood for their higher strength and durability. 

  1. Finishing 

The more efficient of your woodwork finishing will be,  the more aesthetic they will look. Both the screws will offer you plain finishing that ensure an eye-catchy outlook of your projects. No one can determine where the wood joints are, unless they closely inspect the property. 

Which Screws Should You Use Between LedgerLOK Vs TimberLOK?

It depends on your project, purpose, and preference, both screws are designed to serve different purposes. So, you should precisely check your project to determine which one fits your needs. 

The ledgerloks will be perfect for building heavy-duty wood structures, decks, rim joists, beam attachments, and many more. 

On the flip side, TimberLOK works excellent for lightweight wood connection, framing jobs, making fences for gardens, etc. 

How much weight can a ledger lock hold?

Each count of ledger lock can hold up to 5000 pounds of weight to join woods. 

Are TimberLOK screws good for pressure-treated wood?

Yes, TimberLOK screws are good for pressure-treated wood, considering the screw quality, strength, and length variation. They are also ACQ approved to ensure better flexibility in pressure-treated lumber. 

Parting Words

Hopefully, you have taken your preferred screws from the LedgerLOK and TimberLOK. 

Would that perform as you desire? Are you satisfied with your selected screws? Or do you face any challenges we won’t discuss in our comparison guide? 

We are eagerly waiting to hear from you, and know your experience and thoughts. We also appreciate your feedback about our post. Hit our comment section with your valuable words. 

Wish you a happy and effortless wood project.