Laguna Vs Harvey Band Saw: Who Is The Winner

When you start your woodshop or you often do some DIY carpeting project, a band saw is a great addition for this purpose. However, since many options exist, you have the challenge of picking a reliable brand. And when it comes to Laguna Vs. Harvey band saw, you might not know where to start, as they’re quite similar at first look and have good choices in the market.

Laguna and Harvey band saws both are good for curved cuts in woods. However, the two have dissimilarities in some key areas, including maximum blade width, motor power, and resaw capacity. Harvey typically outperforms Laguna as a good-quality product, but it also comes with a higher price tag. 

If you’re trying to choose between Laguna Vs. Harvey band saw. Here’s what you need to know.

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Laguna Vs. Harvey Bandsaw: Key Comparison Table

Laguna Vs Harvey Band Saw

If you’re in a hurry, take a quick look at this comparison table and get a basic overview of both band saws.

Specifications Laguna Band SawHarvey Band Saw
FrameWelded SteelSolid steel frame
Maximum Blade Width19 mm or 0.75 inches 25 mm or 0.98 inches 
Resaw Capacity330 mm or 13 inches35.5 mm or 14 inches 
Motor PowerDecent motor powerMore powerful motor
WeightLess weightMore weight
CostLower Higher
Performance GoodBetter
Best ForBest for beginner Best for professionals

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What Is Laguna Bandsaw?

Laguna Bandsaw

Laguna Tools was founded in 1983 since then it has manufactured some of the popular woodworking tools, including a band saw. Laguna tools stand both for amateur and expert woodworkers. Overall, it is considered a  reliable brand, so you can surely do regular woodworking with its tools. Additionally, its price is quite affordable, and you can buy it easily if you don’t want to invest a lot in this area.


  • Impressive horsepower and built sturdy
  • 2 years warranty from a US-based manufacturer
  • Affordable price 


  • Lower blade width
  • Less weight capacity 

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Types of Laguna Bandsaw

Like most top band saw brands, there are few models available in Laguna band saws. Each option has its advantages and drawbacks, plus designed for specific purposes. Here’s an overview of the Laguna band saws which are currently available.

  • Laguna 1412 bandsaw (1.75 HP)
  • Laguna 14 BX bandsaw (1.75 or 2.5 HP)
  • Laguna 18 BX band saw (3 HP)

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Industrial Tool

  • Laguna LT16
  • Laguna LT18
  • Laguna LT18 Resaw Master
  • Laguna LT20
  • Laguna LT 24×17
  • Laguna LT 24×24

What Is Harvey Band Saw?

Harvey Band Saw

The Harvey Industry was founded in 1999, so it is younger than Laguna. But still, it is one of the premium brands in the woodworking tool industry. It successfully manufactures and supplies woodworking machinery tools to over 100 countries. 


  • Powerful motor and extraordinary resaw capacity
  • Easy to use lock knobs and require less adjustment
  • Foot brake for immediate stopping saw blade


  • Relatively expensive

Types of Harvey Bandsaw

Overall, Harvey has a good series of band saws that are best for your professional and industrial purpose. Here’s an overview of the Harvey bandsaw types.

  • Ambassador C14 (3 HP)
  • Alpha HW615P (3 HP)
  • Alpha HW615 (3 HP)
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What are The Differences Between Laguna And Harvey Bandsaw

Laguna and Harvey bandsaws stand apart in some crucial points, and all those points make a bandsaw a better choice for some projects than others. Here are the differences between Lagun vs Harvey bandsaw.

1. Frame

The frame is crucial for any band saw as it holds together all the separate components. Among the frame types, steel frames are more durable. Though you’ll see both the Laguna and Harvey have quite similar frames.

  • Laguna bandsaw

Laguna made their band saws with welded steel frames. So it is rust resistant, and won’t be fragile within a short time. 

  • Harvey band saw

Contrarily, the Harvey bandsaw has a solid, reinforced steel frame. The frame ensures the perfect stability that you require for extraordinary performance.

Winner: Draw

2. Resaw Capacity

Resaw capacity means the capability of a band saw that cuts larger sections of timber or wood onto smaller sections.

  • Laguna bandsaw

The Laguna bandsaw has a maximum 13-inch resaw capacity. Therefore, if you want to use this band saw for regular timber cutting, its capacity is more than you need.

  • Harvey bandsaw

Amazingly, Harvey’s bandsaw offers more resaw capacity than Laguna. It comes with 14 inches resaw capacity, which can easily slice a little bit larger timber or wood. So if you want to work with bigger than averaged-size timbers, go with Harvey.

Winner: Harvey

3. Maximum Blade Width

A blade width in a band saw determines how much better you can cut the wood. The higher the blade width, the better cutting you’ll get from the band saw.

  • Laguna bandsaw

Laguna offers a maximum 19 mm blade width. Typically, it’s enough to work a regular-based job for your everyday life.

  • Harvey bandsaw

Harvey bandsaw offers a great blade width, about 25 mm. Certainly, the width is ideal for any deep or long edge ripping. Even if you are looking for a bandsaw to work on thick, medium, and hardwood, the Harvey band saw is the best choice.

Winner: Harvey

4. Weight

Experts recommend selecting larger or more weight band saws than smaller versions because the heavy machines are effective in perfect and better cutting.

  • Laguna bandsaw

Among the Laguna bandsaws lineup, it comes with the Laguna 14/12 bandsaw CE models with 117 kg weight. This weight might not be great for powerful cutting like the heavier band saw, but you can control it better for precise cutting.

  • Harvey bandsaw

In contrast, if you take the weight of the Harvey HW614E 14 band saw, it weighs 180 kg which is quite more than the Laguna. Since the parts of the Harvey bandsaw are made with heavy-duty materials, its overall weight has increased and provides efficient cutting.

Winner: Laguna

5. Motor Power

The motor plays a crucial role in controlling the speed of a band saw. So you see, most band saws are equipped with an electric motor.

  • Laguna bandsaw

Most of the models of Laguna bandsaw come with 2 HP motors. If you’re a hobbyist carpenter or DIYer, 2 HP motors are perfect for you. They’ll fit nicely for any household work, even if you can handle small to medium woodwork for any professional purpose.

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However, you’ll require 120 volts to operate this motor, so you won’t need to cut much electricity.

  • Harvey bandsaw

Compared to the Laguna, Harvey features a more powerful motor. A good number of Harvey Band saws have a 3 HP motor. This motor ensures enough power to undertake any work and wonderfully handles. 

But the downside is running the 3 HP motor requires 220 volts. So, in the end, it ultimately increases the electricity cost. 

However, a Harvey bandsaw with a 3 HP motor will be best for operating massive projects in commercial industries because its powerful engine provides consistent performance while working constantly. 

Winner: Harvey

6. Performance Level

Do you know what factors you should consider measuring the performance level of a band saw?

While choosing a reliable band saw, you need to consider factors including sturdy base, frame styles, resawing capacity, motor power, types of guides, height, guards, adjustments, etc.

  • Laguna bandsaw

If you go through all the factors, we mentioned above, it seems that the Laguna band saw’s performance level is overall quite good. It has a disc braking system that lets you quickly shut off and provides a more accurate and wobble-free cut.

  • Harvey bandsaw

Considering all the factors, you’ll realize that the Harvey bandsaw provided a better performance than Laguna. However, all people don’t need the same performance level since every woodwork varies from each other.

Winner: Harvey

7. Cost

The price of a band saw is a big factor considering your budget, purpose, and requirements.

  • Laguna bandsaw

If you’re on a tight budget, Laguna brings good news for you. The Laguna band saws are available on quite an affordable budget which is impressive for beginner carpenters. If you’re planning to enter into woodworking or want to do the basic tasks, Laguna will be your right hand.

  • Harvey Bandsaw

As Harvey band saws have more powerful motors and other advanced features, you can guess its cost should be relatively higher than Laguna.

Winner: Laguna

8. Durability

How do you know that your band saw is durable enough for your work? To determine its durability, you should focus on the construction quality of a band saw. 

The more heavy-duty parts the manufacturer uses on a band saw, the better its construction will be. It becomes solid and can take heavy workloads. 

First, you should always maintain your bandsaw with proper maintenance to keep up the machine’s durability. Otherwise, no matter how powerful the machine is, it will degrade over time.

  • Laguna bandsaw

If you talk about Laguna bandsaw, it’s well-engineered. In addition, it’s quite lightweight and sturdy, good for a regular professional job.

  • Harvey band saw

Harvey appears more durable than Laguna as it is built with high-quality materials and durable features.

Winner: Harvey

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Where To Buy Laguna Bandsaw?

You can purchase Laguna band saws from e-commerce websites like Amazon. Just click on our link, it will take you to the website. From there go through the specifications, features, and authentic users’ reviews of the bandsaw. If all those align with your requirements, click the “buy now” or “add to cart” button, complete payment, and within a few days the bandsaw will reach your door. 

Where To Buy Harvey Bandsaw?

Go to and find the product you want to buy. Then, click on Add to cart. And check out the cart on the right-hand top of the product page. Afterwards, complete the purchasing procedure.

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How To Choose Between Laguna And Harvey Band Saws?

Both Laguna and Harvey can work best in certain conditions. However, if durability, powerful motor, precision,  and best cutting ability are the key priorities, you can choose the Harvey band saw. Ultimately, it’s a good choice for professional woodworkers. 

However, if you’re dealing with personal or semi-professional projects, Laguna also does amazing work while letting you save some money.

Where are the Laguna bandsaws made?

Most advanced and new Laguna band saws are made in Grand Prairie, Texas. But before 2020, Laguna manufactured all their products in Irvine, California.

Where is the Harvey band saw made?

The main factory of Harvey bandsaw is in Yangzhou, China. Yangzhou Harvey Industries company mainly manufactures all the band saws of Harvey. 

Are Harvey and Leguna the same?

No, both are two different bands’ saw brands. But, generously, Laguna sells beginner-friendly and standard band saws. Otherwise, Harvey’s band saw maintains a professional quality to handle medium to heavy-duty woodwork. 

What is the best-rated band saw?

Dewalt, Wen, Delta, Harvey, and Laguna are the top-quality and best-rated band saws brands. But each of them may be good for particular purposes. So a basic analysis before buying the band saw will help you pick the best suitable one for you.

What are the differences between the Laguna and Harvey band saws?

The main differences between the two band saws are the construction quality, features, and price. The Laguna band saws tend to have higher quality materials and features, while the Harvey band saws are generally more affordable.

Which brand makes better band saws, Laguna or Harvey?

Both brands make high-quality band saws that are suitable for various woodworking tasks. However, Laguna is generally considered a more premium brand, while Harvey is a more budget-friendly option.

What types of woodworking projects are suitable for the Laguna and Harvey band saws?

Both band saws are suitable for various woodworking projects, including cutting curves, resawing, and making intricate cuts. However, the Laguna band saws may be better suited for more demanding tasks due to their superior features and build quality.

Are the Laguna and Harvey band saws easy to use?

Both brands of band saws are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. However, as with any power tool, there may be a learning curve for first-time users.

What kind of warranty do the Laguna and Harvey band saws come with?

The warranty for each brand’s band saws may vary depending on the model and retailer. However, both brands generally offer a limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship.

How do I choose between a Laguna and Harvey band saw?

Choosing between the two brands will depend on your individual needs and budget. Consider the type of woodworking projects you plan to undertake, your skill level, and the features you require. It’s also a good idea to read reviews and compare prices before making a final decision.

Parting Words

Overall, the Laguna and Harvey band saws have their benefits and drawbacks. However, if you need a winner for your woodworks, which one will win in the Laguna vs Harvey band saw debate? 

Harvey band saws generally outperform, particularly in durability, cutting ability, and commercial purposes. If you’re comfortable paying a little high price and investing in something reliable for professional work, you’re usually better off with a Harvey Bandsaw. 

Hopefully, our Laguna vs Harvey band saw guideline helped you learn valuable details about both saws. If you know someone trying to choose a band who saw the brand and is confused about what to buy, share the article with them.

Good luck with your successful woodworking!