Laguna F1 Vs F2: Considering Factors To Announce Winner

Laguna lined up its new version of the F1 and F2 table saws. The major difference between these tools is their compactness. 

The F1 is much easier, and it compactly sits on the table. It’s well-built and runs more smoothly than you expect. 

On the other hand, F2 is also designed with all the features that F1 offers. But F2 comes with a bit more advanced level like more rip capacity and punch.  

The F2 tool is manufactured with a solid cabinet on its base part. Besides, a handy runner and a T-Shaped fence will also be available for easy alignment.            

Although two of the F1 and F2 Laguna table saws are super powerful, you can still be confused about which one to choose based on their features, for example, motor speed, rip capacity, blade size, weight, and working area. 

So, we’ll share all the essential factors from these two models of table saws to help you decide the best one considering your job purpose.  Be with us till the end.

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Laguna F1 Vs F2: Comparison Table

Laguna stands for professionals and amateurs, with its woodworking tool diversity. It offers lightweight yet powerful tools for woodworkers that will lessen their efforts. F1 and F2 are two examples of Laguna’s smart innovation.

If you want to know more about the operational capacity of these two, you have to make a deep comparison focusing on their traits. Here’s an in-depth comparison table for your quick notes- 

SpecificationsLaguna F1Laguna F2
Motor Power1.5 hp1.75 hp
Motor Speed3450 RPM3450 RPM
Blade Size10 Inches10 Inches
Blade Tilt0-45° Left0-45° Left
Dust Port Size3⅞ Inches OD3⅞ Inches OD
Rip Capacity 30 Inches36 Inches
Voltage110V110V (Convertible to 220)
Weight200 lbs276 lbs
Warranty1 Year2 Years

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Overview of Laguna F1

Laguna F1

The premium quality Laguna F1 table saw is high-performed for magnetic catch with the T-shaped fence. It can lock down without any hassle in terms of the use of its steel knuckle. This high-end tool offers a quick-change riving knife saw guard and dust collector, making your wood trimming faster. 

Due to its sturdiness and remarkable accuracy, this Fusion F1 is highly popular among mid-skilled woodworkers. It comes with a lightweight design for easy usage. The small distanced rip fence is designed with an integrated push-button for an easy locking system. The rip fence is a built-in robust steel body for long-term service power.

This tool will increase your convenience with its locking system. Its unique cabinet is designed with a lower stand and two parts for standard equipment segmentation. The bottom part of the cabinet is designed for dust collection. 

Furthermore, for easy tool movement, it comes with an additional add-on wheel kit. So, moving the tool to your convenient place will never be difficult.  

Also, the new throat plate with a square style is featured to make leveling easy and quick. So, it increases the service quality of Laguna F1 and operating this tool won’t require much pressure. 

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In terms of its unique throat plate, you can easily use it for longer. Since it comes with additional storage, you can store the essential accessories close to you while working. These accessories will also remain safe. 


  • Easy to use for its entry-level and standard handle design
  • Sealed Floor, but offer magic switches
  • On-board tool storage system
  • Low Noise with easy portability
  • Highly affordable, yet long lasting


  • The wheel system comes separately 

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Overview of Laguna F2

Laguna F2

If you want to scale up your woodcutting capacity, going for the Laguna F2 will be your right decision. It’s larger and more powerful than F1 to deal with the heavy-duty task. The rip fence is a built-in robust steel body for long-term service power.

Although the Laguna F2 is almost similar to the features and specifications of the F1, it comes in an upgraded version and European style. You can lose the lock knobs of F2 and slide them in the backside for off-cut use through its high-low fence system. 

As same as the F1, the F2 also featured 110v motor voltage. But, the benefit is that you can change or increase the voltage of F2, which isn’t possible with F1. So, F2 offers more flexibility in its voltage requirement than F1. 

This tool will allow you to do any type of woodwork that goes through its thin materials. You can also do veneers, which is the most useful aspect of F2. The onboard storage system can solve this annoying issue if you find it disturbing to have all these push sticks, blade ridges, and miter gauges. You can work spontaneously. 

This tool is featured with a magnetic switch, a unique trait among the users. Also, you’ll get the following features from F2-

  • Trunnion mounted 1-Piece cabinet
  • Upgraded polished and cast handwheel, which will make your job easier than the F1
  • Built-in wheel kit is included so that you can take or move the machine at your convenient place hassle-free. It will also save you time and let you work with full attention. 

The main body, left-handed and right-handed wings, and also the tabletop of the F2 is made of strong and premium cast iron. So, there’s no worry or question about durability. 


  • Mechanical blade movement with solid steel plates
  • Well-designed and convenient tabletop with precise cutting capacity
  • Versatile design and mounted trunnion
  • Outstanding cooling system


  • Noisy vibration may appear.

Laguna F1 Vs. F2: In-Depth Comparison

Laguna F1 Vs. F2

There are some significant differences between F1 and F2. Once you identify these differences, it will be easier to choose the right one. These tools differ in their blade style, angle, safety features, motor hp, etc. So, check out the below factors-

1. Blade Style

Regarding safety assurance, the F1 and F2 will offer the same service with a little difference- 

  • Laguna F1

Offer its blade with a well-protective and transparent safeguard to keep your fingers well-protected and safe. The F1 blade locking system sets the blade to change quickly, easily, and safely.  However, if you feel the safeguard is disturbing, you can remove it as it’s removable and flexible.

  • Laguna F2
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The blade guard of F2 is also so transparent like the F1. But, it’s designed with plastic materials and provides caution. So your fingers will remain safe while working. 

Winner: Tie

2. Blade Angle

The blade size and angles are similar. Both of them can deliver almost the same power service. 

  • Laguna F1

The F1 can tilt from 0° to 45° angle. The tilting angle depends on what type of wood piece you’re working with. You can use the blade tilting option with its handy handle. 

The F1 blade is easy and flexible to tilt, and it won’t require much effort during your tilting time. So, handling the F1 tool will be under your control. 

  • Laguna F2

Like F1, the Laguna F2 also offers regular tilting angles from 0° to 45° angle. Unlike F1, you can tilt it up to a 90° angle according to your necessity.  

The F2 blade can split into two segments and allow you to prepare the machine for versatile performance. Moreover, the F2 is compatible with a Dado blade with a 13/16 inch size. 

Winner: Laguna F2

3. Safety Features

You won’t get similar safety features between these tools. They provide different features, for example, the F1 provides a “Push Stick,’ but the F2 provides a “Stop Button.” 

  • Laguna F1

In the case of the F1 table saw, you’ll get a push stick lock to ensure you won’t hurt. It’s featured for your operational safety and convenience. It’s also easy and simple to pull out and slide into the wood piece through the sideway.  

  • Laguna F2

Riving knife and stop button are good examples of F2 safety features. The stop button is magnetic, and you can easily access it. Most importantly, repositioning and sliding are easy for this stop button trait. 

On the other hand, the riving knife is the feature of F2 that took the popularity of this tool to the next level. It’s simple to install and uninstall within minutes. You can do the following with the F2 riving knife-

  • Lining up the knife with the blade
  • Push it down to the lock
  • Sliding it in

Winner: Laguna F2

4. Motor Power

Although the F1 and F2 come with 110V motor power, they make the difference in the motor HP.

  • Laguna F1

It comes with 1.5hp with 110v motor power. So, you use this tool for all sorts of convenient projects. It’s easy to plug in the Laguna F1 motor with a diverse electrical source. 

  • Laguna F2

When the F1 motor offers 1.5 hp, the F2 will provide the total motor power with 1.75 hp. It’s a Poly-V belt drive-compatible motor which is high-capable of producing more torque and power for large projects.

Winner: Laguna F2

5. Cutting Depth Capacity

If you want to differ them considering the cutting capacity, the F2 will come first. Because it can ensure highly accurate cutting depth based on its features. 

  • Laguna F1

The fence system offers a maximum cutting capacity of up to 2⅛ inches. And it’s not that suitable for large projects. 

  • Laguna F2
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Since this tool is Poly-V belt drive compatible and can deliver more power and torque, it can provide excellent cutting depth based on the accuracy requirement. 

Winner: Laguna F2

6. Rip Capacity

A table saw’s rip capacity is considered by the distance between the fence and the blade. Usually, the rip capacity varies between 28 to 50 inches. Let’s check out the F1 and F2’s rip capacity-

  • Laguna F1

The F1 comes with a rip capacity of 30 inches which is the best measurement for small type woodwork. 

  • Laguna F2

This tool is one of the best hybrid tools with its maximum rip capacity.  It will offer a rip capacity up to 36 inches maximum. Using this tool for your large woodwork will be handier than the F1.

7. Weight

The weight also differs from F1 to F2. Neither of them has the same weight, and you should check the weight to make it portable and convenient. 

  • Laguna F1

The F1 weighs 200 lbs, and it’s pretty easy to move to your required place. It won’t take much effort to move.

  • Laguna F2

On the other hand, the F2 comes 275 lbs with a large body shape. Although heavy, it won’t create any problem moving to your convenient space inside the shop or garage. Because it’s featured with wheel kits. 

Winner: Laguna F1

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Laguna F1 Vs. F2: Similarities

Surprisingly, F1 and F2 have many similarities also. They will be similar in their RPM, material accessibility, blade size, dust collector, etc. Here’s the detail-

Rotation Per Minute (RPM)

The F1 and F2 offer similar RPM at 3450 with their magnetic switch. Therefore, both these machines will allow you to do more tasks with less time. 

Material Accessibility

You can use the F1 and F2 for any material. Both these tools withstand the pressure level of any wide or thick piece of wood. 

Blade Size

The F1 and the F2 blade size is 10 Inches. They come with the same blade size though you can’t choose them for a similar job type. 

Dust Collection Port

The dust collection port is available with both the F1 and the F2 table saw. And both these dust collection ports come with the same size of 3⅞ inches. 

Laguna F1 Vs. F2: Which One Can be Your Best Fit

When you need to select the right tool, consider your woodcutting project types. Here are some of the important factors you must check out to choose the best one.

  • Focus on your skill level 
  • If you’re in the primary stage of woodcutting, go for the Laguna F1. The F2 isn’t for the beginner, and it will be hard to operate if you’re not that skilled in this field  
  • If it’s your commercial necessity to have a table saw, the Laguna F2 will be perfect. 
  • You also can consider the warranty period. The F1 offers 1 year of warranty while the F2 comes with a 2 years warranty period. 

Final Words

Laguna is a US-based long established manufacturer. They have gained the customers’ trust in delivering high-end tools of a different kind. Both the Laguna F1 and F2 are quality tools. Yet some of the factors are considerable between these tools. 

Because F1 and F2 aren’t for similar skill levels and job types. So, check out which one goes with your requirements before you make your purchase.