Laguna 14bx Vs 18bx: Which One To Choose And Why

Laguna manufactures different types of band saws for different woodcutting purposes. Since, among the Laguna bandsaw lineup, Laguna 14bx and 18bx shares some similarities and dissimilarities that you might be confused about which one to choose between Laguna 14bx vs Laguna 18bx.

The Laguna 18bx and 14bx both are bandsaw from the same brand and share a lot of similarities. Though they are also different from each other in some major factors, including cutting depth, motor power, and blade size. On the contrary, their prices have huge differences too. 

But this is only a glimpse over the two bandsaws. Before making a buying decision you have to dig out more details. So, let’s see which wins over the other. 

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A Quick Comparison Table On Laguna 14bx vs 18bx

Are you in a hurry? Take a look at the following table to get a clear idea and differences between the both bandsaws in a little time. You can make fast decisions by overviewing the table. But if you want to learn more and compare everything in detail, stay with us till the end. 

DifferencesLaguna 14bxLaguna 18bx
Motor Power2.5 HP3 HP
Blade Length2921 mm3676 mm
Maximum Cutting Depth330 mm405 mm
Weight 150 kg200 kg
Price LessMore

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Overview of Laguna 14bx

Laguna 14bx

After the Laguna 14/12 bandsaws, Laguna 14bx comes in this lineup with more upgrade features. If you need an accurate, wobble-free cut for your regular woodworking, 14bx can be your best companion. Along with ceramic blade guides, it also has a flat and spacious table. So you have enough space for wide material as well as allows you to get an accurate cut.


  • Adjustable in the medium-spaced workroom
  • Pyramid shape spine and easy to use
  • Double windows provide visibility on tracking
  • Quick release tension features
  • Provide smooth cutting


  • The frame is heavy
  • Doesn’t come with a blade

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Overview of Laguna 18bx

Laguna 18bx

Laguna 18bx is the larger version of Laguna 14bx. So you can assume, they’ll come with some upgrades and benefits.  


  • Powerful motor suitable for heavy-duty work
  • Allows tool-free adjustment and fast speed
  • Great Stability for thick wood cutting
  • A magnetic strip allows the blade to change quickly
  • Uses for versatile purposes


  • High price
  • It does not available with the mobility kit

Detailed Comparison Between Laguna 14bx Vs 18bx

Laguna 14bx Vs 18bx

Since you’re still here that means you need more knowledge about the Laguna bandsaws. So here are the differences given below that makes the Laguna 14bx and 18bx different from each other. Reading the comparison you can easily pick the correct bandsaw for you.

  1. Blade Length

When choosing a good bandsaw, it’s very important to consider the blade length as it will determine which types of material it can cut. 

  • Laguna 14bx
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Laguna 14bx has a 2921 mm or 115-inch blade length which is quite shorter than 18bx. It’s compatible with a minimum blade width of ⅛ inch and a maximum blade width of ¾ inch. The blade guide of the bandsaw is made with a magnet, so it is very durable. 

  • Laguna 18bx

Laguna 18bx is longer than 14bx. It has a 3673 mm or 145-inch length of the blade which will be your right pick if you need long blades for your woodwork. It is the perfect blade size for any industrial bandsaw. Amazingly, it cut through thick and high-volume material. The upper and lower guide protects the blade. It stays stable during the cutting operation. On top, the blade adjustment is also tool free. 

Winner: Laguna 18bx

  1. Motor Power

Heavy woodwork requires big motor power. If you frequently have to do heavy work, you should buy the Laguna Bandsaw with a powerful motor. However, for increasing the lifespan of your bandsaw motor, you should use good motor oil. 

  • Laguna 14bx

Laguna 14bx has a 14 Amp, 1.75 HP (horsepower) motor. It comes with a 110/220 outlet at the back with Pro Light System. This motor drives a lower flywheel through a drive belt. 

  • Laguna 18bx

The Laguna 18bx has a 12 Amp, 3 HP motor which impressively cuts through high-density wood and metal. This powerful motor makes this bandsaw versatile both for industrial workers who work with metal and woodwork. You can easily do your heavy-duty cutting projects with Laguna 18bx. The manufacturer uses anti-corrosion steel material to make the motor last longer.

Winner: Laguna 18bx

  1. Cutting Depth

You will want precise work in your woodworking. That’s why you need a bandsaw that’ll give you an accurate cutting depth. So you should be aware when choosing the cutting depths.

  • Laguna 14bx

Laguna 14bx is good for getting 330 mm cutting depth.

  • Laguna 18bx

This bandsaw gives a bigger depth than the 14bx. You’ll get 405 mm cutting depth from this Laguna 18bx. 

Winner: Laguna 18bx

  1. Weight

Weight plays a very important role to determine the proficiency of a bandsaw. You should know which weight is right for your work and choose that one to easily adjust in your workroom. 

  • Laguna 14bx

The Laguna 14bx weighs 150 kg which is lighter in weight and easily adjusted in a bit small workroom. 

  • Laguna 18bx

On the contrary, the 18bx bandsaw weighs 200 kg. That means it’s 50 kg higher than Laguna 14bx and requires enough space to adjust the machine. The good news is that more weight also ensures perfect and heavy-duty woodcutting. 

Winner: Laguna 14bx

  1. Price

Overall, you have to be sure how much you can invest in your bandsaw. And it’s essential to check out the price before buying whether they can be available in your budget. You’ll see a huge difference between the two bandsaws. 

  • Laguna 14bx

If your budget is lower than $3000, opt out for Laguna 14bx. Luckily, this one is much more affordable than the 18bx. 

  • Laguna 18bx

If you can spend more than $3000, you can absolutely buy the Laguna 18bx. 

Winner: Laguna 14bx

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Similarities of Laguna 14bx vs 18bx

Only knowing the differences won’t be worthwhile to compare them. So let’s see some of the similar features of the 14bx and 18bx bandsaws. 

  1. Warranty Period

The warranty period is crucial for a bandsaw as it requires frequent after-sales service. However, both the Laguna bandsaw offers you one year warranty. So you don’t have to give a second thought to them.

  1. Assembly Time

Both the Laguna 14bx and 18bx require assembly. These two saws can be assembled within one hour. But you also need another person with you while assembling and should perform the work carefully.

  1. Dust Collection System

The Laguna 14bx and 18bx come with a 4-inch dust port. It collects useless material and dust. This port is attached to the blade and efficiently collects dust from the upper and lower cabinets. Also, a 4-inch dust hose is connected to the dust port. 

They are at the back of the machine and have a capacity of 1000 cubic feet per minute (CFM). It is also written as (cu ft/min).

This amazing dust collection system enables you to easily collect the sawdust and recycle them. You can even sell this dust for mulching and earn extra money.

Apart from the above similarities, Laguna 14bx and 18bx also have the same ceramic guides, tension indicators, and cast-iron flywheels.

Other Key Features Of The Laguna 14bx

Here are the other features of Laguna 14bx. Take a look and you’ll get a clear idea about what you expect from the bandsaw.

  1. Guides

The guides of Laguna 14bx are easy to adjust. You don’t need any tools or effort. There is an instruction page that will help you with alignment. However,  the upper guide should be parallel to the fence. Contrarily, you might find the lower guide a bit difficult to adjust due to the table’s position. 

  1. Fence

Laguna 14bx comes with a stout aluminum extrusion fence which can be in low and high positions. It’s very comfortable to use and even easy to adjust the fence height without any tools. 

  1. Foot Brake

With Laguna 14bx, you can quickly shut off the motor using the foot brake. No requirement of using the hands. Your foot can easily change the cutting position. Press and the micro-switch automatically turn off the saw motor. If you want an immediate stop, apply pressure and you’ll get a quick response. 

  1. Brake System

The brake system of Laguna 14bx is activated by pressing on the foot pedal. The motor stops, and through the disc brake its flywheel slows down. Laguna uses tire cushions to protect the flywheels from the blade. The top wheel powers the saw blade when the lower heel drives the wheel. 

  1. Blade Guard

There is a blade guard available that protects the blade. While the door is closed, The guard is attached to the lower door which is adjustable vertically. 

Other Key Features of Laguna 18bx

Here are the other key features of Laguna 18bx that you should consider for choosing a bandsaw.

  1. Rip Fence System

The rip fence system assembly of Laguna 18bx is of cast knuckle, guide rails, high-low fence, and casting. This fence stops for non-through cuts. On top, you can set them at any length by the quick-release handle.

  1. Resaw Capacity
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Laguna 18bx has 16″ resaw capacity. So it doesn’t change the cut quality while you switch it from ripping to re-sawing. You’ll get an accurate cut, plus the rip fence allows multiple cuts with identical angles. 

  1. Braking System

It offers a disc brake with a micro switch. Within less than a second, The disc brake cuts the power from reaching its motor. Otherwise, there is a pump system that stops it with a single pump. So the motor is very simple to use even in an urgent situation.

  1. Base

Laguna 18bx features a wide, solid, and sturdy steel base. The base is absolutely perfect for the heavy-weight machine. It allows the machine to stay firmly on the ground while doing heavy-duty work. As a result, you won’t be worry about afraid of falling on the machine due to vibration while operating.

How Do I Choose A Bandsaw?

If you don’t have time for enough research on the bandsaw and have to quickly buy one, look for two things before you make the purchase. First, check out the depth of cut you want from the bandsaw. Next, check out the throat of the bandsaw. 

How Thick Of Wood Can A Bandsaw Cut?

a small bandsaw can cut up to 4 inches thick pieces of wood. Otherwise, a big bandsaw can cut a thicker piece of wood up to make a depth of 6 inches. 

Why Do You Use A Bandsaw?

The main purpose of using a bandsaw is to make irregular shapes in wood. You can cut curves into thick pieces with a bandsaw. Additionally, these machines easily cut thick pieces of wood into small pieces.

What To Choose Between Laguna 14bx vs 18bx

As both bandsaws are from the same lineup, both the models are professional, accurate, and reliable. So it’s difficult to choose one. In that case, you first need to decide which kinds of work you want to do with the bandsaw and what types of wood you’ll be dealing with.

Also, focus on the motor power and depth of cutting to make your woodwork done smoothly and without fault.

Laguna 14bx is comparatively affordable, lighter, and best for light woodworking activities. If the woods you cut are not thick then Laguna 14bx is enough for your purpose.  

On the contrary, Laguna 18bx is good for heavier woodwork, comparatively thicker wood or metal cutting, and heavy-duty jobs. So if you agree to pay some extra cash, this saw will be wonderful for your workshop. But while buying Laguna 18bx, you should first check out the size of your work room. Because 18bx requires extra space than Laguna 14bx. 

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Parting Words

We believe you already know which bandsaw you want based on the above comparison and information. Both the saws are effective enough to rip high volumes of material and get accurate cuts quickly. 

If you have more queries, feel free to ask us in the comments. Also, share this helpful article with your hobbyist or professional carpenter friends. If needed, check all the comparison points once again to choose your Laguna bandsaw carefully and grab it soon.

Wish you the best of luck!