Laguna 14/12 Vs. Rikon 10-326 Bandsaw: Compared

No doubt, Laguna and Rikon are the two most reputable names in the woodworking industries. Among their product line, it might seem that the specs and features of Laguna 14/12 and Rikon 10-326 are quite similar. So you might get confused to choose between Laguna 14/12 vs. Rikon 10-326 for your woodcutting business. 

Well, the major difference between the Laguna 14/12 vs Rikon 10-326 saws is their build quality. Plus, both have different types of bandsaw blade guides and dimensions. They also come with an impressive price difference which you must consider while buying the saw.

However, you need to learn a detailed discussion about both. So we would like to describe every difference comprehensively.  Keep sticking with us till the end!

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Laguna 14/12 vs. Rikon 10-326 Comparison Table: Quick Overview

Laguna 1412 Vs. Rikon 10 326 Bandsaw

Before we move to the detailed comparison, let’s have a glance at comparable features between Laguna and Rikon.

FeaturesLaguna 14/12Rikon 10-326
Construction MaterialMetal, heavy-dutyMetal, comparatively low
UsageCutting lumber and different types of materialsCutting lumber and several types of materials
Dimensions25×18×70.25 inches25×30×75 inches
Blade LengthWheel System for 14/12 or 14bx bandsaws14 inches 
Power SourceCorded electricCorded electric
Voltage Required115V115V
SafetyLess secureMuch secure
Pricing FactorReasonable Expensive 

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Overview Of Laguna 14/12 Bandsaw

Laguna 1412 Bandsaw

Laguna 14/12 bandsaw is the 115 volts saw that gives you a feeling of 220 Volt. Among the Laguna bandsaws, 14/12 is available at the most affordable price with some exclusive features.

Key Features 

  • Tension window
  • Tracking window
  • Tension indicator
  • Solid Cast iron wheels
  • Foot operated 360° Omni directional
  • Function and easy to adjust Aluminum hi/low fence
  • Mobility kit
  • Dust collection port


  • A robust ceramic blade guide assures endurance 
  • Run smoothly with little vibration
  • Wheels mounted outside frame to increase stability
  • Sturdy stand, lightweight, and easy to install
  • Quick release blade tensioner


  • Time-consuming set up
  • The blade has to purchase additionally 

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Overview Of Rikon 10-326 Bandsaw

rikon 10 326 bandsaw

Rikon 10-326 bandsaw is also the top-rated bandsaw among the woodcutters. It features a 13″ cutting capacity with three patented features including a quick-lock table trunnion system that provides a handy lever and gear unlock, plus set table angles too quickly within seconds. 

It also features the spring-loaded tool-less guide system and quick-adjust fence system with a 6″ tall rip fence. There are many other exclusive features to let the professionals enjoy their woodcutting. 

Key Features 

  • Large cast iron table
  • Balanced cast iron wheels
  • High-speed steel blade material


  • Solid construction and user-friendly
  • Smooth and cut-like-butter blade
  • Tool-free hand adjustment and guide bearings without drilling
  • Hassle-free setup with 5 years of warranty 


  • Additionally have to buy a wheel and mobility kit
  • Take some time to get used to the bearing guide locking system

In-Depth Differences Between Laguna 14/12 vs Rikon 10-236 Bandsaw

Since this brief table, we showed above is not enough to find the differences in efficiency and working ability of both saws, thus let’s move on to the in-depth comparison.

1. Build Quality

The build quality of any Bandsaws determines how efficiently it can handle tough workloads. Otherwise,  a high-rated build quality bandsaw lasts a longer period than a usual saw. Though the Laguna 14/12 and Rikon 10-326 are made of metal, their build quality makes a huge difference between the two. 

  • Laguna 14/12
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If you read some reviews about Laguna 14/12, most of the people who own the saw highly appreciate its build quality. The saw offers an excellent build quality as it is engineered with a masterpiece design. Thus it creates more value in the saw. Its heavy-duty metal allows the saw to work day and night.  And definitely, the machine keeps working for years. 

  • Rikon 10-326 Bandsaw

No doubt, the Rikon 10-326 bandsaw has some exclusive features. But when it comes to its build quality, the iffy reviews of different forums and woodworking businesses say that Rikon is not that heavy-duty. 

It might be unable to provide a long woodcutting solution for your business. Because most of the woodworkers review that Rikon works for a shorter period than Laguna 14/12. 

Winner: Laguna 14/12

2. Bandsaw Guide

Bandsaw blade guides are the essential feature of any bandsaw. Blade guide keeps the right track while cutting through materials. It assures an accurate and quality cut. However, Laguna and Rikon have huge differences in the bandsaw guides that can majorly affect your buying decision. Therefore, the choice is only a matter of your preference. 

  • Laguna 14/12

The ceramic guide is one of the best features of the Laguna 14/12 bandsaw. People appreciate this guide very much and you’ll surely love it. Ceramic is the hardest material and lasts long with durability for any tough applications. You only ensure to set the guide correctly and the guides will provide years of predictable service. 

  • Rikon 10-326

On the other hand, Rikon comes with conventional-type guides which look stout and easier to adjust. Otherwise, Rikon guides offer tool-free adjustment. That means you won’t need to spend much time changing the blades. 

This feature might not be a big deal for you. But for people who are running out of time and find it difficult to manage time, this feature should be a game changer.  

Winner: Laguna 14/12

3. Blade Sharpness

It’s not surprising that the more the blade is sharp, the better, precise, and perfect cutting it can offer. And that’s where Laguna and Rikon made their distinction. 

  • Laguna 14/12

As we mentioned earlier, the build quality of Laguna is superior. This is also true in the blade quality. It provides a relatively sharper blade than the Rikon.

  • Rikon 10-326

Therefore, Rikon also has a much sharper blade that can easily cut any hard pieces of wood or other material. Though you might find it a bit lower effective than Laguna. 

Winner: Laguna 14/12

4. Safety

Certainly, woodcutting is a risky task. Especially, you always have to make sure about the safety of your hands, legs, and other body parts while doing speedy woodcutting work. However, a bandsaw plays an important role to ensure your safety at the workplace.

  • Laguna 14/12

Work with Laguna 14/12 is a bit risky as it doesn’t feature any safety fence system. However, it’s not a major issue if you’re professional and work carefully. Many people are working with Laguna every day and don’t find it any big issue.

  • Rikon 10-326

With Rikon, you’ll get an amazing feature which is an Extra Tall Rip Fence on the safety base. It protects your finger from touching the blade. Plus, it ensures the wood you’re cutting will never face resaw or recutting due to an error. 

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This feature should be a jackpot for the woodworkers who have newly started learning woodcutting.

Winner: Rikon 10-326

5. Efficiency

Efficiency is something that tells about the overall performance of a bandsaw.  

  • Laguna 14/12

Indeed, laguna has excellent build quality and exclusive features. Even so, it doesn’t noticeably improve its efficiency. However, Laguna’s some impressive features such as rubber-coated wheels, and paddling usage makes it much more user-friendly. Though it’s not comparatively innovative and efficient as Rikon. 

  • Rikon 10-326

Surprisingly, you can find quite improved efficiency on Rikon 10-326. Why is that so? As Rikon comes with many innovative features, they help the user to adjust and use the bandsaw more comfortably. 

Plus, Rikon offers easy installation even without wrenches for mechanical work. The saw is also loaded with many handy gears and levers. These make the saw easily unlock and stabilize within a couple of minutes. 

Winner: Rikon 10-326

6. Dimensions

Dimensions of a bandsaw also play a crucial role in considering the better one. Because the more surface you get to put your wood and cut it, the better you’ll feel comfortable working. So yeah, the vast surface comes with a great advantage.

  • Laguna 14/12

Speaking about Laguna 14-12, it must offer a good dimension of the bandsaw. But comparing it to Rikon, you’ll find it has less space due to less extensive dimensions. However, it’s totally up to you to consider a better one if you’re fine with less space. 

  • Rikon 10-326

If you don’t have less space problems, Rikon must be the winner in this area. It offers a solution with extensive dimensions and space. Rikon 10-326 has a wider table where you have enough room to put a large piece of wood and cut it. 

Winner: Rikon 10-326

7. Price

The biggest difference between Laguna 14/12 vs Rikon 10-326 Bandsaws is seen in their price range. They’ve quite impressive differences in the price tag. So if you don’t have a huge budget, you need to consider the cheapest one. 

  • Laguna 14/12 

Laguna 14/12 comes with a comparatively less price tag than Rikon 10-326. If you’re on a tight budget you can consider Laguna. It’s the better one for less pricing factor.

  • Rikon 10-326

On the other hand, Rikon is more expensive than Laguna. Though its features are worth the high price tag. So there’s quite a huge difference between the two saws.

Winner: Laguna 14/12

8. Installation Manual

Well, you might think what is the big deal about having or not having an installation manual? But for a beginner like us, you must want an easy installation manual for setting up the machine.

  • Laguna 14/12

When you unbox the Laguna bandsaw, you may find or not find an instruction manual. Though mostly you have to buy the guide separately. In that case, it’s your first time purchasing, you’ll have to spend some more bucks on that.

  • Rikon 10-326

On the contrary, Rikon 10-326 comes with a fully crafted, simple installation guide and instruction manual. 

So you can easily set the machine following the guide which acts as a good assistant. That means, things become easier for you. 

Winner: Rikon 10-326

9. Warranty Period

Band Saws require regular maintenance and services. So if you get a longer warranty period, you’ll get free service for a longer time.

  • Laguna 14/12

Unexpectedly, Laguna comes with a 1-year warranty. That could be very disappointing for Laguna lovers.

  • Rikon 10-326
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In this field, Rikon offers a 5-year warranty which is not only an impressive feature but also a great advantage for the customers as they’ll get longer service from the brand.

Winner: Rikon 10-326

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Laguna 14/12 vs Rikon 10-326: Similarities

Now that you know the differences between the two saws, learning their similarities is also vital before making your buying decision. So keep reading on. 

  1. Usage

If you’re going to do a home innovative project to innovate furniture, you might need to put some shiny wood pieces in the windows, kitchens, walls, and any part of the house. In that case, both woodcutters will complete the job smoothly.

Both the Laguna 14/12 and Rikon 10-326 bandsaws provide ample power for cutting lumber pieces, other wooden materials, and varieties of non-ferrous materials such as plastics, metal, foam, or composites. 

  1. Blade Length

Another common feature among the Rikon 10-326 and Laguna 14/12 is their blade length. Both saws come with 14 inches of blade length and cut any hard piece of wood perfectly.

Therefore, no matter what you desire to cut or what is the size of your wood pieces, both saws have sharp blades to cut multiple pieces of wood at a time. 

  1. Power Source

Both the units don’t feature any battery as the power source. They’ve to run with an electrical source. So you must have an electric power source in your workshop to work with Laguna and Rikon bandsaws.

Thankfully, you won’t have to pay more electricity bills for any of that. Because both the units run at the 115-volt power source. 


Is Rikon a quality brand?

Of course, Rikon is a quality brand. It provides the high-end wood cutting tool in the USA. So you can simply understand that Rikon is one of the quality brands.

How much is a good bandsaw? 

The price of any bandsaw varies from different brands. So there is no benchmark for the price. Along with the brand, the types of the saw and the features of the machine are indicators of its price tag.

What is a bandsaw good for?

A bandsaw is dedicatedly good for cutting pieces of wood. You must have it if you’re a professional woodworker and have to complete home innovation projects. You can do many things with just one machine. The bandsaw is also good for earning money with rapid improvement of your work. 

Laguna 14/12 vs. Rikon 10-326: Which One Is better?

So you must be looking for the winner between Laguna 14/12 vs Rikon 10-326 bandsaw. We believe both the units would be tough to beat. Otherwise, the winner would suit your needs. Though we recommend Laguna as it hits every button, especially the ceramic guide.

If you can spend some extra bucks for more features, go for Rikon. Rikon’s innovative features and benefits allow a user-friendly operation with a smooth experience. 

Otherwise, if you want more than a weekend warrior and a heavy-duty saw for continuous longer work at less price, Laguna will be the better pick. It is always the winner if you consider building quality and ergonomics. 

However, Laguna’s brand reputation contributes to satisfaction from carpenters to DIY enthusiasts. It seems to be more known and trusted by the people.

Final Thoughts

So that’s all our discussion about Laguna 14/12 vs Rikon 10-326. As you know all the comparative options between the two, hopefully, it’s now easier to choose the better one. 

Actually, there is no hard and fast rule to announce which is the winner. The winner is ultimately the one who can fulfill your requirements the most. So why late? Grab your chosen bandsaw soon and keep running your woodcutting business successfully!

If you have any confusion about these products and brands, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.