Laguna 1216 Lathe Problems, Reasons & Solutions

Won’t start or stop the machine, tailstock stucking, locking spindle, motor overheating, excessive vibration, or making too much noise are the common troubles that users face with Laguna 1216 Lathe. 

Though these aren’t too serious problems and need a little DIY skill to solve. But still, if you aren’t familiar with those technical issues, that makes you frustrated.

In this article, you’ll learn about the 8 most frequent Laguna 1216 Lathe problems, reasons and solutions. If you get stuck with your machine, this post will help you to find where the problem is, and how you can make it trouble-free. So, stay tuned!

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8 Laguna 1216 Lathe Problems

Laguna 1216 Lathe Problems

Several reasons create several problems, and not all the problems are similar. Therefore, you must find out the actual reason, and it will help you fix the problems. Here are what can happen with Laguna 1216 in general-

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Problem 1: Lathe 1216 Won’t Start

Working with the Lathe 1216 can give a bitter experience with its turn-on policy. You can get stuck sometimes if this machine won’t start. But it’s a rare occurrence because the Lather 1216 is manufactured with fail-safe features. 

Probable Reason

This turning-on problem comes due to several reasons. These can be- 

  • If you forget to plug the electrical power cord into the power outlet.
  • Again, if the start switch moves from its accurate position.
  • If you make the wrong wiring.
  • If the rubber insulation doesn’t stripe sufficiently, it will cause a bad connection, and the machine won’t start.
  • If the emergency stop button remains engaged.

Potential Solution

When the Lathe 1216 won’t start, check out the above reasons and fix them as soon as possible. It will save your machine from huge damage. In this case, 

  • Ensure the position of the start switch is accurate. 
  • Don’t forget to plug the electrical power cord into the machine’s power outlet.  
  • Check out whether the electrical supply is on. If not, reset the machine’s breaker carefully. 
  • You must ensure the rubber insulation of the Lathe1216 is stripped sufficiently and reset the emergency button if you find it engaged. 
  • Your machine also won’t start if all the screws aren’t tightened perfectly. Therefore, tighten the screws and double check these are alright. 
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Problem 2: Lathe 1216 Won’t Stop

It is a very simple problem of Lathe 1216, and you can easily solve it.  But how can you detect the reason if your machine doesn’t stop? Here are how-

Probable Reasons

  • Faulty stop switch
  • Faulty motor
  • Faulty capacitor
  • Overloaded powerline
  • Low power voltage
  • The spindle is clogged and not working

Potential Solution

  • Turn off the machine until you detect the problem and solve them. 
  • Replace the stop switch, motor, and capacitor unless these are workable. 
  • Check whether the spindle is jammed with debris. If you find the spindle is clogged, it won’t allow the machine to stop. So, clean the spindle properly. 
  • Fix out the overloading condition if so. 
  • Ensure an accurate voltage volume. 

Tip: If you think you can’t determine the problem, you should get help from a mechanical expert.

Problem 3: Lathe 1216 Motor Overheats

Your machine’s motor will run hot because it is designed to be so. It’s normal if the Lathe 1216 motor gets hot. But becoming overheated isn’t that common, and you should consider this issue. Wonder why this overheating problem happens? Let’s figure it out below!

Probable Reasons

  • Clogged motor cooling fan
  • Dull cutting tools
  • Excessive ambient temperature

Potential Solution

  • The Lathe 1216 features an internal thermal protector, which will shut automatically and let the motor cool. If the motor gets overheated, wait until it is cooled. So, you’ve no specific function to overcome the overheating condition. 

Still, if you see the problem is severe, take assistance from an expert. 

Problem 4: Spindle Gets Locked

Usually, the spindle lock is featured for screw removal from the machine. Most of the time, users get stuck with the spindle lock issue. For example, when you select the spindle lock, the motor’s spindle gets locked. At this point, the chuck of the Lathe 1216 stops turning around. 

Probable Reason

  • To unlock the spindle lock, you need to push the button with one hand and hold the button for a while with another hand. However, simultaneously engaging both hands is tough, leading to spindle locking.

No worries if you’re stuck with this because it’s a very common issue that almost all users face. Here’s an ideal solution-

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Potential Solution

  • Use an earth magnet and spanner to solve the spindle issue. A spanner allows the spindle to turn in its direction and the handle keeps attached in terms of the earth magnet. 
  • All you need is to customize the spindle lock with an extension and press the spindle buttons. As a result, the magnet will assist you in keeping the buttons attached automatically and adjusting the speed belt or chuck. 

Problem 5: Squeaking Noise

Sometimes the Laguna 1216 can create an unusual noise while operating it. It can make you and other people disturbed around. If the machine starts making noise, it will also distract your concentration and can harm your DIY job.

Probable Reasons

  • If the cooling fan of the Lathe motor gets unable to contact the fan cover
  • When you tension the drive belt inaccurately
  • If there’s any bearing issue

Potential Solution

  • The motor cooling fan can often stop contacting the cover. In that case, you have to either repair or replace the fan. 
  • But, if you don’t get any issues with the cooling fan, check whether you accurately tension the drive. If not, fix this matter along with the bearing.   

Problem 6: Lathe 1216 Vibrates

The Lathe1216 is a high-quality DIY job machine with supreme performance for shaping or reshaping your wood items. But, if you see this machine vibrating while working with it, your machine is in severe trouble. 

Probable Reasons

  • If you don’t put the machine level on the floor
  • If the drive belt is damaged 

Potential Solution

  • Usually, this machine won’t vibrate, but if you find it vibrating, check out whether it’s placed on the floor evenly. If the machine moves, it starts vibrating. So, place it on a smooth and flat surface to stay still. 
  • Replace the drive belt since a damaged one can also be a reason for vibration issues.  

Problem 7: Spindle Slows Down

The spindle of your machine can slow down during cutting operation. There are 4 significant reasons why this slowing down problem can happen. Here these are-

Probable Reasons

  • Dull tools
  • Fast wood feeding
  • Loose or clogged drive belt

Potential Solution

Since you know the reason, you can solve them with ease. 

  • You must go through an ideal feed rate to get an excellent outcome. 
  • If you feel the cutting tool isn’t sharpened and seems dull, re-sharpen it. Or else it will slow down the machine. 
  • In addition, when the drive belt is loose or clogged, it will also slow down the Lathe 1216. So, tighten the drive belt if it’s loose, and keep it clean for better performance.
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Problem 8: Tailstock Get Stuck

Sometimes, the tailstock of the Lathe 1216 seems stiff when you want to move it around the lathe bed. At that time, it seems like it won’t go any further. It happens especially when adjusting the tailstock considering the wood body size. You won’t get the desired wood shape If this happens.

Probable Reasons

The tailstock stiffness is a very rare case that happens only 1% time. Not all users have to face the tailstock problem. It happens- 

  • If the tailstock has an uneven width.
  • Rough metal patches

Potential Solution

  • Use emery cloth to smooth the rough metal patches. But, ensure the emery cloth is metal compatible and seems like sandpaper. 
  • Once you finish smoothing the roughness of the metal patches, determine the uneven width or portion of the tailstock. 
  • Take proper measurements and start the evening with that uneven portion.   

Note: We recommend you avoid using steel wool instead of emery cloth. Using steel wool will make the surface of the lathe bed look ugly and coarse. 

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What are common issues with the Laguna 1216 Lathe?

Common issues with the Laguna 1216 Lathe include motor problems, excessive vibration, and spindle wobbling.

Why is my Laguna 1216 Lathe producing excessive vibration?

Excessive vibration on the Laguna 1216 Lathe can be caused by unbalanced workpieces, improper mounting, or worn-out components.

What can I do if the speed control knob on my Laguna 1216 Lathe is not working?

If the speed control knob on the Laguna 1216 Lathe is not working, check for loose connections, faulty wiring, or a malfunctioning speed control mechanism.

What can I do if the belt on my Laguna 1216 Lathe keeps slipping?

If the belt on the Laguna 1216 Lathe keeps slipping, check for proper tension, worn-out belt or pulley, and ensure proper alignment of the belt.

In Conclusion

Nothing to be worried about regarding the Laguna 1216 lathe problems, as you know how to detect and solve them. But, try maintaining the above-mentioned issues, so you don’t have to fall into those problems. Maintaining those factors properly will also ensure your Laguna 1216 longevity.