Exploring IKEA Long Table Tops: Styles and Selections

IKEA, a household name in home furnishings, offers not only a diverse range of accessories but also a wide selection of quality table tops that cater to various needs and aesthetics. With their multitude of styles, materials, and features, IKEA long table tops are as versatile as they are durable, fitting seamlessly into any space and interior design style. This comprehensive guide will delve into the different types of IKEA long table tops, guide you in finding the perfect fit for your space, and provide you with necessary information to care for and prolong the lifespan of your chosen piece.

Different Types of IKEA Long Table Tops


The LINNMON table top from IKEA is one of the most versatile and well-liked among customers. These table tops are available in a wide range of colors and finishes, giving prospective buyers ample choices to find something that suits their interior decor. The product is made of fibrous wood material with an acrylic paint finish, making it durable and easy to clean. The LINNMON tops come in different lengths, with the longest variant reaching up to 78 3/4 inches. These long table tops are perfect for creating a home office, dining table, or even a crafts station.


Next on the list is GERTON, an IKEA table top that is much appreciated for its raw, natural aesthetics. The GERTON table top is a long table that measures approximately 61 inches in length. What sets GERTON apart is that it’s made of solid beech, a hard-wearing, sturdy material known for its durability and resistance to damage. This unfinished table top gives you the freedom to treat it with oil, wax, or your favorite color of paint. Alternatively, you can leave it as it is for a more rustic, natural look.

IKEA KARLBY Countertop

IKEA also offers the KARLBY countertop, an option people often use as a long table top. Available in a variety of finishes, including walnut and oak, the KARLBY line offers a warm, sophisticated, and rich appeal. The KARLBY countertop is not true solid wood but comprises particleboard with a top layer of wood, providing a beautiful finish without the high price of solid wood. The longest version of the KARLBY countertop measures about 98 inches, making it a great choice for a long table top.

Key Considerations for IKEA Long Table Tops

When shopping for a long table top from IKEA, certain characteristics warrant thoughtful consideration. Firstly, the table top’s material type is crucial. While solid wood options like GERTON provide durability and a sturdy feel, more budget-friendly alternatives such as LINNMON and KARLBY are lighter yet still deliver a reliable work surface. Secondly, considering the table top’s length is especially important if you’re seeking a long table top. IKEA offers various lengths amongst these table tops, aimed at meeting diverse space requirements and needs. Lastly, the aesthetics of the table top, including its finish and color, can greatly enhance the overall appeal of your room. Do remember that IKEA offers matching legs and underframes, allowing you the freedom to personalise both the height and style of your table.

Image of IKEA LINNMON Table Top

Choosing the Right IKEA Long Table Top for your Space

Understanding IKEA Long Table Tops

Renowned for providing adaptable and reasonably priced furniture, IKEA is a popular choice for many households. An exceptional range that IKEA offers is its long table tops, applauded for their flexibility and extensive design repertoire. These table tops are used as stylish dining tables, efficient desks, and practical study tables. Recognising your own unique needs and available space is the first step towards finding the perfect IKEA long table top.

Size of IKEA Table Tops

IKEA long table tops come in various sizes – some as long as 78 3/4 inches. Before purchasing, it’s crucial to measure your intended area of setup to ensure the table top fits comfortably. IKEA includes the dimensions of each table top on their website or product catalogue to assist customers in making informed decisions.

Design and Aesthetic

IKEA’s range of table tops boasts diverse designs and aesthetic aspects to cater to a wide variety of tastes. From simplistic to intricate patterns, natural wood looks, to smooth, even-tone finishes, the options are vast. Whether your space adheres to a modern, minimalist, industrial, traditional, or eclectic style, there is an IKEA long table top to complement it.


A critical factor to consider when selecting an IKEA long table top is the durability of the product. This primarily depends on the material used. IKEA commonly uses materials such as tempered glass, bamboo, particleboard, and fiberboard for their tables—each offering varying levels of resilience and longevity. If your table top will see heavy use, consider investing in a table top made of more durable materials such as tempered glass or solid wood.


IKEA’s long table tops are priced depending on size, design, and material used. Tables tops with intricate designs or made from luxurious materials like solid wood and glass may fetch a higher price. On the other hand, simpler designs and less expensive materials like particleboard and fiberboard are more affordable. Beyond the initial purchase, it’s also important to consider the long-term costs of maintenance and potential replacement.

IKEA in Different Interior Styles

Whether your space has a modern, industrial, traditional, minimalist, or eclectic style, there is an IKEA long table top to complement it. Modern and minimalist styles generally pair well with simple, sleek designs with clean lines and neutral colors. On the other hand, traditional and eclectic styles may be more suited to table tops with ornate designs or rich, warm-toned finishes. For industrial-themed spaces, consider a table top with a rugged or weathered aesthetic.

Deciding on an IKEA Long Table Top

When picking an IKEA long table top, it’s important to take note of a number of factors such as size, design, aesthetic appeal, durability and price range. By becoming duly informed on these key points, you can single out a table top that not only fits within your space but also enhances its overall aesthetic appeal.

An image of an IKEA long table top showcasing its versatility and design options. It is displayed in different interior settings to demonstrate how it can complement various styles.

Caring for Your IKEA Long Table Top

Keeping Your IKEA Long Table Top in Excellent Condition

IKEA’s long table tops are favored for both their durability and streamlined design. Regular maintenance is required to keep them in peak condition. This includes cleaning with a mild mix of dish soap and warm water for majority of table tops. IKEA’s standard care tips suggest using a clean, damp cloth for wiping down the surface. This should be followed by drying with another cloth to steer clear of any possible water stains.

Protection of the Table Top

To maintain the longevity of these table tops, it is essential to protect them from heat and liquid damage. Utilize coasters and heat-resistant mats for warm dishes to prevent potential heat marks. Furthermore, wipe any spill immediately to prevent any staining or warping of the material.

Periodic Inspection

Periodically inspecting the table for loose components can help ensure the table keeps its stability. IKEA provides all the necessary tools for maintenance including the wrench for the typical IKEA screws. Also, check the table top for any wear and tear, especially along the edges where the surface encounters the most wear.

Deep-Cleaning for IKEA Long Table Top

For a comprehensive cleaning, you might consider having a yearly deep-clean of your table top. This can involve an application of furniture polish or wax, always ensuring to follow the manufacturer’s instructions since some finishes may be sensitive to certain chemicals.

User Tips: Additional Care Suggestions

Apart from the official guidelines provided by IKEA, users’ experiences suggest further practical tips. They recommend applying a protective coat of clear varnish or paint for an extra layer of protection against scratches and staining. This also helps in making the table top easy-to-clean. Another popular tip is to use soft padding or tablecloth which can help to reduce the impact of dropped utensils or the risk of scratching while writing or using a laptop.

Repairing Minor Damages

For minor scratches or marks, a touch-up pen can be a handy tool to have. IKEA offers touch-up pens that match the color of their various table top finishes. For deeper scratches or nicks, filling with wood putty, sanding smooth, and then retouching with the pen can achieve satisfactory results.

Avoiding Sunlight and Heat

Sunlight and excessive heat can cause the table top to degrade and discolor over time. Try to place your table in an area where it won’t be directly exposed to the sun for most of the day, and keep hot items like pots and pans from contact with the surface.

With these meticulous care instructions and some practical advice from seasoned users, you should be able to maintain your IKEA long table top and keep it looking good as new for many years to come.

Image of a person cleaning an IKEA long table top with a cloth and a mild detergent solution

Ultimately, the right IKEA long table top can significantly contribute to your space, bringing functionality and enhancing your room’s overall aesthetics. Whether it’s the durable GERTON, the versatile LINNMON, or the stylish KARLBY, each product bears IKEA’s commitment to deliver quality and design excellence. By considering specific factors such as size, design, durability, and price, you’re set to find a table top that suits your needs perfectly. And with the right care and maintenance, your IKEA table top will be a lasting piece in your home, continuing to add value and beauty to your space over time.

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