IBC Chisels VS Lie Nielsen Chisels: Which Comes Out on Top

Chisels are a regular tool for a DIYer and they come in different shapes, styles, and manufacturers. On the basis of different manufacturers, these chisels vary from each other to some extent. If you work with wood, you know very well about chisels from IBC and Lie Nielson.

But confusions between IBC chisels Vs Lie Nielsen chisels is a common issue. Because these chisels vary subtly from each other, passionate DIYers want to learn detailed comparisons of these two. This will help them to choose the better one.

The Primal Differences          

First of all, there are very slight differences because both IBC chisels and Lie Nielsen chisels have the same kind of features. Yet, there is a difference in their blade as the former ones come with a thicker blade than the latter. Besides, the steel that IBC chisels use is higher Vanadium A2 steel. But Lie Nielsen uses an ordinary A2 steel with only 0.5 percent vanadium. In the case of the price range, IBC chisels are more expensive than Lie Nielsen. Conversely, in case of popularity, Lie Nielsen chisels are way ahead of IBC chisels.

The tangible differences are very few between IBC chisels and Lie Nielsen chisels. Yet, for passionate woodworkers and DIYers, these mostly intangible differences offer great help. Therefore, it is necessary to learn about them. A comparison table will broaden your view, so watch below.

IBC Chisels VS Lie Nielsen Chisels

FeaturesIBC ChiselsLie Nielsen
Blade MaterialSuperior Vanadium A20.5 percent vanadium A2
Blade TypeSingle typeA2 and O1
Hardness60 to 62 RockwellAdded 30 to 32 Rockwell
HandlesFull tangSocket only
Balance and controlGoodBetter than IBC ones
Price rangeExpensiveLess expensive than IBC ones

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About IBC Chisels

IBC Chisels

IBC chisels are great both in look and performance. These chisels are compatible and arguable from their blade construction to their handle construction. Their solid way of representing metal confirms their great act in woodworking.

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The higher vanadium A2 steel material contributes a great deal to the construction of IBC chisels. This type of blade assists greatly in clearance. The blade is structured finely. Also, the beveled edge helps a lot to facilitate the user. An IBC chisel also has a full tang handle that assures safety and good grip as well.

You will have a great light feeling while holding the chisel and it offers tremendous balance as well. This increases the workability of the chisel to a great extent.

Things We Liked about IBC Chisels

  • Come with a great Vanadium A2 steel blade
  • The full-tang handle offers balance and comfort
  • The thickness of the blade ensures its durability
  • Offer a lightweight feeling and are easy to balance them

Things We Didn’t Like about IBC Chisels

  • It is expensive big deal

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About Lie Nielsen

Lie Nielsen chisels are really versatile with their unique two types of blades. You can get it in both A2 and O1 steel-made blades. The A2 one carries 0.5 vanadium which might seem a little demotivating. They have a remarkable similarity with Japanese pro chisels. The blade assures great efficiency and the beveled edges are tapered with great care.

The downside of Lie Nielsen chisels is that their handle is not full tang. This handle has a socket but because the blade length ends at the beginning of the handle, there is continuous tension that the blade would fall off the handle. But the good thing is, these chisels can stand any crude woodwork and offer immense controlling power.

Things We Liked about Lie Nielsen

  • Offers two types of blades
  • The great length of the blade makes you able to cover more work
  • The socket handle is comfortable enough
  • Have great balance to complete crude works
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Things We Didn’t Like about Lie Nielsen

  • Does not have a full tang handle

Differences between IBC Chisels VS Lie Nielsen Chisels

From the outside, you might not find any differences between IBC chisels and Lie Nielsen chisels. But they have differences which might be necessary for you to learn. Among the similarities, both types of chisels are cryogenically treated and their bevel edges are tapered with care. But the differences will make you open your eyes to a broader spectrum.

Blade Materials

The primal difference lies in the blade materials of both IBC and Lie Nielsen chisels. The former ones carry higher Vanadium A2 tool steel material as their blade. This superior material adds extra strength to IBC chisels.

On the other hand, Lie Nielsen chisels come with only 0.5 percent vanadium in their A2 tool steel blade. This makes them a little inferior to the IBC chisels.

Blade Types

You can get two different types of the blade when you are selecting Lie Nielsen chisels. They come either with an A2 tool or O1 steel-made blade. But you will not get this variety when you choose to have IBC chisels, although it does not make any problem.

Hardness of Blades

It is important to check the hardness of the blades as chisels have to do many heavy and crude works. In this case, a Lie Nielsen chisel’s blade comes with 60 to 62 Rockwell hardness. This much hardness is really great for heavy-duty usage.

But because an IBC chisel’s blade is thicker than a Lie Nielsen chisels, the former has more Rockwell hardness. You will get 30 to 32 more Rockwell hardness in IBC chisels.


Both IBC and Lie Nielsen chisels have comfortable handles but in-depth there is a difference. While IBC chisels are full tang, Lie Nielsen chisels are not. Therefore, there is a chance that the blade might come out from the handle of a Lie Nielsen chisel. However, this risk hardly takes place as Lie Nielsen chisels are made with precision.

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Chisel Sets

Be it the IBC Mortise chisel or its set, they offer efficient workability. Bringing one set of IBC chisels is never a bad choice. But on the basis of popularity, the Lie Nielsen chisel set has also a crazy fan base. It’s because the blade is long even though the whole size of the chisel is small and it’s easy to control and balance them.

Price Range

IBC chisel set and Lie Nielsen chisel set almost carry the same types of chisel, yet the former asks for more money than the latter. Maybe that’s because IBC uses higher Vanadium in their blades.

So, which one is better?

Bring them both and you will not regret it when it is about having the perfect chisel. However, if you judge chisels by their blade-material and full-tang handle, then IBC chisels are a really good deal though a little pricy. But if you are a person who emphasizes great shape and budget range, then pick the Lie Nielsen chisel set.


Are Lie Nielsen chisels any good?

Lie Nielsen chisels are in fact so good that you will get a vibe like Japanese chisels. With their A2 or O1 blade and nice balanced construction, woodworking cannot go wrong.

Are IBC chisels good?

IBC chisels with their superior Vanadium material in the blade offer top-notch quality. Besides, the hardness of IBC blades is one of a kind.

What are the best wood chisels to buy?

There are different types of wood chisels from different manufacturers. But the best ones come from Lie Nielsen, Veritas, IBC, and some other renowned manufacturers from Western.

Are Lie Nielsen chisels any good?

Yes, Lie Nielsen chisels are known for their high quality and durability.

Are IBC chisels good?

Yes, IBC chisels are also highly regarded for their quality and performance.

What is the best brand of chisels?

The best brand of chisels can vary depending on personal preference, but Lie Nielsen, IBC, and other high-end brands are generally considered top choices.