How To Get Rid Of Wood Stain Smell? 5 Proven Ways

We often use wood stains on our tables, bedposts or frames, wooden decks, etc. Wood stain provides a good outlook but also leaves a strong smell. This stain smell is super bad for our health. 

So, how to get rid of wood stain smell?

You can remove this odor through some DIY techniques. Such as using fans, or encapsulating sealers. You can also try natural ways to prevent wood stain odor. Even uses of air purifiers can also be a great way to resolve this problem.

This much information is not sufficient enough to provide you a solution. Hence, we’ve prepared a 5 method solution to solve this problem asap. 

So, if you’ve got some time, you can go through the solution process- 

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Why Does Wood Stain Have Bad Odor?

People have been using wood stains for years. Because it provides color and a smooth appearance to the wooden surface. In the old days, people used natural ingredients to produce wood stains. Hence, there were no health hazards. 

Just a few centuries ago, a new technique was invented in wood stain production. Rusty nails were used to immerse in vinegar to have a brown shade. This product gave a beautiful brown hue to the wooden planks. But this recipe is injurious to health. 

Furthermore, when the evolution of chemical engineering happened, a lot of chemicals were produced. These chemicals were replaced by natural ingredients. 

At present, wood stains contain harmful chemicals and compounds in it. These produce a strong odor when they come in contact with oxygen in the open air.

Now, you might be thinking what happens if you breathe in stain fumes?

You may face some short-term side effects if you inhale stain fumes. These include your eyes, throat, or nose irritating, dizziness, headache, nausea, and breathing issues. These are the common symptoms if you somehow inhale stain fumes. But these illnesses will fade away when you go out into the fresh air.

So, you need to control the stain smell by working on DIY projects.

5 Methods For Getting Rid Of Wooden Stain Odor

How To Get Rid Of Wood Stain Smell

Removing this odor by yourself is super easy if you follow some simple methods. To rescue you from a harmful stain smell, we’ve arranged a step-by-step DIY solution. 

Here, you’ll go through 5-method guidance. These are some easy techniques to pursue.

So let’s jump into the wagon and clean out those odd smells-

Method 1: Proper Ventilation

Now, firstly you have to ensure the room has good ventilation. When your painting is finished, open all of your windows along with doors. This way the indoor surface can have proper air circulation inside the room. 

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The sunlight and air will kick off those bad odors. At least leave the painted area exposed for at least 8 to 24 hours. Then the odor will fade away.

Method 2: Turn on The Fans

If you have no access to proper ventilation, go for the fanning option. Take any type of fan like ceiling, exhaust, or pedestal near the painted area. 

Table fans will also work for this task. Keep those fans moving for 8 hours and so following the weather and humidity. The fan will create cross-air ventilation and the odor will definitely vanish.

Method 3: Try Air Purifier

An air purifier seems kinda expensive. But it is surely an effective way to purify the air. Because it eliminates the air permanently. It will also protect the air from any contamination with AOC (Advanced Odor Control) carbon filter. Thus, if you have the budget we’ll suggest you go with this method.  

This purifier reduces VOCs and other household odors as well. This gadget has the capability to catch airborne particles. Which are found indoors where natural air and sunlight can’t reach.

There are lots of air purifier brands available in the market. In case you’re searching for suggestions, we got some options for you-

Product 1 
Product 2 
Product 3 

Once you have got the air purifier, place it inside the odored room. Now, turn on that machine for 45 minutes to 3 hours as per the room’s size. 

The air purifier will suck out all those stained smells from your room. Then you’ll have an odor-free room.

Method 4: Encapsulating Sealer Coating

You can use encapsulating sealers as well. Because these contain no noxious solvents and toxic chemicals. As a result, these sealers don’t spread any bad odor of wood stain. 

So, it’s better to apply one coating of this sealer just before staining. By the way, it has other benefits as well. For example, it will hold the paint and will increase the lifespan of the color.

Method 5: Natural Ways

Natural measures are also a good option for removing wood stain smell. These are also side effect free. However, these natural techniques can vanish odor probably for a short period. But you can at least prevent the bad smell by using simple household supplies. 

So, here are 3 ways to remove odor through natural ingredients-

Lemon As Odor Absorber

Lemon is cheap and effective at the same time. Using lemons can be a simple solution for removing the bad smell. We all more or less have lemons in our homes. 

So, just grab a lemon and cut it into pieces. Now, look for a large bowl to fill with water. Put those lemon pieces into a bowl full of water. 

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Lastly, place that bowl into the wood stain smelled area. Leave them overnight. The lemon and water combination will absorb all those bad smells from your room. If your room is bigger, just place more than one bowl of lemon juice.

Baking Soda As Odor Absorbing Agent

We often use baking soda at home. But if you don’t have it at home, we can help you. Because there are some recommendations regarding baking soda-

Grab one packet to get started.

Now, baking soda works like magic to vanish the odor. It’ll filter the air and make the smell go away.

So, you can keep the box open and place baking soda in the odored area. If the area is bigger than the box, just sprinkle baking soda over the wood stain odored surface. Then leave it overnight. It will absorb all those extra odors. 

Using Charcoal

Activated charcoal has a special quality to beat the smell of a freshly painted room. It works like a natural filter. When you place it in between a bad smell, it opens up its spores to absorb odor. 

You can collect charcoal as pellets or as packets used in the fish tank. Just take only one cup of charcoal and pour it into a large bucket. 

Place that bucket in the middle of your odored wood-stained area. Wait overnight to watch the result. Next morning, you’ll find the wood stain smell is totally gone.

Note: Don’t reuse the charcoal twice. Throw it away right after your work is done.

Extra Tips On Preventing Wood Stain Smell

Wood stain smell always pays us extra hassle to control. But how happy you will be if we provide special tips on preventing wood stain smell? Sounds exciting right!

Let’s check out few simple and inexpensive techniques down below-

  • Try to use low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or ultra-low VOCs that are odorless. Ensure those VOCs are water-based wood stain and sealer.  
  • Always paint to open space while you’re staining wooden furniture. 
  • Make sure to have proper cross-air ventilation for indoor stain orders.
  • Avoid exterior wood stains inside the interior surface.
  • Avoid oil-based formulas. Rather use the nontoxic pure color that contains water-based wood stain.
  • Use ziplock bags to put the painted brushes before throwing them into the dustbin. It will spread less odor.

If you go after these instructions, your room will be stain free. So, we’ll suggest you to maintain these tricks while staining your room.


Question: How long does it take for the Minwax stain to stop smelling?

Answer: It may take a minimum of eight hours for the Minwax stain to stop smelling. Turn on all the fans and air purifiers. Now allow the stained area to have proper ventilation. Then wait for 8-9 hours for the air to circulate out of the area. If the stain odor is quite strong, it may take an extra couple of hours.

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Question: Can vinegar remove wood stain smell?

Answer: Yes, vinegar can surely get rid of the odor of wood stain. Just pour white vinegar into bowls. They should be at full strength. So, don’t add any water. Distribute the bowls of vinegar around the room. This will definitely help you remove the odor. 

Question: How long does it take for the wood stain to dry?

Answer: It will take a couple of hours for the wood stain to dry. Before applying the 1st coating of oil-based stain, wait for 1-2 hours. Further, you have to wait 2-3 hours after each coating. Finally, you’ll need to wait for 8-9 hours before applying the finishing coat.

Question: How long does it take for wood stain smell to go away?

Answer: The duration for the wood stain smell to dissipate depends on various factors, but typically takes a few days to several weeks.

Question: How do you get rid of wood stain smell fast?

Answer: To eliminate wood stain smell quickly, you can increase ventilation, use an air purifier, or apply odor absorbers like charcoal or baking soda.

Question: Is the smell of wood stain harmful?

Answer: Inhaling wood stain fumes in large quantities can be harmful, and it’s best to use the stain in a well-ventilated area or wear a respirator mask.

Question: How do you neutralize the smell of wood?

Answer: Baking soda, vinegar, and activated charcoal are natural deodorizers that can help neutralize the smell of wood stain.

Question: Is it okay to stain wood indoors?

Answer: Staining wood indoors is possible, but it’s important to have good ventilation and wear protective gear to prevent exposure to fumes.

Question: Can breathing in stain fumes hurt you?

Answer: Breathing in stain fumes can cause health issues, so it’s recommended to wear a mask when applying the stain.

Question: How long does wood stain take to dry?

Answer: Wood stain can take anywhere from a few hours to several days to dry completely.

Question: Should you wear a mask when staining wood?

Answer: Yes, wearing a mask when staining wood is essential to avoid inhaling toxic fumes.

Question: Does vinegar deodorize wood?

Answer: Vinegar can help deodorize wood, but it may not completely eliminate the wood stain smell.

Question: Is the smell of wood stain harmful when pregnant?

Answer: The smell of wood stain can be harmful during pregnancy, so it’s best to avoid using it or use it in a well-ventilated area while wearing protective gear.

Final Words

We think now you have your answer for, how to get rid of wood stain smell?

Just follow the methods and you’ll be successful. Good luck!

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