Harvey Table Saw Vs Laguna : Which Is Perfect For You?

Table saws are certainly an important tool in workshops for woodworking. Fortunately, there are a large number of brands producing table saws. But not all of them are considered the best. However, the brands Harvey and Laguna are always in the limelight and woodworkers often become confused between Harvey Table Saw Vs Laguna.

No wonder, over the years both these table saw brands have gained immense popularity. They are now well-recognized and kind of rivals to each other in terms of competition in the market. Therefore, there are differences in their features and functionality. Nonetheless, both brands have managed to offer upgraded versions of their tools with more distinct features in terms of motor, gauge, efficiency, and others.

Knowing this little will not going to help you for sure. So, let’s hop into a detailed discussion and comparison regarding the table saws of both brands. We are also attaching a precise comparison table for your convenience.

FeaturesHarvey Table SawLaguna Table Saw
Best CollectionsHarvey Ambassador and Alpha modelsLaguna Fusion F1, F2, F3 models
BladeThin kerfCarbide-tipped
Motor2.2 and 2.5 HP1.75 and 3 HP
TrunnionCast ironAluminum
Rip Capacity30”36”
FenceMore featureLess feature
Tabletop800mm deep685mm deep
Dust portPresentPresent
CostMore expensiveA bit less expensive

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Harvey Table Saw Vs Laguna – In-detail Comparison

Harvey Table Saw Vs Laguna

Best Collections

As we have mentioned earlier, Harvey has several options while selling a table saw. However, their best collection includes Harvey Alpha HW110LC-36 and Harvey Ambassador C200-30. The Harvey Alpha offers every advantage as the Ambassador does. However, it is featured with a larger motor for higher efficiency.

On the contrary, Laguna has to offer its best collections as well. It will not be justice if we do not mention the Laguna Fusion F2 and F3. These versions are more hyped and upgraded compared to the Laguna F1 fusion.


All three Laguna Fusion F1, F2, and F3 possess almost similar kinds of blades. They feature a 10 x 40T carbide-tipped blade. Moreover, they also have a quick blade-changing feature with a button for pushing the blade lock.

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Nonetheless, Harvey models come with blades of around 10 inches in diameter. The Alpha models have thin kerf blades. The blade can tilt up to 45 degrees. Moreover, the models of the Alpha series come with a transparent blade guard for ensuring optimized protection.

Motor and Trunnion

To come up with the best performance, a table saw must feature the best motor possible. The Harvey Ambassador table saws come with a powerful 2.2 Horse Power motor. The motor also does not require many amp to do its job. A standard 10amp power point is enough for it.

Again, the Harvey Alpha table saw features a bit larger motor than the previously mentioned one. It is equipped with a 2.5HP motor to prove it is more upgraded. Moreover, the Harvey Alpha and Ambassador motor is coupled with a thicker gauge and steel cabinet. Also, they have a cast iron trunnion system.

In contrast, the Laguna Fusion F2 has a less powerful motor of 1.75 HP. It has an aluminum trunnion system. However, the Fusion F3 has a significant industrial strength 3HP motor. This one is surely a great deal. Moreover, it is an AC induction motor with an enclosed fan. But again, the Fusion F3 requires around 15 amp to 30 amp power point for its service.

Rip Capacity

Undoubtedly, table saws with the most rip capacity are considered the best. However, the Harvey Ambassador C200-30 model has a reduced rip capacity of 30 inches. Whereas the Laguna Fusion F2 table saw has it at 36 inches. The Fusion F3 also has the same rip capacity.

Nonetheless, like the Laguna Fusion F2 and F3, the Harvey Alpha table saw also comes with a rip capacity of 36 inches. Moreover, even though the Harvey Ambassador has reduced rip capacity, it stands out in terms of the compact footprint and power.  


Again, Harvey features the best kind of fence in their table saws. The T-square heavy-duty high-low fence is surely the most wanted design. This European-style fence is designed to deal with all kinds of wood. You can glide through from all three sides of the one-piece lock positively and at the same time effortlessly. Also, the one-piece has a box-section front rail and solid steel

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On the other hand, being constructed light, the Laguna Fusion F2 also has a light-duty fence. It also has an aluminum front rail of two-piece.


For being heavy-duty, the Harvey table saws are always engineered with the standard tabletop. The cast-iron tabletop of the Harvey table saw is around 800mm deep. Hence, the users get a larger surface and stable support while ensuring the accuracy of the blade position.

Moreover, the Alpha models from Harvey have the table more advanced. It features an extraordinary TiN table that is coasted with Golden Titanium nitride. This unique design does not allow the table to aid any stick transition. It is also resistant to rust.

On the counterpart, the Laguna Fusion models have it around 685mm deep. As a result, the woodworkers do not get the ultimate privilege they get from the Harvey table saws. However, the Laguna Fusion F3 has a great precision ground and flat tabletop. It also looks great for its beautiful mirror finish.


The construction quality of both table saws can be defined by their weights for sure. Harvey is always known for its heavy-duty table saw creation.

The Harvey Ambassador and Harvey Alpha are also not any different. The former weighs around 175kg providing excellent stability to the machine. Again, the latter one weighs more according to its duty.

In comparison, the Laguna Fusion table saw and its upgraded versions are meant to be lightweight. The Fusion F2 weighs 125 kg only. The machine is surely lighter constructed. However, the latest Laguna Fusion F3 is a heavy-duty one coming with an assembled weight of 300 lbs.

 Dust Port

Both Harvey and Laguna table saws have dust ports for collecting dust. They have dust shrouds under the blade. All the Laguna Fusion table saws have their unique Fusion dust collection system. The F3 model comes with a dust port of 4 inches in diameter from the outside.

However, Harvey has it more unique especially the Harvey Alpha saws. They have a rigid and self-supporting dust extraction system. The superior feature does not allow any mess while working with the wood pieces.


In terms of cost, both Harvey and Laguna table saws are quite expensive. But Harvey Ambassador is quite cheaper than the Laguna Fusion F2. It costs around 550 dollars less. However, the price of the Harvey table saws can vary from 1850 to 3400 dollars according to the features.

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On the other hand, the price range of the Laguna Fusion F1 to F3 table saw may vary from 1800 dollars to 2600 dollars.

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So, Which One to Choose?

Well, after an elaborate comparison, you might already know the Harvey table saws have got all the positive vibes. Then again, if you are looking for a comparatively cheaper deal then you can go for a Laguna table saw.

However, Laguna has its best collection for industrial use which is Laguna Fusion F3. But if you are looking for a light-duty contractor saw then, the Laguna Fusion F1 would be a great choice. Then again, if you are willing to pay a little bit extra for having the best and stress-free experience and get a Harvey Table saw. You can get the Alpha models for industrial projects.

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Where are Harvey table saws manufactured?

Harvey Performance Company manufactures woodworking tools including the table saws. This is the mother company of Helical Solutions brands and Harvey Tool.

The saws are created in the state of Wisconsin of the United States. The company is providing the tools to its customers for over 50 years now.

Where is Laguna woodworking machinery made?

The question has created some controversies. However, as per research, the Laguna woodworking machinery is made both in China and Europe. Again, some research suggests that some machinery may be made outside the United States as well.

Who makes laguna tools?

Laguna Tools is a company that manufactures Laguna tools, including table saws. They are known for their high-quality woodworking machinery and have established a reputation for producing reliable and durable equipment.

Who makes harvey table saws?

Harvey Industries is the manufacturer of Harvey table saws. They specialize in woodworking machinery and are recognized for their innovative designs and precision engineering, offering a range of table saw models to cater to different user requirements.

Best beginner bandsaw

The best beginner bandsaw would be the one that combines affordability, ease of use, and reliable performance. Some popular options for beginners include the Rikon 10-305, the Wen 3962, and the Grizzly G0555LX. These bandsaws are well-suited for beginners and offer a good balance of features and value.