ECHO CS 800P Vs Stihl 660 Chainsaw: Which One’s Better

ECHO CS 800P and Stihl 660 are such popular names in the Chainsaw Industry that it’s hard to say which one will beat the other. So it’s normal if you’re looking for a chainsaw and are stuck between the two.

But thankfully, the chainsaws have many differences that make them better individually. 

This article will go through a head-to-head comparison between CS 800P vs Stihl 660 chainsaw. You’ll learn each of their differences and the exact reason why you should choose one over the other. 

ECHO chainsaw focuses more on user comfort and ease of use with its lightweight design. Whereas Stihl 660 chainsaw provides advanced functions for outstanding performance. 

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Quick Comparison Table Between ECHO CS 800P Vs. Stihl 660 Chainsaw

Let’s get a quick idea about the distinction between two chainsaws.

CriteriaECHO CS 800PStihl 660
Design and Building Lighter, Pro-fire ignition systemHeavier, high-quality components 
Durability GoodExcellent
Air Filtration SystemNot available Available 
Availability Wide available Not widely available 
Kickback ReductionTechniqueKick guardChain brake
Chain LubricationAdjustable oiling systemAutomatic oil pumps
Fuel Capacity 27.7 oz27.9 oz
WarrantyFive years for consumers, one-year – commercially One-year consumers, three-month commercially 

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Overview Of ECHO CS 800P Chainsaw

ECHO CS 800P Chainsaw

The 800P chainsaw is the largest chainsaw among all ECHO’s chainsaws. It efficiently delivers professional quality. You can do all sorts of demanding applications with excellent performance. 

The saw comes with a standard 24 inches cutting system bar and chain that gives you an improved cutting performance.

Key Features

  • Available in 24″, 27″, 32″, and 36″ bar length 
  • 80.7 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine for outstanding performance 
  • Aluminum handle with rubber over-mold for improved comfort
  • Chain tension adjustment for trimming trees and performing lawn care
  • 28.9 oz fuel tank capacity with anti-vibration system


  • Easy start and vibration-reduction technologies 
  • Large engine improves cutting power
  • Easy-to-use chain tensioning system
  • Low-maintenance design


  • Lack of advanced features 

Best Choice For

  • Powerful engine
  • Reliable and Sturdy structure for firewood or tree
  • Lightweight design
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Extended warranties

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Overview Of Stihl 660 Chainsaw

Stihl 660 Chainsaw

It’s a professional chainsaw designed for heavy-duty use in extremely tough conditions. It has high engine power, making it ideal for cutting hardwoods and use in dense stands. 

Key Features

  • Available in 50 cm and 63 cm bar length
  • 91.6 cc, 2-stroke petrol engine 
  • Anti-vibration system and safety chain brake
  • Auto chain oiler and adjustable oil pump
  • Ideal for harvesting large timber
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  • The powerful engine can better handle tougher materials
  • Large variates of features for improved user experience 
  • Chain guard covers the chain wheel to protect it from debris and accidental cuts
  • Offers wide cutting width


  • Little bit heavier

Best Choice For

  • Innovative features
  • Sleek design
  • Excellent durability 
  • Extreme powerful engine

ECHO CS 800P vs. Stihl 660 Chainsaw: Detail Comparison

ECHO CS 800P Vs Stihl 660 Chainsaw

Let’s look at the features where ECHO CS 800P and Stihl 660 chainsaw differs:

1. Design and Build

The design and build structure of the two chainsaws also comes with a noticeable difference. 

  • ECHO CS 800P

The saw has a pro-fire ignition system which ensures fast starts and smooth operation. Also, this machine allows you to complete a power sequence within two piston rotations. 

  • Stihl 660

The appliance is built with high-quality parts, which makes it heavy. This chainsaw is great for tough scrubs and bushes. 

Winner: Stihl 660

2. Engine Displacement

An engine’s displacement is vital in determining a chainsaw’s quality and performance. The higher the displacement, the higher the horsepower will be. 

  • ECHO CS 800P

ECHO CS comes with an 80.7 cc engine size, which delivers appreciated power. Undoubtedly, the displacement size is good enough for any efficient cutting.

  • Stihl 660

Stihl 660 has a 91.6 cc engine size, which delivers more power than ECHO. It has also technological advancements, including fuel efficiency and emissions reduction. 

Winner: Stihl 660

3. Durability

The reliability of a chainsaw determines how durable the product is. Everyone wants a chainsaw that will serve you reliably for longer without any trouble and breaking down constantly. 

  • ECHO CS 800P

ECHO 800P has excellent durability. But compared to Stihl, you might find it less durable. 

  • Stihl 660 Chainsaw 

Stihl 660 chainsaw is specially designed for heavy duty-operations with chains and sturdy bars. So it can withstand tough conditions. Plus, it has a high engine power, ensuring easy and quick cutting of hardwood. All in all, Stihl gives you a guaranteed long lifespan.

Winner: Stihl

4. Availability

Another difference between both chainsaws is availability. 

  • ECHO CS 800P

ECHO CS 800P is widely available in different options, like many independent distributors and home-improvement organizations. Thus, it’s very easy to find in online shops or local stores. 

  • Stihl 660 

Conversely, Stihl 660 is not widely available. You won’t find the tool in home-improvement companies. They’re only available from independent retailers.

Winner: ECHO

5. Chain Lubrication

Chain lubrication helps to prevent your chainsaw chain from overheating while cutting. It ensures that moving around the bar is friction-free, which is responsible for wear and tear in tools. Additionally, chain lubrication helps in blade maintenance. 

  • ECHO CS 800P 

ECHO 800P comes with an adjustable oiling system that can manually adjust and modify the amount of oil released. It inevitably lubricates the chain while moving. 

  • Stihl 660
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In contrast, Stihl 660 features automatic oil pumps, activated once the engine reaches its maximum speed. So it eliminates the necessity of controlling the procedure manually. It provides a consistent amount of oil any time you use the saw. 

Winner: Tie

6. Air Filtration System

Another factor that distinctly differentiates the two chainsaws is the air filtration system. The air filtration system prevents airborne debris from entering the combustion chamber and carburetor, which causes rapid wear to the piston and cylinder. Also, air filters regulate and initiate a constant clean air supply.

  • ECHO CS 800P 

ECHO 800P doesn’t feature an air filter. So if you prioritize this component, consider that while purchasing.

  • Stihl 660

On the other hand, Stihl 660 adopts the air filtration system, so you will rest assured the tool can work smoothly and efficiently.

Winner: Stihl 

7. Kickback Reduction Technique

If you’re using the chainsaw for the first time, a kickback reduction technique makes the saw safer for you. You need to select between the chainsaw based on the method used to reduce snagging of the chain.

  • ECHO CS 800P 

ECHO CS 800P included a kick guard to reduce the occurrence of kickback bars, chains, and the chain brake structure. Though the problem is the guard tends to interfere with sawing activities.

  • Stihl 660 Chainsaw 

Contrarily, Stihl 660 features lower kickback chains and bars. It has a chain brake to reduce the kickbacks of the device.

Winner: Tie

8. Anti-Vibration System

Anti-vibration system is a vital element for any chainsaw to avoid shaking your hand while using the saw to cut lumber. Because, if your hand shakes due to the machine’s vibration, there is a high chance of misguiding your hands and cut your hands accidentally. 

  • ECHO 800p

The anti-vibration system of ECHO 800P is superior to Stihl 660 which significantly enhances the user experience. It puts a lot of effort into long-term reliability. 

  • Stihl 660 Chainsaw

The anti-vibration system of Stihl 660 is also good. But ECHO has its own merits in this criteria. 

Winner: ECHO

9. Weight

Heavyweight or lightweight, which one do you prefer? I know you’ll shoot for the lightweight. That’s because when you need to hold a tool for a long time-weight is the essential factor to consider. But, for commercial use and durability a heavier machine isn’t that much bad.

  • ECHO CS 800P

The ECHO CS 800P is lighter in weight. They are compact and easy to handle, so you can easily use the saw for long hours without getting tired. The lightness of the machine makes it a more convenient tool for fallen trees. 

  • Stihl 660 Chainsaw

On the other hand, the Stihl 660 chainsaw is heavy at 7.4 kg. Though the difference in weight is not huge, it’s considered a criterion when working extended hours.

 Winner: ECHO 800P

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10. Warranty

A warranty is something that ensures a long-term free service from the company. If you face issues with your chainsaw, the more the warranty period you’ll get, the more time you can get a free repair. As a result, you can save money.

  • ECHO CS 800P

ECHO 800P provides an impressive warranty period; thus, it’s better for those who want more warranty time. It comes with a five-year warranty period for its consumers and a one-year for commercial products. 

  • Stihl 660 Chainsaw

Besides, Stilh offers customers a one-year warranty and three months for commercially-sold products. 

Winner: ECHO

11. Price

There is a slight difference between the ECHO 800P and Stihl 660. You can prefer your choice between the two with lower or higher prices. 

  • ECHO 800P

ECHO 800P comes at a lower price than Stihl 660. So if you want to save some bucks, it’s best to go with ECHO 800P. It delivers outstanding performance compared to its price.

  • Stihl 660 

Otherwise, Stihl 600 comes with a little more price tag than ECHO 800P. And that’s appropriate because Stihl provides a better design, build quality, and advanced features and systems.

Winner: ECHO

Which Chainsaw Is Better Between ECHO CS 800P and Stihl 660?

echo cs 800p vs stihl 660

So it’s time to decide which chainsaw is better. Both the machines are best, each with its spark. You won’t get everything in one tool. You should sacrifice some features and components based on what factors are vital to you. 

ECHO 800P has a better edge because of its easy availability, longer warranty period, and comparatively lower price.

On the other hand, Stihl 660 exceeds the ECHO due to its advanced and extra features and durability. It’s ideal for those who want more power and speed. Stihl 660 is the best option for any larger project. 

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Will a Stihl chain work on an ECHO chainsaw?

You can use a Stihl 63 PM3-56 chain on the ECHO chainsaw. But you should find a 63 bar that can fit your ECHO. Also, ensure the chain gauge is compatible with the bar size gauge.

What Is The Biggest Size ECHO Chainsaw?

The largest and biggest chainsaw from the ECHO Chainsaw line is the ECHO CS-800P. It has a powerful engine that is efficient for most cutting operations in the best way possible.

How Many HP Is a Stihl MS 660?

The Stihl MS 660 comes with a 7.1 hp engine which is almost 7.0 in hp. So considering the engine hp, the Stihl 660 has a powerful engine.

Final Thought

So we reached the end of this battle between ECHO 800P vs Stihl 660 chainsaw. After knowing about both, you must understand both chainsaws are best in their way.

ECHO 800P works outstandingly, which is what you expect from any chainsaw. Nevertheless, it’s more affordable, easy to find, and has an extended warranty provision, providing enormous convenience to the customer. 

Moreover, Stihl 660 is the perfect choice if you want the best chainsaw with high-end features, extreme durability, and exceptional performance. 

Now that you know what you’ll get from each chainsaw, it’ll be easy for you to choose between them. The easy way to pick one is to consider what you need and what you’re looking for in the chainsaw.