Echo CS-310 VS CS-352: Which Option is Better?

Echo CS-310 and CS-352 have similar features and benefits, so most of us have a dilemma when choosing between the two. Thus, this article will help you escape this confusion if you relate to this problem.

What’s the difference between Echo CS-310 vs. CS-352?

The main difference between CS-310 and CS-352 is that CS-352 comes with a larger engine that offers better power output and performance. Also, there was a noticeable difference in the saw’s build quality, bar quality, and bar length.

However, If you want to learn the differences between CS-310 and CS-352 thoroughly, keep reading. We’ll compare both chainsaws side by side. 

So let’s get into the details!

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Echo CS-310 vs. CS-352 || Quick Comparison Table
Echo CS 310 VS CS 352

Before digging into the detailed comparison, get a quick preview of the differences between CS-310 vs. CS-352. 

Air BreatherAverage air breatherDifferent style air breather 
Build Quality Medium build quality Stiff and strong build quality 
Bar TypeDouble guard 91Double guard 91
Available Bar LengthComes with 14″ and 16″ bar lengthOnly 16″ bar length is available
Engine Displacement Inches1.86 cubic inches2.08 cubic inches
Engine Displacement CC30.5 cc chainsaw with i-30 starter34.0 cc chainsaw with i-30 starter
PriceMore priceyLess pricey
Suitable ForFirewoodHomeowners
Color RedOrange 

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Echo CS-310 vs CS-352: Overview

Echo chainsaws were introduced back in 1963. Among the chainsaws, CS-310 and CS-352 are popular. Because they have excellent quality and offer to fulfill different purposes of the users. Both saws are amazingly lightweight and have a great ignition system. 

Uses Of Echo CS-310 and CS-352 Chainsaws

  • Both the chainsaws efficiently clear out the overgrown yard with half-dead bushes, stumps, dead trees, and more
  • Great for trimming and pruning trees with trunks
  • With the Echo chainsaw, you can cut through easily, even on a hard, dried cherry tree stump
  • Best tools for Professionals, enthusiasts, frequent users

Overview Of CS-310

Echo CS 310

The Echo CS-310 is a powerful gas-powered chainsaw. Its 14″ inch bar can easily fall trees and you can easily store this small champ in your garage. It has enough muscle to rip through the wood while maintaining fuel efficiency. The engine provides enough power to cut through the thick wood.


  • Small and lightweight frame perfect for small jobs
  • Easy, and quick to start with effortless handling 
  • Provides clean cut with well balanced
  • Toolless, and easy access air filter
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  • Overkill for  occasional home users

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Overview Of CS-352

Echo CS 352

CS-352 is a refurbished machine. But it has gone through all the necessary tests to do its job better. For those with budget constraints and looking for a solution for commercial wood-cutting needs, CS-352 will be an ideal solution. It is designed for heavy-duty tasks, so you can quickly rip through small branches and fallen limbs.

After previewing the comparison table, anyone can easily guess that CS-352 will give you a better performance. 


  • Designed for thick wood-cutting jobs
  • Fast-cutting chain bar starts easily
  • The sharp blade cut through the trees like butter
  • The lightweight design enables anyone to cut for an extended period without hand fatigue
  • Environment friendly


  • No blade cover provides, you should be aware to maintain safety.

Echo CS-310 vs CS-352 || In-Depth Comparison

Echo CS 310 vs Echo CS 352

Still trying to decide what to choose between the two? Of course, without understanding the basic differences won’t get the job done. So here is a detailed comparison between CS-310 vs. CS-352. 

1. Engine Capacity

The engine capacity of any chainsaw is the most important consideration for any user. Because the more high-performance the engine performs, the more power-efficient it will be.

  • CS-310

CS-310 comes with a 30.5 cc professional-grade  2-stroke engine. Indeed it produces good performance but has 20% less power than CS-352.

  • CS-352

CS-352 provides a 34 cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine, which is 3.5 CC more than CS-310. No wonder it produces outstanding performance and is more powerful than CS-320. Thus, the engine is pretty efficient to make your job done easily. 

Moreover, larger size displacement offers more power. If you’re harvesting and working up several cords of firewood a year, CS-352 is the better choice.

Tips: Use a proper oil mix ratio to maintain engine safety. You can use 50:1 or 25:1 oil mixture for your chainsaw. But, to know what’ll be the better ratio, it’s a better idea to know their differences. We have a separate article on 50:1 vs 25:1, you can check it.

2. Build Quality

A high-quality build material of a chainsaw ensures your chainsaw lasts longer. So the build quality and its built-in material are the important factors in picking the right chainsaw model.

  • CS-310

The CS-310 model is made from plastic. But its overall build quality is not compatible with CS-352.  

  • CS-352

CS-352 ensures a balanced and much stiffer build quality. It’s a compact chainsaw that gives you a guarantee to last a longer period. Though the CS-310 and CS-352 are made with a plastic handle and sprocket cover, the build of the CS-352 is much more robust, so it gets the edge.

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3. Ease To Use And Maintenance

Both the CS-310 and CS-352 chainsaws don’t require regular maintenance. All you need to do is take good care of them all the time. You can make the maintenance easy using some chainsaw files.

  • CS-310

CS-310 is very lightweight, so it’s easy to handle and use. Plus, its great ignition system also makes it easily maintainable. It comes with a good oil and chain tension system. 

  • CS-352 

CS-352 is easily usable for small and medium tasks because it offers a much better power output. It has a much better chain tension system. Also, this chainsaw has a great balance, making it very comfortable to use and the tool-less air filter reduces the need of regular maintenance. 

4. Anti-Vibration System

When buying a chainsaw, the anti-vibration system or AV is another essential factor, especially when you work with a chainsaw for an extended period. You should always pick a chainsaw that comes with low vibration. 

  • CS-310

The anti-vibration system of CS-310 is much more flexible and constructed differently. It produces very little vibration with the anti-vibration handle. It also reduces user fatigue and is better for your body. 

  • CS-352

On the contrary, the CS-352 chainsaw offers an anti-vibration system that directly connects to the motor. This chainsaw uses rubber bushing, which keeps the vibration much lower than CS-310. So, you feel the CS-352 is more comfortable in hand. It will allow you to save strength and work longer.

5. Chain Bar Length

Chain bar length is important as the bar lengths can affect the position and angle you prefer to work in. 

  • CS-310 

CS-310 comes with 14″ and 16″ bar lengths. So with the shorter bar length of 14″, you’ll get better maneuverability. 

  • CS-352

CS-352 comes with a 16″ chain bar which is incredibly great for dealing with straight, thick woods. 

Tips: If you are facing overheating problems with chainsaw bars, consider replacing them with a new one soon, or you can also try to fix the problem by replacing the air filter.

Similarities Of Echo CS-310 vs. CS-352

Echo CS 310 vs. CS 352

Despite the differences, Echo-310 vs. CS-352 share some similarities, so check them out and compare them with your requirements, whether you can avoid swapping between the two.

  • Dry Weight 

Both the Echo CS-310 vs. CS-352 has an 8.8 lb dry weight. That means both chainsaws are lightweight, so you can easily maneuver both around immobile branches or other obstacles. On top, you can carry both chainsaws to and from an isolated storage area. 

  • Oil capacity & Fuel Capacity

CS-310 and CS-352 have a similar oil capacity of 8.8 fl. oz. Plus, both have a fuel capacity of 8.5 fl. oz. 

  • Side-Access Chain Tensioner
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These two chainsaws also have a common feature: a side-access chain tensioner for easy chain adjustment for the user’s convenience. It will also ensure your safety allowing the chain to run smoothly and prevent it from rattling and coming off the sprockets. 

Nevertheless, you’ll get a chain breaker on both chainsaws as a safety feature. 

  • Tool-Less Access Air Filter

The top-mounted, toolless access air filter comes with the CS-310 and CS-352, allowing easy access. And as the saw can be used for a longer time without having to clean the filter, which incredibly reduces the maintenance time.

  • Automatic-Clutch Driven Oiler

The automated-clutch-driven oiler of both chainsaws operates automatically when the chains are moving. So it reduces oil consumption and thus saves a lot of bucks. 

  • Longevity 

Both models of Echo CS chainsaw last approximately 5 years. If within 5 years, you face any faulty parts, the manufacturer will replace it. How’s, the life may extend up to 10 years with proper use and maintenance. 

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Echo CS-310 horsepower?

The CS-310 chainsaw’s 30.5 CC engine can produce 1.8 horsepower. 

What does CS stand for on Echo chainsaws?

In Echo chainsaw’s CS stands for a number that indicates engine displacement. 

What is the difference between the Echo CS-310 and CS-352 chainsaws?

The CS-352 is more powerful and has a larger fuel tank than the CS-310.

Which chainsaw is more powerful, the CS-310 or CS-352?

The CS-352 is more powerful than the CS-310.

What is the weight difference between CS-310 and CS-352?

The CS-352 is slightly heavier than the CS-310.

Can CS-310 and CS-352 use the same replacement parts?

Yes, the CS-310 and CS-352 can use the same replacement parts.

Which chainsaw is better suited for home use, the CS-310 or CS-352?

Both chainsaws are suitable for home use, but the CS-352 may be better for larger tasks.

Is the price difference between CS-310 and CS-352 significant?

The price difference between the two chainsaws is not significant.

What is the fuel tank capacity of the CS-310 and CS-352?

The CS-310 has a 14.9 oz fuel tank and the CS-352 has a 16.9 oz fuel tank.

What is the chain speed of the CS-310 and CS-352?

The chain speed of the CS-310 is 3,000 RPM and the CS-352 is 3,500 RPM.

Which chainsaw has a longer warranty, the CS-310 or CS-352?

The warranty length is the same for both chainsaws.

What type of maintenance is required for CS-310 and CS-352?

Regular cleaning, oiling, and sharpening of the chain are necessary for both chainsaws.

Final Verdict: Echo CS-310 vs. CS-352 What To Choose

Undoubtedly, CS-310 is a great pick for easy tasks at a great price. But if you’re into heavy tasks, then CS-352 will be the better option for you. Otherwise, CS-352 is a powerful chainsaw that can efficiently fulfill your daily purposes. 

Hopefully, you’ve already got a better idea of Echo CS-310 vs. CS-352. Now that you know their differences and specialty, you can choose the most suitable one without confusion. Feel free to ask us if you have any doubts!