Does Hot Glue Work On Wood? (All In One Guide)

Hot glue is a kind of glue that consists of thermoplastic polymers. That is often sold as solid cylindrical sticks of varying diameters intended for use with a hot glue gun

Now, if you want to know, does hot glue work on wood?

Yes, the hot glue can be applied to wood. At first, this glue is heated to meltdown at a specific temperature.After that, the glue is loaded into a glue gun. Then it is applied to the wood carefully. Next, another part of the wood is needed to place within 25-35 seconds. After doing that there is a period of 24 hours of drying.

But this is not enough for you. This content describes how hot glue works efficiently on wood. Therefore, you will get to know a lot more about glue. 

That’s why if you are not busy, have a look at the entire article. 

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Different Types of Hot Glue that Works On Wood

It is essential to select the appropriate hot-glue adhesive for each use. Because the adhesive is required to complete a certain activity which might vary greatly. So, it is important to understand which adhesives are most suited for your task.

Therefore, We have listed down five types of glue that work on wood-

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EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)

It is an original polymer base used mainly in standard packaging. It is also used in industrial hot melt adhesive. 

This produces a very high-performing packaging hot melt glue. This glue is suitable for a wide range of activities. EVA works in both low temperature and standard temperature. 


These polymer bases work in most cases. Even in cartoon boxes and tray sealing, it provides light color & low odor. 

However, it is not suitable for substances that are hard to bond. It is usually used in standard application temperatures. 


Now, these types of glue were first introduced in the 1990s. It is made of combining polymers with other premium quality materials. This provides a really high stability. 

This type of glue has higher stability both in high and cold temperatures. Nowadays, there are different types of metallocene in the market. It is advisable to check the original one before buying. 

APAO (Amorphous Poly Alpha Olefins)

This type of adhesive is suitable where there is a long open time. It is mostly suitable for plastics. But you can use it on wood too. 

These adhesives are sticky, soft, and have flexible textures. That’s why it becomes an excellent choice for product assembly. 


Now, you might be wondering what is the best wood glue? 

Well, among all the types of hot glue, polyamides are considered to be the best. Because polyamides adhesive excels where high-temperature resistance is desired. These types of glues are also suitable for quick assembly. 

This makes this glue an excellent choice for applying on wood. Other critical assembly applications also prefer polyamides glue.

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How To Apply Hot Glue On Wood?

Does Hot Glue Work On Wood

Hot Glue melts usually at a temperature of more than 100 º Celsius. 

Thus, the glue is applied at a temperature of about 160º Celsius. The applying process of glue using the gun is mentioned below-

Process 1 of 3: Load The Glue Stick Gun

First, inspect the gun in order to use it properly. After that, make sure that the nozzle of the gun is free from old glue.

Now, load the glue from the backside of the glue gun. Then plug the gun into the electrical cord.

Process 2 of 3: Use The Gun On The Wood

At first, you have to wait for the glue to heat up. Then slightly release the trigger to apply the melted glue on the wood. Remember you have to refrain from using excessive glue.

This kind of glue usually has an open time of about 30-180 seconds. So, once you apply it on one piece of wood, make sure to attach the other piece quickly.

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Process 3 of 3: Let the Glue Dry

In the last process, you have to let the wood dry. For the purpose of drying, 24 hours should be mandatory on average. 

Here are the three processes on how to apply hot glue to wood. And also the types of hot glue. Hence, we hope you have found the answer you were looking for.  


Question: Can you put the hot glue on wood? 

Answer: Yes you can. This glue is generally loaded inside a glue stick gun. Then the melting down process of the glue is carried out by the gun. 

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Question: Is hot glue waterproof for wood? 

Answer: The glue is waterproof. Unless it is not applied properly, the hot glue will be water-resistant. 

Question: What kind of glue works on wood?

Answer: PVA glues are excellent for use with porous materials such as wood. PVA wood adhesive is specifically designed to penetrate wood fibers. Which results in glue bonding that can be stronger than the wood itself. PVA glues make strong joins and keep wood looking good.

Question: Why doesn’t hot glue stick on smooth surfaces?

Answer: The hot glue will penetrate woven textiles and fill cracks in rougher surfaces. And Solidify it to the surface as it cools. Smooth surfaces, such as metal, or greasy and oily surfaces, do not provide the hot glue with anything to connect. Hence the glue does not stick.


From the info above, every individual will know does hot glue work on wood or not. 

Therefore, we hope that you’ve got your answer. We’ve tried to guide you to know everything about hot glue applying to wood. 

Lastly, good luck using hot glue on your wooden items!

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