Diablo vs Dewalt Saw Blades: 6 Differences

Diablo saw blades are lighter and easier to handle, which is best for those looking for a less weighted saw blade. On the other side, if you want a durable blade that can serve you for an extended period, Dewalt is best suitable.

However, both are made with high-quality steel that easily cuts wood like a smooth butter finish. Both are top in their criteria. So deciding which is better depends on your job and preference. 

In this article, we’ll first overview these two types of saws with their pros and cons. Then we compare these two brands side by side so you can easily understand which one is better for your project. 

Reading this two-minute article won’t be a waste of your time. Instead, it will clear your confusion between choosing them. So keep on reading.  

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Overview Of Diablo vs Dewalt Saw Blades

Diablo vs Dewalt Saw Blades

A brief overview about the Diablo and Dewalt Saw Blades will help you to have a clear idea about their job description. So, let’s know the overview. 

Overview Of Diablo Saw Blades

Diablo Saw Blades

Diablo saw blades are manufactured by Freud, one of the industry leaders for over 50 years. It produces different industrial tools, including Diablo saw blades. On top, Freud produces its products “in-house“, not through a third party. Thus it can provide more quality control of the blade design. 

It has a wide range of saw blades for cutting wood, metal, aluminum, plastic, fiber cement, and so on with different sizes. 

Key Features

  • Stabilizer vents and heat expansion slots
  • Non-stick Perma-Shield coating for heat reduction
  • Tri-metal shock-resistant brazing
  • Titanium cobalt high-density carbide material
  • Polycrystalline diamond tips and Laser-cut kerf and arbor
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  • Offers precision and superior quality 
  • High durability is best for heavy-duty projects
  • Provides super smooth, clean, and fast cuts
  • Designed to cut wet lumber


  • The red coating may rub off on harder materials.

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Overview of Dewalt Saw Blades

Dewalt Saw Blades

Dewalt Industrial Tool Company, an American worldwide manufacturer, manufactures Dewalt saw blades. Dewalt offers a full range of circular saw blades for professional work to meet every cutting need. All their blades are designed with durability, smooth cuts, extended life, and precision.

Main Features

  • Tough coat anti-stick coating for reducing friction and gumming
  • Reinforced shoulder for impact resistance in nail-embedded wood
  • A thin kerf design provides smooth cuts.
  • Patented body slots for reducing vibration 
  • Patent-pending tough track tooth design for accurate tracking 


  • Offers optimal cutting performance with long life for extended use
  • Every saw blade is designed with durability 
  • Build for commercial and professional purposes
  • Stays fairly sharp even after cutting into a few nails.
  • Less expensive


  • Some wood deflection in hardwoods.

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In-depth Comparison Between Diablo Vs Dewalt

Diablo Vs Dewalt

You should consider many factors when choosing the right saw blade. If you want to broaden your idea, read on to get the criteria you must consider when making a purchase decision. 

1. Purpose

You’ve to determine for which application or purpose you will use the circular blade. The main difference between Diablo and Dewalt Saw Blades is in their purpose.

  • Diablo 

Diablo saw blade is designed for general use by DIYers and home projects. 

  • Dewalt 
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Dewalt saw blades are made for professional uses, such as industrial or commercial purposes.

2. Build Quality

The better the build quality is, the longer the saw blade can serve. Even the build quality determines how long the saw blade can hold a sharp edge. 

  • Diablo

Diablo saw blades are made of tougher material, making them able to withstand wear and tear. They’re well known for their high-quality construction and precision cutting. 

  • Dewalt 

Otherwise, Dewalt blades are highly durable and accurate. They are built to last long through extended use.

3. Available Size

You might want a different saw blade size to accomplish your tasks. So it’s vital to know which size range both the saw blade brands offer.

  • Diablo

This blade comes in a wider range of sizes. The smallest Diablo saw blades measure 4 ⅜”  and goes up to 16 5/16″. 

  • Dewalt 

Dewalt saw blades are not available in a wide range of sizes. It produces from 4½” to 12″ saw blades.

4. Application

There are also distinct differences noticeable in the application of Diablo, and Dewalt saw blades. 

  • Diablo 

Diablo saw blades come with a wide range of applications that can efficiently cut from wood to metal.

  • Dewalt

Dewalt saw blades are designed for heavy-duty use that can easily handle challenging jobs.

5. Versatility

Wouldn’t it be great if one saw blade could do a versatile task? Both saw blades have distinct differences in their versatility. 

  • Diablo 

Diablo saw blades are specialized for different materials and different tasks. The general purpose or combination blades can do multiple tasks for any material. 

  • Dewalt

The top advantage of the Dewalt saw blade is its versatility. It has numerous saw blades, from general-purpose to highly specialized and multipurpose ones. Whether cutting through plywood, softwood, hardwood, or chipboard, Dewalt saw blades can efficiently handle every wood. 

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6. Price

Price is vital as you must have a budget to spend on the saw blade. 

  • Diablo

Diablo has a quality price tag according to its build quality, efficiency, and wide popularity. But it is worth the investment. 

  • Dewalt

Comparatively, Dewalt saw blades come at reasonable prices, making them best for bucks. 

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Is there a universal circular saw blade that I can use for all materials?

No, there isn’t any universal circular saw blade. If you’re a DIYer or don’t need the saw often, then a general-purpose or combination saw blade can do the task. But for professional work, you’ll need different circular blades for each material. 

Can I install a circular saw blade backward?

We don’t recommend installing a circular saw blade backward, as it can be incredibly dangerous to install it in the reverse position. Only applying this over a few materials can be beneficial. But you should avoid doing so. 

Diablo vs. Dewalt: Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing the better one ultimately depends on your requirements and expectations from the blade. 

If you want a versatile blade that can be used on various types of materials, Diablo is a great option. Each of the saw blades delivers precise cutting.

If you don’t need professional performance, go with a Diablo blade

Otherwise, go with a Dewalt blade if you’re looking for a good value for the investment that can handle heavy-duty use and professional performance. 

However, no matter which one you choose, get a quality saw blade to help you fulfill your desire.