Behr Vs Cabot Deck Stain : Which Is Best?

Painting a deck is as important as any other household job. In fact, decks can decide the exterior beauty of a house. Hence, owners often become confused while choosing the best deck stains. However, the most spirited debate goes on between Behr Vs Cabot Deck Stain.

Undoubtedly, both these deck paints are in the limelight for their distinct formula and properties. Thus, they are certainly different from each other. They possess different types of formulas. The latter has a formula similar to the paint consistency. The former, however, has a thick consistency. Moreover, there are other distinctness in their properties including durability, resistance, cost, applicability, and so on. However, both these brands have a different range of products to offer to their customers for staining their decks.

Certainly, there is much more to know regarding these two deck stains. So, we are comparing these two in a more elaborate way with a precise comparison table.

PropertiesBehr Deck StainCabot Deck Stain
FormulaThickLess thick
Ease of ApplicationDifficultEast and quick
Drying Time48 hours24 hours
UV ProtectionBetterGood
Wearing and PeelingHighLess
CostLess expensiveMore expensive

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Behr Vs Cabot Deck Stain – Comparison Guide

Behr Vs Cabot Deck Stain


To compare the formula, we have already mentioned that Behr deck stain has a formula in thick consistency. It is because the stain is a hundred percent acrylic formula. It is basically an all-in-one solid stain and also, a great sealer.

On the other hand, the consistency of the formula of Cabot deck stain is thin like any other paint. However, the brand also has Cabot Solid Color Acrylic Deck Stain that has a thick formula. Moreover, the formula of Cabot is fade-resistant and water-repellent.

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Coats and Coverage

Painting a deck can be a hassle as it may require several coatings of stain for proper and durable coverage. Even though Behr deck stain comes with a bit thick formula, it requires more layers of coating for full coverage of the deck.

In contrast, if you want to paint your deck new with the Cabot deck stain, it may require only one coat. Moreover, with only one coat of Cabot stain, you can easily and quickly fill up the wood gaps of the deck. The stain is also an expert in hiding other defects as well that Behr fails to do most of the time.

However, speaking of coverage, Behr can cover less than Cabot with a gallon of deck stain. One gallon of Behr deck stain can cover only an area of around 50 to 100 square feet. Whereas, you can cover approximately 150 to 200 square feet area of the deck with only one gallon of Cabot stain.

Ease of Application

Here, Behr users are a bit depressed since almost no applicators work for the Behr stain. Many users have tried a pump sprayer. But the result is not satisfying as it does not maintain an even coverage. Also, a pad applicator is not that suitable for applying Behr deck stain.

On the other hand, Cabot paint is easy to apply with any brushes made of nylon or polyester. You can also use a professional spray machine or stain pads for applying the paint. You can have an even and uniform layer of Cabot stain by using such tools as the stain is more manageable.  

Drying Time

Well, both Behr and Cabot take almost the same amount of time to dry between the coats. Yet, Behr may take even 48 hours to dry fully and avoid foot traffic. However, waiting for only 24 hours is enough to dry the Cabot stain completely. Then again, it is better if you wait for another 48 hours to avoid quick peeling.

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UV Protection

Behr is well-known for its protective properties against UV rays. It prevents UV graying of the paint for straight two years. However, the stain tends to flake easily but it is resistant to fade by the UV. Hence, it preserves the color of the deck very well for a certain period of time.   

Nonetheless, Cabot deck stains are highly pigmented. And that is exactly why the stain works as a great UV protector as well. But if we compare it to the Behr stain, Cabot tends to fade gradually when exposed to UV rays. Hence, while choosing Cabot, keep in the head about the weather conditions.

Wearing and Peeling

Both Behr and Cabot deck stains have shown almost similar result in this aspect. After two years of applying the stain, both stains are likely to peel or wear a significant area of the deck surface.

However, Behr is more prone to occur this situation than Cabot. It causes peeling of about 80% of the surface. So, certainly, it shows less protection on the flooring.


After application, Behr deck stain requires more maintenance. Once you apply the stain anyway, it will be quite tough to fix again. Hence, proper application and maintenance are necessary.

However, the same goes for Cabot deck stain as well. To make it last longer and serve you the most, reapplication and assessing the deck once a year are very important jobs.

Moreover, to clean a Cabot-painted deck, all you need is a liquid soap and a bucket of warm water. You can also use a mild laundry detergent instead of the liquid soap. Using such substances will not peel away the paint.

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But using the same products on Behr painted deck may not offer you the same. Scrubbing the surface with soap and water will peel away the Behr paint. Hence, professionals suggest using a pressure washer with a less-concentrated flow for cleaning.


Since the Behr deck stain is more prone to peeling and wearing, it lasts less compared to the Cabot stain. Specifically, if you use Behr stain to paint your deck in cold regions, it will peel in no time.

On the other hand, Cabot deck stain wins the two years of durability benchmark as it can withstand cold regions as well. However, the only precondition is the preparation of the surface prior to applying the stain. 


Since both Behr and Cabot have to offer a wider range of products, their price range also varies. However, to compare the price range, a Behr Premium Deck Stain comes at a rate of 39 dollars per gallon. On the other hand, a Cabot Solid Acrylic Deck Stain comes at around $56 per gallon.

However, the price range may differ in different regions of a country. But there is a certain range of difference in the price of Behr and Cabot deck stain. Cabot is surely more expensive.

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So, Which One to Choose?

After such a long comparison discussion, your decision should be clear enough. From all the differences, we have come to realize that Cabot deck stain is certainly a better deal in terms of price, effectivity, performance, and durability.


 Is Cabot deck stain any good?

Cabot deck stain is certainly a great option for reviving any weathered deck. It adds protection to the deck and also, lasts longer than your expectation.

Does Cabot deck stain need two coats?

Well, only one coat is enough when you are using Cabot stain to paint your deck. However, two coats will ensure better performance.

Does Behr stain require 2 coats?

Yes, professionals suggest going for two coats when using the Behr stain. It will eventually ensure optimal durability.