Arborcoat Vs Cabot: Which Deck Stain is Better

Wooden decks and pieces of furniture are important parts of your house and they pop out more when you apply semi-transparent stains on them. Among great stains including Arborcoat, Sickens, Cabot, and many others, it is difficult to select one. It is even more confusing to select between Arborcoat Vs Cabot.

That’s because these semi-transparent stains are greatly available in the market and their performance is pretty good. They almost behave the same. Therefore, finding the difference seems a little bit hard. Being wood stains, they separately offer efficient results to the users.

Their Main Differences                 

Even thoughboth water-basedArborcaot and oil-based Cabot stains work on wood the former has quality intended for exterior coating while the latter is mostly used on interior wooden furniture. That’s why the protective and adherence qualities are at a greater form in Arborcoat stain. Besides that, many people find it difficult to apply Cabot stain because for deep penetration it requires a proper application. But things are different in the case of Arborcrat stain as it is a little bit pigmented.

One thing that you need to keep in your mind is that these differences can vary from person to person. Besides, the condition of the wood matters a lot in this factor too. Considering all the aspects, comparing these two stains cannot bring justice until a person is actually trying both. However, these subtle differences might bring help to some people.

Arborcoat Vs Cabot: A Comparison Table

TypeWater-based acrylicOil-based
Resistance powerMoreLess
Price rangeMoreLess

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About Arborcoat Stain

Arborcoat Stain

Arborcoat water-based stain has a great name for its instantquality of adhering to the wooden deck and it givesArborcoat oil finish too. It provides immense pigmentation and protection to the deck. All the full coverage UV ray protection helps the deck to flourish during summer season with its scorching heat. Even it resists mold and mildew to grow.

The great adherence of the stain even can stand thunderstorm and heavy rainfall. It works against the cruelty of the weather. Besides, you will not lose the beautiful grain texture of the deck rather this stain helps to pop out the grain pattern of the deck.

You can also use this stain on your furniture that requires a heavy formula to repair the damage to it as well. Therefore, low-key using of this heavy stain is totally alright for interior use. You can get 75 different solid colors of Arborcoat stain which is great for sure.

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Things We Liked about Arborcoat

  • Comes with a promising formula and pigmentation
  • Can stand both the heat of summer and heavy rainfall of the rainy season
  • Offer great adherence power that ensures the durability of the stain
  • Easily tackle the peeling of blistering of stain

Things We Didn’t Like about Arborcoat

  • A little bit expensive
  • Takes time to be cured

Benjamin moore arborcoat reviews

Benjamin Moore’s Arborcoat receives generally positive reviews, praised for its rich color options, ease of application, and long-lasting protection for exterior wood surfaces.

Customers appreciate its durability and ability to resist peeling and fading, making it a reliable choice for deck staining projects.

While individual experiences may vary, many users report satisfactory results and consider Arborcoat to be a solid option for enhancing and preserving the beauty of their outdoor spaces.

Arborcoat solid stain reviews

Arborcoat solid stain from Benjamin Moore has garnered positive reviews, commended for its excellent coverage, vibrant color selection, and ability to hide imperfections in the wood.

Users appreciate its durability and long-lasting performance, with many noting that it maintains its appearance even in harsh weather conditions.

Overall, customers have found Arborcoat solid stain to be a reliable choice for achieving a beautiful and protective finish on their exterior wood surfaces.

Arborcoat deck stain reviews

Arborcoat deck stain by Benjamin Moore has received favorable reviews, praised for its easy application, smooth finish, and enhanced wood protection.

Users appreciate its ability to resist fading, mildew, and UV damage, ensuring a long-lasting and vibrant appearance for their decks.

Overall, customers have found Arborcoat deck stain to be a reliable and high-quality option for beautifying and preserving their outdoor spaces.

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About Cabot Stain

Cabot Stain

Cabot oil-based stain is great if you learn how to apply them to your deck or interior furniture properly. Because it is to some extent a difficult job, covering a large portion like the deck part of your house is a lot of hard work. That’s why for interior applications on wooden things like medium to large pieces of furniture, this stain is well enough.

The stain offers a semi-transparent look and you will not get darker color with it. You can get dark exposure if you apply several coatings of this stain. It has great power of preventing peeling and erosion, so your furniture is in good hands.

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You also get to use an eco-friendly stain by using it. Apart from this, you will not get enough pigmentation as you get from other semi-transparent paint like Arborcoat stain.

Things We Liked about Cabot Stain

  • Great ability to give proper look to your furniture
  • Comes with eco-friendly and less harsh chemicals
  • Would not let the surface turn gray for a year
  • It has no toxic odor in it

Things We Didn’t Like about Cabot Stain

  • A proper application requires hard work ‘
  • Not that much pigmented

Cabot semi solid stain reviews

Cabot semi-solid stain has received positive reviews for its durability and long-lasting finish, with many users praising its ability to protect against weathering and UV damage.

Some customers have reported excellent color retention and ease of application, while others appreciate its ability to highlight the natural beauty of the wood grain.

However, a few users have mentioned that the stain may require frequent reapplication in high-traffic areas. Overall, it is a popular choice among homeowners for its quality and performance.

Difference Between Arborcoat and Cabot: Which One is Better?

For deck stain Arborcoat and Cabot have great name for their performance is promising enough. From an individual judgment, you cannot go wrong with any of these deck stains.

Yet the range of providing good performance makes their differences. Some other facts are also related here.

Oil-Based and Water-Based

The thing that comes first in mind while judging a stain is whether it is oil-based or water-based. Between Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Vs Cabot stain it is easier to identify. The former comes with 100 percent acrylic-formulated agents which are water-based and the latter comes with oil-based agents.

But that does not mean there are no variations. You can get both oil-based Arborcoat and water-based Cabot stains too but it is seldom.

Great Pigmentation

We found Arborcoat comes with better pigmentation and thus you get a darker stain after applying it. Cabot stain is also good but comparatively carries less pigmentation. That’s why you will not get a darker stain on your wooden surface.

Application Procedure

You will not have to work very hard while applying Arborcoat stain on your deck. It provides full coverage because of its water-based absolute formula. But while applying Cabot stain you really need good preparation and the brush should be appropriate according to the stain as it is oil-based.

Interior and Exterior

For exterior application,Arborcoat stain performs a lot better than Cabot stain. It is because the performance after only one application you get from Arborcoat stain is efficient enough. But you will not get this efficiency after only one coating of Cabot.

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That’s why if your wooden deck is large enough, apply Arborcoat and keep Cabot for interior application to make your work easier.

Resistance Power

Comparatively, Arborcoat comes with better resistance power than Cabot. It is created to stand UV rays and unbearable weather. Besides, it comes with a coating that resists mold and mildew. However, Cabot is great at resisting mildew but is not as powerful to resist natural calamity as Arborcoat.


We found Arborcoat comes with agents that offer more durability than Cabot. Cabot offers one year of resistanceto grayness. But Arborcoat can fight a little longer and make the surface look prettier longer than Cabot can.

Price Range

Arborcoat is a little bit more expensive than Cabot. That’s because Arborcoat has to cover a lot of requirements. 

So, which is best solid Deck Stain is better?

Buying both Arborcoat and Cabot will provide an immensely satisfying performance. If the former is great at exterior performance, the latter is promising for interior performance. So, in the end, it depends on your way of making things work. Just don’t get hard on yourself and if you can make Cabot work like Arborcoat or vice versa, then go for it.


Is Arborcoat a good stain?

Arborcoat, as a deck stain, with its 100 percent acrylic formula works tremendously well on your outdoor wooden deck. They prevent mold, peeling, bristling, stand harsh weather, and whatnot.

What is the longest lasting exterior stain?

It depends on people’s choice, wood condition, and the environment of that area that if you need an oil-based or water-based exterior stain. Now we see the use of acrylic stains is getting on top in the list and Arborcoat stain is pretty good as the longest lasting exterior stain.

Is Cabot deck stain any good?

Cabot as deck stain has gained both positive and negative reactions. As its application is hard, for deck use, this stain is not so efficient. But for interior use like painting on a wooden piece of furniture, this Cabot stain plays a good service.

who sells cabot stain?

Retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and independent paint stores sell Cabot stain.

Which on is the best semi solid deck stain?

There are several popular options for the best semi-solid deck stain, including brands like Cabot, Olympic, and Behr.

Is arborcoat oil based?

Yes, Arborcoat is an oil-based deck stain offered by Benjamin Moore.