3/8 Picco Vs 3/8 Chains: Which Is Better Than Another

⅜ Picco and ⅜ saw chains are much similar that you might get confused about their differences. And we’re here to make your confusion clear. So what’s the difference between ⅜ Picco vs. ⅜?

The ⅜ Picco chains have a smaller pitch than the regular ones to provide smoothness in your work. At the same time, the ⅜ chains come with an extra weight that offers comfort. 

It’s just a glimpse of both chains. There is more to know in this article. Find all the differences between the chainsaws chain and decide which one will be your preference. Let’s jump into the details without further delay. 

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3/8 Picco Vs. 3/8: Quick Comparison Table

Here’s a quick comparison table between 3/ 8 Picco vs. 3/8. Take a glance, and you’ll realize the basic differences between both saws within a few moments. 

Difference ⅜ Picco3/8
Comfortability Less comfortable More comfortable 
DurabilityHighly DurableLess durable
PriceComparatively cheapComparatively expensive

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Overview of 3/8 Picco

3-8 Picco

3/8 is a low vibration, low-profile saw chain. Among the low-profile chainsaws, most Carpenters choose Picco for the home chainsaw. That’s because this chainsaw is lighter, so you can comfortably handle it while working. Even you won’t require a high-power chainsaw to adjust this chain. It’s designed for light, and compact chainsaws.


  • Ensures less kickback and lower vibration levels
  • Made for the most demanding cutting conditions
  • Professional features combines exceptional cutting performance 
  • Quality user comfort and ideal for using with pole pruners 
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Overview Of 3/8


The 3/8″ low profile chainsaws usually fit the chainsaws and come with an 18″ or short-length guide bar. Typically, this chainsaw chain is mostly used for non-professional or medium uses. 

  • Made for arborists and foresters
  • High-quality cutters maintain a sharper edge
  • It offers longevity and excellent cutting speed
  • Patented steel alloy chassis lessen stretching during the break-in period.

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3/ 8 Picco Vs 3/ 8: Detailed Comparison

3-8-Picco-Vs 3-8

We know this quick comparison table is not enough to cover the differences between Picco chain and regular chainsaw chain. You might want to learn every piece of single information about ⅜ Picco vs ⅜. So here we discussed a head-to-head comparison between the chainsaws.

  1. Size

You’ll see a noticeable difference in sizes between the saw chains. 

  • ⅜ Picco

The ⅜ Picco has 1.3mm/.050″ drive link thickness. In addition, the chain pitch is 9.32mm/3/8″. 

  • 3/8

Contrarily, the regular ⅜ chains are available in 12.7 mm. So the distance between the rivets is also more than the ⅜ Picco. 

Winner: The size and pitch of the ⅜ Picco make it more beneficial. 

  1. Functionality

Alongside the size, the chains differ in their functionality too. 

  • ⅜ Picco

As the pitch is lower than a 3/8 Picco than a regular 3/8, it’s more functional and gives the carpenters a smooth user experience.

  • 3/8 

On the contrary, regular 3/8 chains won’t offer you the smoothness as the 3/8 Picco because it has a great pitch value. Plus, the pitch added extra weight to your saw.

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Winner: ⅜ Picco is the winner here for improved functionality.

  1. Durability 

Durability is an essential factor when choosing a chainsaw chain. Because the more durable the chain is, the more efficient cutting you’ll get from your saw. Plus, your investment will be profitable for an extended period. 

  • ⅜ Picco

Picco ⅜ is used for securing the carcass of a cask. That’s why it has a thick diameter. This chain construction is much better, and you’ll face fewer problems with your chainsaw while using this ⅜ Picco chain. 

  • 3/8 

⅜ chainsaw chain will not be as durable as ⅜ Picco. 

Winner: The ⅜ Picco is the winner for durability.

  1. Price

Price is another factor where the saw chains offer a huge difference. 

  • ⅜ Picco

Though the features and specifications are quite the same in both ⅜ Picco vs ⅜ chainsaw, the ⅜ Picco has a most reasonable price than the regular one. Along with Impressive functionalities, the ⅜ Picco is much more cost-effective for you.

  • 3/8

⅜ chainsaw chains are slightly more pricey than the Picco ⅜( about 30% more).

Winner: Considering the prices of 3/8 Picco Vs ⅜, the winner is ⅜ Picco.

Low profile vs Standard Chainsaw Chain

FeatureLow Profile Chainsaw ChainStandard Chainsaw Chain
Cutter SizeSmallerLarger
Chain GaugeThinnerThicker
Cutting SpeedLowerHigher
Kickback PotentialReducedHigher
Cutting PerformanceLess AggressiveMore Aggressive
Suitable forLight-duty tasksHeavy-duty tasks
Bar Length CompatibilityTypically shorter barsLonger bars
Chain TensionEasier to maintainRequires more attention
DurabilityLess DurableMore Durable
PriceOften more affordableUsually more expensive

What does a low-profile chain refer to?

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Low profile chain refers to the chains which use smaller cutters than a Standard chainsaw chain. Basically, 3/8″ chains are referred to as the low profile chainsaw. Low profile chains come with ⅜” pitch and a .050 gauge. 

How to measure chain size?

To measure the chain size, measure the distance between the three rivets in a row. Afterward, divide the result by 2.

Why does a chainsaw start to smoke?

If you don’t use the lubrication and oil in the proper amount, the chainsaw can emit smoke. If you’re using a heavier oil, its combustion might cause black smoke.

What type of chainsaw chain cuts the fastest?

A full chisel or chisel skip chain is renowned as the fastest cutting chainsaw. A full chisel chain provides the fastest and most aggressive cutting action for chainsaw bars that are 24″ or less. Otherwise, if the bars are longer than 24″, a chisel skip chain will act fastest. 

What is the Difference Between Full Chisel and Semi Chisel Chainsaw Chains?

Full Chisel Chainsaw Chain: Provides aggressive cutting performance with sharp, square-cornered teeth, best for clean and fast cuts in hardwood.

Semi Chisel Chainsaw Chain: Features rounded teeth with lower kickback potential, suitable for cutting dirty or abrasive materials and better for inexperienced users.

Best Chain Saw Chains Reviews

Product NameTypeFeaturesUser Ratings
Oregon 72LPX072GFull ChiselSharp square-cornered teeth, excellent for hardwood4.8/5
STIHL 26RS 81Full ChiselHigh cutting performance, great for professional use4.7/5
Husqvarna H4684Full ChiselLow kickback, durable design, ideal for heavy-duty4.6/5
Oregon S56Semi ChiselRounded teeth, reduced kickback, suitable for all users4.9/5
DEWALT DWO1DT616Semi ChiselSmooth cuts, works well with dirty or abrasive wood4.8/5
Black & Decker RC800Semi ChiselReliable performance, affordable option for DIY users4.7/5

Final Verdict

We reached the final stage to declare the winner between ⅜ Picco vs ⅜. From the above discussion, you already understand that ⅜ Picco is ahead in all comparison factors. So if you’re looking for high performance, ease of use, and high durability at a lower price, ⅜ Picco is the right match. Or if you prefer comfortability over other advantages, choose the old ⅜. It has an extra weight that offers you comfort while doing your job.

So that’s all. Hopefully, now you know which one is the perfect match for you between ⅜ Picco vs ⅜. If you have any further inquiries, feel free to ask us in the comment box.

Best of luck with the stihl picco chain vs regular chain!